20 Years of Dischord

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20 Years of Dischord
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Box set by
various artists
ReleasedOctober 1, 2002
Recorded1980 2000
Studio Inner Ear
Language English
Label Dischord
Producer Don Zientara
Guillaume Bernardeau
Chris Mills
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Review scores
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20 Years of Dischord is a 3-disc box set compiled by Washington, D.C.-based record label Dischord Records to commemorate its 20th anniversary.



20 Years of Dischord is a concise but representative musical chronicle of the first two decades of the label originally created by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson as teenagers in 1980 [2] with the sole purpose of releasing Minor Disturbance , [1] [3] [4] their band, the Teen Idles, debut EP; but that, over time, it went on to document the most part of the music coming out of the U.S. capital city's underground community, [1] [3] [4] [5] becoming highly influential. [3]

The core of the collection are the first two discs, packaged together into a single CD case under the title Fifty Bands, which contains 50 songs, one track from each band that appeared on the label from 1980 to 2000, [1] [3] all of them previously released, [6] featured in roughly chronological order, showing the musical evolution of the scene. [3]

"...the fascinating part [of 20 Years of Dischord] is hearing the progression ... from a high-octane hardcore hotbed to a more arty, experimental, and wide-ranging purely musical scene..."

Chris True, reviewer at AllMusic [1]

The third disc, an enhanced CD titled Unreleased and Rare, consists of a variety of outtakes, demos and live recordings from the Dischord vaults, [3] [7] also includes an early interview with MacKaye, [1] as well as some video files of archival footage featuring performances by the Teen Idles, Untouchables, State of Alert, the Faith, Void, and Deadline. [1] [6] The songs that make up the disc were also released separately, as a collection, and individually, as downloadables digital audio files. [6] [7]

The box set includes a profusely illustrated 134-page book [6] titled Putting DC on the Map. Introduced by MacKaye, Nelson and Henry Rollins, the booklet contains a brief historic review of the label, a profile of each of the bands featured on the compilation, and a pictorial discography. [1] [3]

Production and release

Conceived by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson, the 20 Years of Dischord box set was edited by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia. Chad Clark was in charge of the audio mastering at Silver Sonya Recording and Mastering, also located in Arlington. The video files on the enhanced CD were edited by Chris Mills and Guillaume Bernardeau at the studio of RHED Pixel, located outside of Washington, D.C.

Dischord Records released the collection on October 1, 2002. [nb 1]

14 Bonus Tracks 2000-2008

In November 2008, 20 Years of Dischord was updated with an additional compilation titled 14 Bonus Tracks 2000-2008, [nb 2] featuring songs, all of them previously released, from 14 bands who have had releases on the label since 2000. [8] Available only in MP3 format through digital download, this bonus collection has been sold separately or offered for free with the purchase of the original box set. [6] [8]

