Interstate 71

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Interstate 71

Interstate 71
I-71 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KYTC and ODOT
Length343.78 mi [1] [2]  (553.26 km)
RestrictionsNo hazmats or explosives allowed in the Lytle Tunnel or on the Brent Spence Bridge
Major junctions
South endI-64.svgI-65.svg I-64  / I-65 in Louisville, KY
Major intersections
North endI-90.svgI-490.svg I-90  / I-490 in Cleveland, OH
Country United States
States Kentucky, Ohio
CountiesKY: Jefferson, Oldham, Henry, Trimble, Carroll, Gallatin, Boone, Kenton
OH: Hamilton, Warren, Clinton, Greene, Fayette, Madison, Pickaway, Franklin, Delaware, Morrow, Richland, Ashland, Wayne, Medina, Cuyahoga
Highway system
  • Kentucky State Highway System
  • Ohio State Highway System
Elongated circle 70.svg KY 70 KYElongated circle 72.svg KY 72
OH-70 (1960).svg SR 70 OHOH-71 (1960).svg SR 71

Interstate 71 (I-71) is a north–south Interstate Highway in the Great Lakes/Midwestern and Southeastern region of the United States. Its southern terminus is at an interchange with I-64 and I-65 (the Kennedy Interchange) in Louisville, Kentucky, and its northern terminus at an interchange with I-90 in Cleveland, Ohio. I-71 runs concurrently with I-75 from a point about 20 miles (32 km) south of Cincinnati, Ohio, into Downtown Cincinnati. While most odd numbered Interstates are north–south, I-71 however is designated more of a northeast–southwest highway, with some east–west sections, and is mainly a regional route, serving Kentucky and Ohio. It links I-80 and I-90 to I-70, and ultimately (via I-65) links to I-40. Major metropolitan areas served by I-71 include Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland.


Approximately three quarters of the route lie east of I-75, leaving I-71 out of place in the Interstate grid.

Route description

  mi [3] km


I-71 in the hills of Kentucky I-71 (Southbound) between Cincinnati and Louisville.jpg
I-71 in the hills of Kentucky
Southern end of I-71 in Downtown Louisville End of Interstate 71.jpg
Southern end of I-71 in Downtown Louisville
I-71 (and I-75) heading northbound into Cincinnati from Kentucky I-71 I-75 Cincinnati.jpg
I-71 (and I-75) heading northbound into Cincinnati from Kentucky

In Kentucky, I-71 begins east of Downtown Louisville at the Kennedy Interchange, where it meets I-64 and I-65. This interchange is sometimes called the "Spaghetti Junction". From Louisville, it roughly follows the Ohio River in a diagonal path toward Northern Kentucky. Between Louisville and Cincinnati, I-71 is largely a four-lane highway, except for the approach to Kentucky Speedway in Sparta in which it runs three lanes each way for about two miles (3.2 km).

Near the town of Carrollton, there are signs marking the location of a tragic accident that occurred on May 14, 1988, when a drunk driver was driving north in the southbound lanes and struck a church bus full of children and teenagers, causing the bus's fuel tank to ignite into flames and killing 27 people on board. It is one of the worst bus accidents in state and national history.

After having run 77 miles (124 km) from Louisville, I-71 merges with I-75 near Walton after which it intersects I-275, the Cincinnati beltway. After passing through Covington, the freeway crosses the Ohio River via the lower level of the Brent Spence Bridge (while the southbound direction uses the upper level) and continues into Cincinnati.


Heading northbound into Columbus I-71SofCbus.JPG
Heading northbound into Columbus
Northern terminus at I-90 in Downtown Cleveland Interstate 71 Cleveland 2016.jpg
Northern terminus at I-90 in Downtown Cleveland

