Columbus City Council

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Columbus City Council
Columbus seal.png
Shannon G. Hardin, Democratic
since January 2018 [1]
President pro tem
Elizabeth C. Brown, Democratic
since January 2018 [1]
Last election
November 2, 2021
Next election
November 2023
Meeting place
City Hall, Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus City Council is the lawmaking body of Columbus, Ohio. It has 7 members who are elected at-large. [2] It meets in the City Council Chambers located on the second floor of Columbus City Hall. Starting in the 2023 election, City Council will expand to 9 members and be elected by district in a primary election and then at large in the November general election. In the 2023 election, all members will run for another term. Four members will only serve a two-year term while the other five will serve a four-year term. [3]


Columbus City Council members

The members of Columbus City Council are: [4]

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The Columbus mayoral election of 2011 was the 84th mayoral election in Columbus, Ohio. It was held on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. Incumbent mayor Michael B. Coleman defeated challenger Earl W. Smith. The scheduled nonpartisan primary was canceled because only two candidates were able to make the ballot. While the election was formally nonpartisan, Coleman was affiliated with the Democratic party while Smith was affiliated with the Republican party. Coleman was re-elected to a fourth term and became the longest-serving mayor of Columbus.

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