Argyle Park (Columbus, Ohio)

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Argyle Park (Columbus, Ohio)
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Argyle Park is an area near North Central Columbus, Ohio, bounded by East Hudson Street on the north, Woodland Avenue on the east, East 17th and East 26th avenues on the south, and Billiter Boulevard on the west.


Coordinates: 40°00′23″N82°57′29″W / 40.00639°N 82.95806°W / 40.00639; -82.95806

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The community of Forest Park consists of almost 2900 private residential properties, plus apartments, condominiums, commercial properties, city-owned parks and schools, in approximately 1.4 square miles (3.6 km2) of the Northland area of northeast Columbus, Ohio. These properties adjoin a total of 132 distinct streets and courts maintained by the City of Columbus. The community's approximate center is near the intersection of Karl Road and Sandalwood Place in Columbus.

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