In Cincinnati, it splits immediately from I-75 and heads due east onto Fort Washington Way, where it continues through Downtown Cincinnati concurrently with U.S. Route 50 (US 50) for less than one mile (1.6 km). Just east of downtown, US 50 splits from I-71 and continues east; I-71 bends north and receives I-471, a spur from southeast of the city. I-71 then heads in a general northeast direction through urban Cincinnati and into its surrounding suburbs. After another interchange with the I-275 beltway, the freeway leaves the metropolitan area and heads toward Columbus. It continues northeast until it reaches South Lebanon, where it begins cutting east across the flat plains of southwest Ohio. The freeway crosses the Little Miami River on the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge, which is a continuous truss bridge and the tallest bridge in Ohio, at 239 feet (73 m) above the river. I-71 heads toward Columbus then intersects with the bypass I-270 before heading north into urban Columbus, where it junctions I-70. About a mile (1.6 km) north of the I-70 junction, it intersects with I-670. After another interchange with the I-270 bypass, the highway exits Columbus and continues north until near Delaware, where it again turns northeast. Beginning its path to Cleveland, I-71 enters the rolling farm country on the edges of the Allegheny Plateau. It continues in this fashion to Lodi/Westfield Center and its junction with I-76, which provides access to Akron and points east. Heading north to Medina, it meets the terminus of I-271. The highway then continues north into urban Cuyahoga County and Cleveland's suburbs, intersecting the Ohio Turnpike/I-80. Passing Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, I-71 meets I-480 and enters Cleveland's west side, continuing on to downtown. It junctions with State Route 176 (SR 176) and terminates at I-90 on the Innerbelt.


I-71 (KY 1957).svg
I-71 (OH 1957).svg
1957 versions of the Interstate highway marker for Kentucky and Ohio


The first section of I-71 in Louisville opened in December 1966 between its terminus at Spaghetti Junction and Zorn Avenue, its first exit. Its junction with I-264 opened in July 1968, and the complete Kentucky portion of the Interstate was opened to the public in July 1969. At that point, it replaced US 42 as the primary link between Cincinnati and Louisville. [4]


Much of I-71 in Ohio was intended to be SR 1. SR 1 was originally planned in the 1950s as a second Ohio Turnpike extending southwest to northeast across the state. It was planned to run from Cincinnati to Conneaut and connect with an extension built across the panhandle of Pennsylvania to the New York State Thruway. As the highway was being planned, the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 was enacted, and the project was converted from a toll road to a freeway. It was designated as SR 1, since the Interstate Highway numbering system had not yet been implemented. Portions of the freeway began to be completed and opened in 1959 with the new Interstate Highway funding, and they were marked as SR 1 as well as with their new Interstate Highway number. Since large gaps existed along the corridor where no freeway had yet been completed, existing two-lane or four-lane highways were also designated as SR 1 in order to complete the route. The SR 1 signage was removed in 1966 as the Interstate Highway numbers adequately marked the route by then and the state highway numbering was superfluous.

Columbus-area highway marker designating I-71 and SR 1 (1965) Sohio columbus i71-1.JPG
Columbus-area highway marker designating I-71 and SR 1 (1965)

In Columbus, the portion of I-71 that bounds Worthington's eastern edge was originally called the North Freeway. Costing $13.8 million (equivalent to $92.2 million in 2020 [5] ), it was constructed south from SR 161, arriving at 11th Avenue by August 1961. It took another year to construct the portion between 11th Avenue and 5th Avenue, mainly due to the need to construct a massive underpass under the Pennsylvania Railroad's Grogan Yard. Today, only two tracks cross the viaduct, and the rest of the structure supports a large, weedy field. By August 1962, the freeway had reached Fifth Avenue, and it reached downtown in November 1962.

I-71 was originally planned to follow the Innerbelt Freeway northward from its current northern terminus to the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway at Dead Man's Curve when I-90 was planned to continue westward from there along the Shoreway. [6]

Upon its completion, I-71 replaced SR 3 as the primary highway link between Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland.

Between 2004 and 2006, the interchange at milepost 121 in the far northern reaches of Columbus was reconstructed to allow access to the eastern extension of Gemini Place. [7] Before that, it was a simple diamond interchange with SR 750 (Polaris Parkway).

Rebuilding and widening program

In 1999, the state of Ohio began a 10-year, $500-million (equivalent to $745 million in 2020 [5] ) project to improve I-71 between Columbus and Cleveland. The plans did not include widening the 25-mile (40 km) stretch in Delaware and Morrow counties, calling for patching that section instead. At that time, state transportation officials said they did not plan to widen that section for two reasons: Traffic studies didn't support the widening, and there was no money for the project. [8] But Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) officials eventually gave in under pressure from elected officials and business owners to widen the remaining 25-mile (40 km) stretch of I-71 from just north of the US 36/SR 37 interchange in Delaware County to the Morrow–Richland county line. [9] The reconstruction and widening on the last 25-mile (40 km) stretch of I-71 in Delaware and Morrow counties began in spring 2012, and the work was completed in mid-2015 at a cost of $144 million (equivalent to $156 million in 2020 [5] ). [9]

