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Industry Manufacturing
Founded Italy (1963 (1963))
FounderLuigi, Ferruccio and Marcello Bertazzon
Area served
Products Amusement rides
Number of employees
60 (as at 2012) [1]
Divisions Bertazzon 3B s.r.l.
Bertazzon America
Website Bertazzon 3B s.r.l.
Bertazzon America LLC

Bertazzon is an amusement ride manufacturing company based in Sernaglia della Battaglia, Italy. The company produces a variety of flat rides including bumper cars, carousels, swing rides, Matterhorns, Musik Expresses and dark ride systems.



In 1951, three brothers began renovating existing amusement rides: Luigi, Ferruccio and Marcello Bertazzon. [1] Bertazzon 3B was founded in 1963 when the company began manufacturing their own rides. The company later spawned a division based in the United States, Bertazzon America. As of 2009, the company is run by the founders' descendants Michele, Alex and Patrizia Bertazzon. [2] As of 2012, Bertazzon employs approximately 60 people, and manages a 12,000-square-metre (130,000 sq ft) manufacturing facility in Italy. [1]



Bumper Beach Dreamworld Bumper Cars1983Closed in 2012
Buffalo Bumper Cars Djurs Sommerland Bumper Cars2012Operating [3]
Pier Pileup Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Bumper Cars2012Operating [4]
Bumper Cars Ghost Town in the Sky Bumper CarsClosed
Mini Bumper Cars Gröna Lund Bumper Cars2003Operating
King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems Thorpe Park Bumper Cars2014Operating
Miniautoscooter Hansa Park Bumper CarsOperating
Space Scooter Hansa Park Bumper CarsOperating
Crazy Cars Nickelodeon Universe Bumper Cars1992Operating
Space Bump Galaxyland Bumper Cars1985Operating
Bump-A-Round Splash Adventure Bumper Cars1998Closed in 2011
Fender Bender Splash Adventure Bumper Cars1998Closed in 2011
Keansburg Amusement ParkBumper Cars2013Operating [5]
Steel Pier Bumper Cars2013Operating [5]
CarouselCamelotVenetian Carousel2012Operating [6]
Gallopers Carousel Alton Towers Resort CarouselOperating
Hanse-Karussell Hansa Park CarouselOperating
Nostalgic Carousel Heide Park Carousel1997Operating
Palisades Center Carousel2009Operating
CaroselloRainbow MagiclandCarousel2011Operating [7]
Candy Carousel Särkänniemi Carousel1993Operating
Bluegrass Breeze Beech Bend Park Swing Carousel2015Operating
Dollywood Swing Carousel
Just A Swingin' Hard Rock Park Swing Carousel2008Closed in 2009 [8]
Sea Swings Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Swing Carousel2009Operating [9]
Silver Dollar City Swing Carousel
World's Finest Shows Swing Carousel
Water Circus Steel Pier Swing Carousel2013Operating [5] [10]
Avalanche Dreamworld Matterhorn1983Closed in 2012
Safari Stampede Rides At Adventure Cove Matterhorn2008
Musik Express Casino Pier Musik ExpressClosed in 2012 [5]
Coney Island Musik Express
Rock & Roll Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Musik Express2012Operating [4]
Cannonball Express Great Escape Musik Express
Musik Express Morey's Piers Musik Express
Musik Express Seabreeze Amusement Park Musik Express2008Operating [11]
Hurricane Splash Adventure Musik Express19982011
Wild West World Musik Express2007Closed in 2007 [11]
Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D Warner Bros. Movie World Dark Ride System2012Operating [12]
Lost Kingdom Adventure Legoland California Dark Ride System2008Operating [13] [14]
Lost Kingdom Adventure Legoland Florida Dark Ride System2011Operating
Lost Kingdom Adventure Legoland Malaysia Dark Ride System2012Operating
Lost Kingdom Adventure Legoland Windsor Dark Ride System2009Operating
Carousel Palm Beach International Equestrian CenterCarousel2013Only Venetian Carousel in Palm Beach ever built
Carousel Disney Springs Carousel1975First type to ship in the USA
CarouselEagle Ridge MallCarousel1996First Bertazzon to ship in Central Florida to operate in a mall and the only type to not use a finial because the ceiling is too small
CarouselOld TownCarousel1986First Bertazzon to be in use at a standing still carnival
CarouselUniversal CityWalk FloridaCarouselSee siteClone to Disney Springs version.
CarouselHersheyparkVenetian Carousel2019Only Venetian Carousel in Hershey Pennsylvania
The Chessington Adventure Tree Chessington World of Adventures Carousel2017Operating
Venetian Carousel Canobie Lake Park Venetian Carousel2019Operating


In 2006, Bertazzon was awarded a Golden Pony Award at the Technofolies trade show. Luigi Bertazzon accepted the award on behalf of the company. [15]

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