Track listings

Fifty Bands

Disc 1
No.TitleWriter(s)Artist/Original releaseLength
1."Get Up and Go" Ian MacKaye, The Teen Idles The Teen Idles
Minor Disturbance , EP (1980)
2."Nic Fit" Alec MacKaye Untouchables
Flex Your Head (1982)
3."Public Defender" Henry Garfield, Michael Hampton State of Alert
No Policy , EP (1981)
4."Screaming at a Wall"I. MacKaye Minor Threat
Minor Threat , EP (1981)
5."Dehumanized"John Weiffenbach Void
Flex Your Head (1982)
6."Barbed Wire"  Youth Brigade
Possible, EP (1981)
7."Rock & Roll Bullshit"Government Issue Government Issue
Legless Bull, EP (1981)
8."Fight/American Justice"Scream Scream
Still Screaming (1983)
9."Live for Now"Dante Ferrando Iron Cross
Flex Your Head (1982)
10."Pressure's On"Peter MurrayRed C
Flex Your Head (1982)
11."Stolen Youth"Ray Hare, Brendan Canty Deadline
Flex Your Head (1982)
12."Suburban Wasteland"Steve PolcariArtificial Peace
Flex Your Head (1982)
13."Subject to Change"The Faith The Faith
Subject to Change , EP (1983)
14."Sorry/Change for the Same"Skewbald Skewbald/Grand Union
Skewbald/Grand Union , EP (1991)
15."Missing Rungs"Marginal Man Marginal Man
Identity (1984)
16."Oscar's Eye"Gray Matter Gray Matter
Food for Thought (1985)
17."Drink Deep"Rites of Spring Rites of Spring
Rites of Spring (1985)
18."Just Things"Beefeater Beefeater
House Burning Down (1987)
19."Snake Rap"The SnakesThe Snakes
I Won't Love You 'Til You're More Like Me (1985)
20."Circles"Dag Nasty Dag Nasty
Can I Say (1986)
21."Money"Embrace Embrace
Embrace (1987)
22."Punch the Geek"  Soulside
Hot Bodi-Gram (1989)
23."We All Fall Down"I. MacKaye Egg Hunt
"Me and You", single (1986)
24."This Time"  One Last Wish
1986 (1999)
25."Cake"Fire Party Fire Party
Fire Party, EP (1988)
Ignition, 7" EP (1987)
27."Domino Days"3 Three
Dark Days Coming (1989)
28."Red House"Shudder to Think Shudder to Think
Funeral at the Movies (1991)
29."Twist and Shout" (live, 1987)  Happy Go Licky
Will Play (1997)
Disc 2
1."Blueprint"Fugazi Fugazi
Repeater (1990)
2."Friend to Friend in Endtime"Lungfish Lungfish
Talking Songs for Walking (1992)
3."Destructor" Fidelity Jones
"Venus on Lovely", single (1990)
4."Spectra Sonic Sound"The Nation of Ulysses The Nation of Ulysses
13-Point Program to Destroy America (1991)
5."Perfect Sleeper" Holy Rollers
Fabuley (1991)
6."Motorist"Jawbox Jawbox
"Jackpot Plus!", single (1993)
7."People Are Wrong"SeverinSeverin
Acid to Ashes and Rust to Dust (1992)
8."Summer"  High Back Chairs
Curiosity & Relief, EP (1992)
9."I'll Take You Down"  Autoclave
"Go Far", single (1991)
10."Pop Man"Circus Lupus Circus Lupus
Circus Lupus, single (1992)
11."Mr. Weekend" Branch Manager
Anything Tribal (1997)
12."What Kind of Monster Are You?"Slant 6 Slant 6
"What Kind of Monster Are You?", single (1993)
13."Cable"Hoover Hoover
"Side Car Freddie", single (1992)
14."Goodbye, Dr. Fate"  Trusty
Goodbye, Dr. Fate (1995)
15."A Good Day"Chad Clark, Smart Went Crazy Smart Went Crazy
Con Art (1997)
16."Piss Alley"  The Crownhate Ruin
Until the Eagle Grins (1996)
17."Poked It With a Stick" Juan Luis Carrera, Amy Farina, A. MacKaye The Warmers
The Warmers (1996)
18."They Live by Night"The Make-Up Make-Up
Destination: Love – Live! at Cold Rice (1996)
19."Castanet"Jason Farrell, Bluetip Bluetip
Join Us (1998)
20."Cut Self Not"  Faraquet
The View from This Tower (2000)
21."Hooray for Humans"Q and Not U Q and Not U
No Kill No Beep Beep (2000)

Unreleased and Rare

Enhanced CD containing additional video files.

Disc 3
1."Get Up and Go"The Teen IdlesThe Teen Idles1:27
2."Deadhead"The Teen IdlesThe Teen Idles1:42
3."Stepping Stone" (Boyce and Hart cover)Tommy Boyce, Bobby HartUntouchables2:12
4."Draw Blank"State of AlertState of Alert0:39
5."Straight Edge" (live)I. MacKaye, Minor ThreatMinor Threat1:10
6."Understand"Minor ThreatMinor Threat1:55
7."Snubbing"Government IssueGovernment Issue0:59
8."Asshole" (feat. Ian MacKaye on vocals)Government IssueGovernment Issue1:09
9."Asshole Dub"Minor ThreatMinor Threat3:33
10."I Object" Youth Brigade0:30
11."Rozzlyn Rangers"  Rozzlyn Rangers 1:51
12."Black, Jewish and Poor" Void1:08
13."Authority" (takes 1 and 2) Void1:23
14."Search for Employment" Scream2:04
15."No Revolution" Deadline0:49
16."No Choice" The Faith0:55
17."Manipulator"Marginal ManMarginal Man2:28
18."All Ages Show" (rare)Dag NastyDag Nasty2:39
19."The Word"FugaziFugazi4:19
20."Burning" (live)FugaziFugazi3:07
21."Drop Dead Don't Blink"Shudder to ThinkShudder to Think3:10
22."We Are the One" (rare) Avengers Circus Lupus3:26
23."Are You Human?"Slant 6Slant 63:31
24."Interview" (spoken word) Don Fleming, Malcolm RivieraIan MacKaye et al.1:28
Total length:3:11:15
1."Outside the Law"Deadline2:03
2."You're X'd"The Faith1:15
3."Draw Blank"State of Alert0:42
4."Untitled"The Teen Idles1:48
5."If the Kids Are United"Untouchables3:09
6."Who Are You"Void2:20
Total length:11:17

14 Bonus Tracks 2000-2008

Digital collection released in 2008 as an update of the original compilation.