Exit list

StateCountyLocationmi [1] [2] kmExitDestinationsNotes
Kentucky Jefferson Louisville 0.0000.000South plate blue.svg
I-65 south Nashville
Southern terminus; I-65 exit 137
136CJefferson Street Downtown Southbound exit and northbound entrance; exit number follows I-65
1North plate blue.svg
West plate blue.svg
I-65 north (Toll Bridge) / I-64 west Indianapolis, St. Louis
Signed as exits 1A (I-64) and 1B (I-65) southbound; no exit numbers northbound; I-64 exit 6; I-65 exit 137
East plate blue.svg
I-64 east Lexington
Northbound exit and southbound entrance; I-64 exit 5A
1.7242.7752Zorn Avenue
4.9667.9925I-264.svg I-264 (Watterson Expressway)I-264 exit 23
9.06314.5859I-265.svgElongated circle 841.svgTo plate.svg
US 42.svg
I-265  / KY 841 (Gene Snyder Freeway) to US 42
Signed as exits 9A (south) and 9B (north); I-265 exit 35
Oldham 14.48823.31614Elongated circle 329.svg KY 329  Crestwood, Pewee Valley
17.47828.12817Elongated circle 146.svg KY 146  Buckner, Crestwood, Pewee Valley
18.50729.78418Elongated circle 393.svg KY 393  Buckner
La Grange 21.86935.19522Elongated circle 53.svg KY 53  La Grange, Ballardsville
Henry Pendleton 27.84044.80428Elongated circle 153.svgTo plate.svg
Elongated circle 146.svg
KY 153 to KY 146  Sligo, New Castle
Campbellsburg 33.50553.92134US 421.svg US 421  Campbellsburg, New Castle, Bedford
No major junctions
Carroll 42.80268.88343Elongated circle 389.svgTo plate.svg
Elongated circle 55.svg
KY 389 to KY 55  Prestonville, English
44.31271.31344Elongated circle 227.svg KY 227  Worthville, Carrollton
Gallatin 54.98088.48255Elongated circle 1039.svgTo plate.svg
Elongated circle 465.svg
KY 1039 to KY 465  Vevay
Serves Kentucky Speedway
56.67391.20657Elongated circle 35.svg KY 35  Sparta, Warsaw
Glencoe 61.77499.41662US 127.svg US 127  Glencoe, Owenton
Boone 72.195116.18772Elongated circle 14.svg KY 14  Verona
77.724125.08577South plate blue.svg
I-75 south Lexington
Southern end of I-75 overlap; exit numbers switch to follow I-75's mileposts, I-75 exit 173
79.556128.033175Elongated circle 338.svg KY 338  Richwood
Florence 82.275132.409178Elongated circle 536.svg KY 536 (Mt. Zion Road)
84.298135.664180US 42.svgUS 127.svg US 42  / US 127  Union, Florence
84.694136.302180AMall RoadSouthbound exit and northbound entrance; serves Florence Mall; former KY 3157
85.449137.517181Elongated circle 18.svg KY 18  Florence, Burlington
86.652139.453182Elongated circle 1017.svg KY 1017 (Turfway Road)
Kenton Erlanger 87.967141.569184Elongated circle 236.svg KY 236  Erlanger Signed as exits 184A (east) and 184B (west) southbound
88.900143.071185I-275.svgTo plate blue.svg
Airport Sign.svg I-275 to I-471  Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
I-275 exit 84
Fort Mitchell 90.539145.708186Elongated circle 371.svg KY 371 (Buttermilk Pike)
91.913147.920188US 25.svgUS 42.svgUS 127.svg US 25  / US 42  / US 127 (Dixie Highway) Fort Mitchell
Fort Wright 92.870149.460189Elongated circle 1072.svg KY 1072 (Kyles Lane) Fort Wright, Park Hills
Covington 94.707–
19112th Street (KY 1120), Pike Street (US 25 / US 42 / US 127) Covington
1925th Street (KY 8) Covington, Newport
Ohio River 97.42
Brent Spence Bridge
KentuckyOhio line
Ohio Hamilton Cincinnati 0.22–
North plate blue.svg
West plate.svg
US 50.svg
I-75 north / US 50 west Dayton
Northern end of I-75 overlap; southern end of US 50 overlap
1BSecond Street Downtown, Riverfront Exit unnumbered until 2018
1.111.79East plate.svg
US 50.svg
To plate blue.svg
To plate.svg
US 52.svg
US 50 east (Columbia Parkway) to I-471  / US 52
Northeren end of US 50 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
Lytle Tunnel
Sharp turn (40 mph or 64 km/h) in both directions
1.993.201ASouth plate blue.svg
