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Breakdance, Frankfurt Main - Germany

Breakdance is an amusement ride designed by Huss Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG in 1985.


Upon release, the ride design proved to be an instant hit, with HUSS now producing four varying designs, all of which can be acquired in transportable, semi-permanent, or permanent forms.[ citation needed ]

Design and operation

Breakdance consists of a dodecagonal platform with a diameter of 20 meters, upon which are mounted four hubs, each bearing four two-person cars. The entire ride is on an incline of 7.5°. When the ride is activated, the platform rotates, the hubs rotate in the opposite direction to the platform. The combination of the platform slope, hub movement, and weight displacement within the cars cause them to rock back and forth, the oblique join mount and the motion of the ride allowing the cars to rotate through 360°. Huss recommends that riders be a minimum of 48 in (120 cm) tall with an adult and over 54 in (140 cm) tall to ride alone on all models except for the Rodeo/Breakdance 4 variant; on this model riders must be at least 42 in (110 cm) tall.

Breakdances incorporate backdrops, and the provision for sound systems, elaborate light displays, and special effects equipment is made. Controls for these additional systems can easily be routed through the operator's console.

Traveling versions of this ride can be disassembled and stowed on two 12 m (40 ft) trailers, one for the ride itself, the other carrying the platforms, backdrop, special effects equipment and ticketbox.


The success of the design has prompted HUSS to manufacture three additional variants to the Breakdance design. These are:

Although officially a different ride and not a variant of Breakdance, after the success of Breakdance HUSS developed the Booster ride, which takes the idea a step further. It did not, however, gain the kind of success that Breakdance did.[ citation needed ]

Similar rides

Rides almost identical to the Breakdance have been produced by other companies.[ citation needed ] Below are listed the companies, with the ride name in brackets.


Over 110 Breakdance rides have been manufactured by HUSS, the vast majority of which are still in operation.[ citation needed ]


Australia43 manufactured by Sobema, 1 by Fabbri
Belgium4Deca Dance by HUSS, Crazy Dance by Sobema, Break Dance by HUSS, Grease (movie) built by Jabu Amusements
Germany46at least 46
Netherlands5plus 1 transportable Stardancer owned by Frank Vale, and one Break Dance owned by R. van der Wiel, built by ARM Rides
Portugal1the only transportable Huss Rodeo Breakdance (named Maxi Dance), originally built as a travelling prototype to visit tradefairs
United Kingdom3Ryan McCole (Safeco), Jonathan Hart (Stumpf & Partner [Hungary])
United States4All made by Fabbri

Theme parks

CountryLocationRide nameManufacturerModelOpenedClosed
Australia Luna Park Sydney Spider HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119952020
Belgium Bellewaerde El Toro HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 32006
Belgium Bobbejaanland Breakdance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119872007
Belgium Walibi Belgium Spinning Vibe (formerly Cilindri Rotanti) HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 32001
Canada Playland Breakdance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 12005
Canada La Ronde Disco Ronde HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 11986
Chile Fantasilandia Crazy Dance Fabbri Group Crazy Dance1999
China Romon U-Park Crazy Cap HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 4 (Indoor)2014
Denmark Tivoli Gardens Snurretoppen HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119882017
Finland Linnanmäki Breakdance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119882001
Germany Heide Park Woga Woga/Breakdance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 31991
Germany Serengeti Park Breakdance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 31995
GermanyCentrO ParkRodeo HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 420012010
Germany Freizeit-Land Geiselwind Piraten Schleuder (formerly Breakdance) HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 31994
GermanyFreizeitpark PlohnWesternrodeo HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 31996
Germany Holiday Park Spinning Barrels HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 420002014
Germany Phantasialand Crazy Loop Fabbri Group Crazy Dance (indoor)19952004
HungaryVidám ParkBreakdance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119932013
Israel Luna Park Breakdancer
Japan Toshimaen Break Dance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119872020
Korea Everland Championship Rodeo (formerly Breakdance) HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 21991
NetherlandsDrouwenerzandBreak Dance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 12011
NetherlandsDrievlietDraaikolk Nauta Bussink Star Dancer2011
Netherlands Walibi Holland El Toro HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 320002006
South Africa Gold Reef City Tornado (formerly The Old Mill)
Spain Parque Warner Madrid Los Carros de la Mina (formerly Silver Mine Spinner) HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 32002
Spain PortAventura Park Crazy Barrels HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 31995
Sweden Gröna Lund Pop expressen HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 31996
Sweden Öland Amusement Park Break Dance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 12014
Sweden Skara Sommarland Rodeo HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 420112021
United Kingdom Lightwater Valley Powder Kegs HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 42011
United Kingdom Chessington World of Adventures The Juggler/Rodeo HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119892004
United Kingdom Alton Towers Dynamo/Astro Dancer/Dino Dancer HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 319932004 [1]
United Kingdom South Pier Break DanceSobemaBreak Dance1997
United Kingdom Pleasure Island Family Theme Park BreakdanceSobemaBreak Dance19942001
United Kingdom Funland Hayling Island BreakdanceI.E. ParkBreakdance20032013
United Kingdom Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach It's BadSobemaBreak Dance19901995
United Kingdom Barry Island Pleasure Park Rhythm DancerWilliam ThurstonBreakdance19952006
United Kingdom Ocean Beach, Rhyl Tango SensationSobemaBreak Dance19941996
United Kingdom Loudoun Castle Storm Breaker HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 420082010
United Kingdom M&D's Street Dancer Fabbri Group Crazy Dance19912002
United States Six Flags America Rodeo HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 41999
United States Six Flags Great Adventure Rodeo Stampede HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 319992005
United States Six Flags New England Rodeo HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 419982007
United States Six Flags Over Texas Rodeo HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 32006
United States Astroland Break Dance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119882008
United States Elitch Gardens Paradise/Hollywood and Vine HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 11987
United States Kentucky Kingdom Breakdance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 31990
United States Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk WipeOut (formerly whirlwind) HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 4 (Indoor)2006
United States California's Great America Peanuts Pirates/SpongeBob's Boat Mobiles HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 42003
United States Morey's Piers Break Dance HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 119852005

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