Rides At Adventure Cove

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Rides At Adventure Cove
Location Powell, Ohio
Coordinates 40°9′21″N83°7′11″W / 40.15583°N 83.11972°W / 40.15583; -83.11972 Coordinates: 40°9′21″N83°7′11″W / 40.15583°N 83.11972°W / 40.15583; -83.11972
Owner Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
OpenedMay 26, 2008
Previous names
  • Gooding Zoo Park (1946-1984)
  • Wyandot Lake (1984-2006)
  • Jungle Jack's Landing (2008-2019)
Operating seasonMay to September
Area11 acres (45,000 m2)
Roller coasters2
Front sign from when the park used to be called Jungle Jack's Landing. JJsLanding.JPG
Front sign from when the park used to be called Jungle Jack's Landing.

Rides At Adventure Cove is a small amusement park area that is part of and owned by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio. [1] [2] The park was originally part of Wyandot Lake before the zoo purchased the property in 2006, splitting it into two separate sections after the 2006 season. [3] The water park became known as Zoombezi Bay while the dry ride area became Jungle Jack's Landing. The amusement park was named after zoo director emeritus Jack Hanna and opened on May 26, 2008. It debuted with 14 rides and attractions, several of which were retained from the former Wyandot Lake. In 2020, the Jungle Jack's Landing name was dropped with the amusement park area being renamed to tie into the neighboring Adventure Cove area of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium which opened for the first time on the same year. [4]


Current rides and attractions

Rides At Adventure Cove currently features a collection of classic flat rides, a vintage wooden roller coaster, and a miniature railroad.

NameManufacturer (Model)DetailsOpenedRef
Dust Devil Eli Bridge Company (Scrambler)Classic Scrambler ride, originally manufactured in 1966. Part of original Wyandot Lake as "Neptune's Revenge".<2006 [5]
Falcon Fall(Freefall)50-foot (15 m) free-fall ride that sends riders up and down repeatably.2019 [6] [7] [5]
Flying Clipper Zamperla (Galleon Ship)Swinging ship ride that swings approximately 50 feet (15 m) into the air. Holds up to 42 passengers at a time.2008 [5]
Golden Frog Hopper Chance Rides (Frog Hopper)25-foot (7.6 m) tower ride.2008 [3] [5]
Havoc HarborRDC (Bumper cars)Bumper car attraction with unique circular, spinning bumper cars. Part of original Wyandot Lake.<2006 [3] [5]
Jack's Tea Party Zamperla (Kiddie Tea Cups)Miniature tea cup ride with six cups, accommodating a maximum of 24 passengers at a time.2008 [5]
Mission Macaw Larson International (Flying Scooters)Classic flying scooters attraction.2008 [3]
Safari Stampede(Matterhorn)"Matterhorn-style" ride with 16 vehicles, each holding one to two passengers..2008 [5]
Sea Dragon Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters (Wood Coaster)Double out-and-back, figure-eight layout with a 37-foot (11 m) hill, 1,320 feet (400 m) of track, and speeds up to 25 miles per hour (40 km/h). The ride is recognized as an "ACE Coaster Classic" by American Coaster Enthusiasts and was designed by John Allen. Part of original Wyandot Lake and originally named "Jet Flyer".1956/1957 [8] [5]
Sugar Glider(Paratrooper)Classic Paratrooper ride. Built on former location of Whirligigs.2019 [6] [7] [5]
Swingin' Gibbons Zamperla (Family Swinger)A classic wave swinger style ride with 16 adult-sized swings and 26 child-sized swings.2008 [5]
Tidal Twist Zamperla Wild Mouse roller coaster A spinning coaster that replaced the former Redwood Falls.2021 [9] [10]


Tiny Town Train Zamperla (Electric Kiddie Train)Electric train with a locomotive, two tender cars, and a caboose. Capacity for up to 24 passengers at a time.2008 [5]
Tiny Tusks Zamperla (Kiddie Flying Elephants)"Dumbo" style flat ride with eight elephants, holding a maximum of 16 passengers.2008 [3] [5]

Former rides and attractions

Some rides have been removed from the park including when the area was called Jungle Jack's Landing. Many other rides that were part of Wyandot Lake closed before Jungle Jack's Landing opened and thus are not included in the following list.

NameManufacturer (Model)DetailsOpenedClosedRef
Jungle Trek Chance Rides 1,200-foot (370 m) car ride. Removed for Zoombezi Bay expansion. Cars are now used as props around the zoo.20082010
Redwood FallsHafemaA 1,250-foot (380 m) log flume with a 28-foot (8.5 m) and a 36-foot (11 m) drop. A quarter of the ride's course was elevated 38 feet (12 m) in the air. It was demolished during the winter/spring of 2021.20082020 [12] [13]
Whirligigs Sellner Manufacturing (Tilt-a-Whirl)Classic tilt-a-whirl. Relocated from Geauga Lake and relocated to Funtimes Fun Park (previously Caddie Shack) in Alliance, Ohio. Previously part of original Wyandot Lake.20082017 [14] [15]

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