I-471 south Newport
Southbound exit and northbound entrance; exit unnumbered until 2018
2US 42.svg US 42 (Reading Road) / Eden Park Drive / Gilbert Avenue (US 22 / SR 3) / Eighth Street Ballpark, Stadium/Arena Split into exit  2A (US 42) and 2B (Gilbert/8th) southbound; Gilbert Ave./8th St. not signed northbound, Eden Park Dr. not signed southbound
McMillan StreetNorthbound entrance only
3AWilliam Howard Taft RoadSouthbound exit only
3BHospital sign.svg Martin Luther King Drive – Level I Trauma Center Signed as exit 3 northbound
5Dana Avenue / Montgomery Road (US 22 / SR 3)
Norwood 6.75–
6OH-561.svg SR 561 (Smith Road / Edwards Road)
Cincinnati 8.0412.948ARidge Avenue southNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
8BOH-562.svg SR 562  Norwood Signed as exit 7 southbound
Columbia Township 8.5113.708CRidge Avenue northNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
8.7514.088Kennedy Avenue, Ridge AvenueSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
9Red Bank Road Fairfax
Silverton 10.6817.1910Stewart RoadNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
Sycamore Township 11.8119.0111Kenwood RoadNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
12.4420.0212US 22.svgOH-3.svg US 22  / SR 3 (Montgomery Road)
Montgomery 14.1322.7414OH-126.svg SR 126 (Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway)
15.8025.4315Pfeiffer Road
17I-275.svgTo plate.svg
To plate blue.svg
I-275 to SR 32  / I-75
I-275 exit 49; signed as exits 17A (east) & 17B (west) southbound
county line
township line
19Mason Montgomery Road / Fields Ertel Road
Warren Mason 23.5337.8724Western Row Road / Kings Island Drive / Innovation Way Kings Island Signed as Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive northbound and Western Row Road and Innovation Way southbound; originally constructed as northbound exit and southbound entrance only but expanded to a full interchange in 2019 [10]
25.3040.7225North plate.svg
SR 741 north (Kings Mills Road) Mason, Kings Mills, Kings Island
LebanonSouth Lebanon
city line
28.3345.5928OH-48.svg SR 48  South Lebanon, Lebanon
Turtlecreek Township 32.5652.4032OH-123.svg SR 123  Morrow, Lebanon
Washington Township 36.7459.1336Wilmington Road
Clinton Chester Township 45.1172.6045OH-73.svg SR 73  Waynesville, Wilmington
Liberty Township 50.74–
50US 68.svg US 68  Xenia, Wilmington
Greene Jefferson Township 58.0193.3658OH-72.svg SR 72  Sabina, Jamestown
Fayette Octa 65.33105.1465US 35.svg US 35 (SR 435) Xenia, Washington Court House
Jeffersonville 69.49111.8369OH-41.svgOH-734.svg SR 41  / SR 734  South Solon, Jeffersonville, Washington Court House
Paint Township 75.03120.7575OH-38.svg SR 38  Bloomingburg, Midway
Madison Pleasant Township 84.27135.6284OH-56.svg SR 56  Mount Sterling, London
No major junctions
Franklin Pleasant Township 94.15151.5294US 62.svgOH-3.svg US 62  / SR 3  Grove City, Orient, Harrisburg
Jackson Township 97.16156.3697OH-665.svg SR 665 (London-Groveport Road)Interchange fully opened August 17, 2012 [11]
Grove City 98.85159.0899Hoover Road Grove City Proposed
100.60161.90100Stringtown Road Grove City
Jackson Township 101.68163.64101I-270.svg I-270  Dayton, Wheeling Signed northbound as exit 100, southbound as exit 101; I-270 exit 55
Columbus 103.86167.15104OH-104.svg SR 104  / Frank Road
105.43169.67105Greenlawn Avenue
106.33171.12106AWest plate blue.svg
I-70 west Dayton
Northbound exit and southbound entrance; I-70 exit 99A
106BNorth plate.svg
SR 315 north Worthington
No exit number southbound; I-70 exit 99B
West plate blue.svg
I-70 west Dayton
Southern end of I-70 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-70 exit 99A; exit numbers switch to follow I-70's mileposts
