Yulu people

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Yulu is an ethnic group in Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and South Sudan. They speak Yulu, a Nilo-Saharan language. The population of this group is at several thousand.

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Sudan Country in Northeastern Africa

Sudan, officially the Republic of the Sudan, is a country in Northeast Africa. Bordered by Egypt to the north, Libya to the northwest, Chad to the west, the Central African Republic to the southwest, South Sudan to the south, Ethiopia to the southeast, Eritrea to the east, and the Red Sea to the northeast. Sudan has a population of 43 million and occupies 1,886,068 square kilometres, making it Africa's third-largest country and also the third-largest in the Arab world. It was the largest country in Africa and the Arab world by area before South Sudan's secession.

Linji Yixuan Chinese philosopher

Linji Yixuan was the founder of the Linji school of Chan Buddhism during Tang Dynasty China.

Yombe people Congolese people

At least two groups of people in Africa are described as the Yombe people. They reside primarily in Zambia, Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola. Adept at crafts and art, the men are involved in weaving, carving, and smelting, and the women make clay pots. Popular figures include the Nkisi nkonde and female phemba statues.

Central Sudanic languages language family

Central Sudanic is a family of about sixty languages that have been included in the proposed Nilo-Saharan language family. Central Sudanic languages are spoken in the Central African Republic, Chad, South Sudan, Uganda, Congo (DRC) and Cameroon. They include the pygmy languages Efé and Asoa.

Avukaya people

Avukaya is an ethnic group of South Sudan. Some members of this ethnic have fled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to persecution. About 50,000 members of this ethnic group live in South Sudan. Many members of this ethnic group belong to the Christian minority of South Sudan. The Avukaya traditionally live in a rain-forest area in Equatoria close to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Southern Sudan.

Jeanvion Yulu-Matondo Zairian footballer

Jeanvion Yulu-Matondo is a Belgian footballer with Congolese roots who last played for Romanian club Oțelul Galați as a striker.

Tuoba Yulü ruled as prince of the Tuoba Dai 316 to 321.

The Bongo–Bagirmi or Sara–Bongo–Bagirmi languages are the major branch of the Central Sudanic language family with about forty languages. Principal groups include Bagirmi languages such as Naba and the Sara languages. They are spoken across CAR, Chad, South Sudan, and adjacent countries.

The Kara languages are Tar Gula and possibly related Central Sudanic languages of the Central African Republic. The name Kara is used for numerous other peoples of the region, and so is often ambiguous.

The Binga are an ethnic group living in the South Sudanese state of Western Bahr el Ghazal and in Darfur. They speak a dialect of Yulu.

Bongo (Bungu), also known as Dor, is a Central Sudanic language spoken by the Bongo people in sparsely populated areas of Bahr al Ghazal in South Sudan.

Shemya is the language of the Sinyar people. It is a Central Sudanic language spoken in Chad and formerly in Darfur, Sudan. It is variously spelled Shamya, Shamyan, Shemya, Sinya, and known as Symiarta, Taar Shamyan, Zimirra.

Chongqing Road Engineering Group is one of the largest individually owned construction groups in the western China region. The company's headquarters is in Yubei District of Chongqing, a provincial-level municipality of the People's Republic of China.

South Sudan Landlocked country in east Africa

South Sudan, officially known as the Republic of South Sudan is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa. It is bordered to the east by Ethiopia, to the north by Sudan, to the west by the Central African Republic, to the south-west by Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south by Uganda and to the south east by Kenya.

Yulu is a Central Sudanic language spoken by the Yulu people of South Sudan and the Central African Republic (CAR). It has an estimated 7,000–13,000 speakers.

Song Jia is a Chinese actress. She is today also known colloquially as Da Song Jia to distinguish from the younger actress of the same name. As a young actress she herself appeared on the cover of Dazhong Dianying in June 1990. She played Lady Zhao in the 2001 TV series Qin Shi Huang. She will play Cao Hui (曹慧) in CCTV's Deng Xiaoping biopic 2014.

United Arab Republic v Sudan was the decisive match of group stage at the 1959 Africa Cup of Nations. The match was played at the Prince Farouk Stadium in Cairo on 29 May 1959. Unlike other Africa Cup of Nations, the 1959 winner was determined by a final group stage, with the final three teams playing in round-robin format, instead of a knockout stage. This was the first edition to feature a final group stage and one of two, alongside the 1976 Africa Cup of Nations, to promote this format.

Jiao Yulu

Jiao Yulu was a Chinese politician. Jiao Yulu was a symbol of the honest Party cadre who devotes himself tirelessly to the Communist State. Jiao Yulu was considered to be a glorious example - Mao Zedong's good student during the period of personal worship. After his death, a campaign to study Jiao Yulu's example was started in 1966. The aim of the campaign was to boost morale and to rally the people to work harder to overcome difficulties. Party members in particular were called upon to follow Jiao Yulu's example by conducting more research and investigations into local conditions, and learn from his leadership style.

Raja County is an administrative area in Lol State, South Sudan.

Bai Yulu is a Women Snooker player, World junior champion from China.