Turbo Drop

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Down Time, a Turbo Drop operating at Lake Compounce Down Time.jpg
Down Time, a Turbo Drop operating at Lake Compounce

Turbo Drop is a model of tower-based amusement ride manufactured by S&S - Sansei Technologies, similar to the company's Space Shot.


Design and operation

The ride is a vertical drop tower. It uses compressed air to slowly lift a 12-16 seat car to the top of the tower, at an approximate and average speed of 12 miles per hour (19 km/h). The car is held for multiple seconds, before it is launched downwards with a force of 1.5G, dropping almost to the ground. The compressed air 'bounces' the car back to halfway, before it is lowered to the loading dock. As the tower is four-sided, up to sixteen passengers can ride simultaneously.


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