Tripura Police

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Tripura Police
ত্রিপুরা পুলিশ
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Common nameTripura Police
Mottoসেবা, বীরতা, মিত্রতা
Service, Courage, Friendship
Agency overview
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionTripura, India
India Tripura locator map.svg
Tripura Police jurisdictional area
Size10,492 square kilometres (4,051 sq mi)
General nature
Operational structure
Overviewed by Government of Tripura
HeadquartersFire Brigade Chowmuhani Agartala
Agency executive
Parent agencyTripura Police
Law enforcementsHeadquarter of Tripura Police
Tripura police Tripura police 2014-04-27 21-36.jpeg
Tripura police

Tripura Police is the law enforcement agency of the state of Tripura which organizes and is responsible for policing activities in the state of Tripura, Northeast India. It was formed in the year 1965. Currently V.S. Yadav, IPS is DGP of Tripura. [1]



The Director General of Police, (DGP), Tripura is the head of Organization who is decorated with an office at Police Head Quarters (PHQ) located at Agartala, the capital of Tripura State. There are several Inspector Generals of Police (IGP's) working under him. IGP (Law and Order), IGP (Administration), IGP (AP and OPs), IGP (Intelligence) who are decorated with respective offices at PHQ complex, Agartala. Several DyIGP's (Deputy Inspector General of Police are under the command and control of DGP, Tripura. Most notable DyIGPs are DyIGP (Intelligence), DyIGP (Headquarters), DyIGP (Admin), DyIGP (AP and OPs) and on the operation of Law and Order DyIGP(Southern Range) and DyIGP (Northern Range). Under them are eight District SsPs (Superintendents of Police) for eight districts namely West Tripura District, Sipahijala District, Gomati District, South Tripura District, Dhalai District, Khowai District, Unakoti District and North Tripura District. All such District Superintendents of Police are assisted by respective Additional Superintendents of Police, Deputy Superintendents of Police, (District Intelligence Branch) posted at the District Headquarters, and respective Sub-Divisional Police Officers (Posted at respective sub-division headquarters). Such Sub-Divisional Police Officers supervises and monitors the day to day activities and working of Police Stations under them. All the Police Stations are manned with one Officer in Charge (Not below the rank of Sub-Inspectors and not above the rank of Inspectors).


The members of the LGBT community alleged that the police officers forced them to strip in front of male and female police officers. The arrested individuals were forced to give an undertaking not to crossdress. [2] [3]

Equipment and vehicles

All the equipment for the Tripura Police are manufactured indigenously by the Indian Ordnance Factories controlled by the Ordnance Factories Board, Ministry of Defence, Government of India.


Vehicles Used for General Duty purpose.

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