1."Not Me Now"Capitol City Dusters4:11
2."Just Don't Know" El Guapo 3:15
3."Prison Song" Beauty Pill 3:10
4."Sissy Spacek"Edie Sedgwick2:51
5."It's Good to Have Met You"The Pupils3:21
6."Speaking in Tongues" Black Eyes 3:10
7."Around the Corner" The Evens 3:25
8."The Perfect Target"Medications4:02
9."White House"Aquarium2:13
11."Off Center" French Toast 2:52
12."Licensee" Channels 3:17
13."Via Nomentana" Joe Lally 2:40
14."Solid Ring Fighters"Soccer Team3:05
Total length:45:15


These were the lineups for each of the fifty songs featured on discs 1 and 2.


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  2. Dischord #DIS 125a

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Pailhead was a short-lived side project of Al Jourgensen of Ministry that featured Dischord Records founder and former Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye on vocals. The band's sound was a combination of industrial beats and hardcore punk, presaging what Ministry would later do with Jello Biafra in another side project, Lard.

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The Warmers were a post-hardcore band based in Washington, D.C. active from 1994 to 1997. The band was a trio featuring former Faith vocalist Alec MacKaye, Juan Luis Carrera, and Amy Farina (drums), The Warmers recorded for the Washington D.C. based record label Dischord. Their self-titled album The Warmers, released in February 1996, was praised for its minimalism and Farina's "furious" drumming.

The Untouchables were a hardcore punk band that arose from the Washington, D.C. hardcore punk scene of the late seventies/early eighties. The band existed from October 1979 until January 1981 and released four tracks.

<i>Minor Disturbance</i> 1980 EP by The Teen Idles

Minor Disturbance is the debut EP by the American hardcore punk band the Teen Idles, released in December 1980. It was the first release by Dischord Records. Comprising eight songs, Minor Disturbance referenced a number of issues pertinent to the band, from being turned away at local concerts due to their age to what they felt was the increasing complacency of many first wave punk bands. Upon its release, Minor Disturbance received positive reviews from local fanzines and gained airplay on local radio stations.

Dischord Records is a Washington, D.C.-based independent record label specializing in the independent punk music of the D.C.-area music scene. The company is co-owned by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson, who founded the label in December 1980. Before founding Dischord, both MacKaye and Nelson were members of the Teen Idles, and the label was initially meant to only foster a single release from the defunct band, the Minor Disturbance EP. By the time Dischord #1 was finished, many new bands had emerged from the same music scene, and like the Teen Idles, also began releasing their records through Dischord.

<i>Life Time</i> (Rollins Band album) 1987 studio album by Rollins Band

Life Time is the first full-length studio album by Rollins Band, fronted by ex-Black Flag singer, Henry Rollins. The album was produced by Ian MacKaye, well known in the genre of hardcore punk for his work with Minor Threat and as co-owner of the Dischord record label. MacKaye was also a childhood friend of Rollins, who acted as a roadie for MacKaye's band The Teen Idles. It was originally released in 1987 and included four live tracks recorded in Kortrijk, Belgium in October 1987. It was subsequently re-mastered and re-released in 1999 without the live tracks, but with the addition of three session tracks from the Do It album of 1987. The 2014 reissue on Dischord includes the live tracks but not the bonus tracks included on the 1999 reissue.

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The discography of Fugazi, an American post-hardcore band, consists of six studio albums, four EPs, a compilation album, a soundtrack album, a demo and a series of hundreds of live recordings. All of the band's releases have been published by Dischord Records, the independent record label co-owned and operated by Fugazi singer and guitarist Ian MacKaye.

Rozzlyn Rangers was the name taken by the 5 original members of the Dischord House in Arlington, Virginia in October 1981: Ian MacKaye, Jeff Nelson, Rich Moore, Eddie Janney, and Sab Grey. Dischord House housed Dischord Records. Despite its terribly low ceiling, many DC punk bands practiced in its basement over the years: Minor Threat, Skewbald, Iron Cross, The Faith, Second Wind, Rites of Spring, Embrace, Three, Fugazi, Beefeater, Fidelity Jones, Happy Go Licky, Kingface, One Last Wish, The Evens.

Me and You (Egg Hunt song) release from Egg Hunt

The single play record "Me and You", also known as Egg Hunt, and 2 Songs, is the first and only stand-alone release by the American experimental post-hardcore duo Egg Hunt.


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