US 23.svg US 23 (Third Street / Fourth Street) / Fulton StreetNew interchange to replace exits 100A-B; to have no southbound exit
100ASouth plate.svg
US 23.svg
US 23 south (High Street) / Front Street
No northbound entrance; southbound exit is via exit 100B
107.41172.86100BNorth plate.svg
US 23.svg
US 23 north (Fourth Street) / Livingston Avenue (US 33)
101BParsons AvenueNorthbound exit only
107East plate blue.svg
I-70 east
Northern end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 101A ; left exit southbound
108.20174.13108AMain StreetNo northbound exit
108.63174.82108BUS 40.svg US 40 (Broad Street)Southbound entrance and northbound exit
109.16175.68109AI-670.svg I-670  Airport, Dayton Northbound exit and southbound entrance; I-670 exit 5; northbound off-ramp to I-670 east includes direct ramp onto Leonard Avenue
108.93175.31109BSpring Street – Downtown Southbound exit and northbound entrance
109.61176.40109AI-670.svgAirport Sign.svg I-670  Airport, Dayton Southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-670 exit 5
110.16177.29110AFifth AvenueNo northbound exit
110.68178.12110BHospital sign.svg 11th AvenueAccess to Linden Primary Care Center
111.15178.8811117th AvenueAccess to the Ohio State Fairgrounds & Expo Center and Ohio History Center
112.33180.78112Hudson Street
112.98181.82113Weber Road
113.46182.60114North BroadwayAccess to Riverside Methodist Hospital
114.53184.32115Cooke Road (Indianola Avenue)
115.58186.01116Morse Road / Sinclair Road
117.53189.15117OH-161.svg SR 161 (Dublin-Granville Road)
119I-270.svg I-270  Dayton, Wheeling Signed as exits 119A (east) and 119B (west) southbound; I-270 exit 26
county line
121West plate.svg
SR 750 west (Polaris Parkway) / Gemini Place / Ikea Way
Eastern terminus of SR 750; access to Polaris Shopping Center
Delaware Orange Township 124200Big Walnut RoadFuture interchange [12] [13]
Berkshire Township Sunbury ParkwayFuture interchange [13]
130.64210.24131US 36.svgOH-37.svg US 36  / SR 37  Delaware, Sunbury
Morrow Bennington Township 140.15225.55140OH-61.svg SR 61  Sunbury, Mount Gilead, Galion
township line
151.09243.16151OH-95.svg SR 95  Fredericktown, Mount Gilead
Richland Washington TownshipBellville
village line
165.25265.94165OH-97.svg SR 97  Lexington, Bellville
Washington TownshipMansfield
city line
168.81271.67169OH-13.svg SR 13  Mansfield, Bellville
Madison Township 172.97278.37173OH-39.svg SR 39  Mansfield, Lucas
Mifflin Township 176.91284.71176US 30.svg US 30  Mansfield, Wooster Indirect southbound access to eastbound US 30 and from westbound US 30 to northbound I-71 via Crider and Koogle roads
Ashland Montgomery Township 186.71300.48186US 250.svg US 250  Ashland, Wooster
Wayne Congress Township 196.31315.93196OH-301.svg SR 301  West Salem Northbound exit and southbound entrance
197.92318.52198OH-539.svg SR 539  West Salem, Congress
Medina Harrisville Township 203.89328.13204OH-83.svg SR 83  Lodi, Wooster
Westfield Township 209.51337.17209I-76.svgUS 224.svg I-76  / US 224  Lodi, Akron Signed as exits 209A (I-76/US 224 east) and 209B (US 224 west); western terminus of I-76 (Ohio), exit 1
Medina Township 218.86352.22218OH-18.svg SR 18  Akron, Medina
220.71355.20220North plate blue.svg
I-271 north Erie
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
222.91358.74222OH-3.svg SR 3  Hinckley, Medina
Brunswick 226.03363.76226OH-303.svg SR 303  Brunswick, Hinckley
Cuyahoga Strongsville 231.26372.18231OH-82.svg SR 82 (Royalton Road) Strongsville, North Royalton Signed as exits 231A (east) and 231B (west) southbound
233.06375.07233I-80.svgOhioTurnpike.svg I-80  / Ohio Turnpike  Toledo, Youngstown I-80/Ohio Turnpike exit 161
Middleburg Heights 234.21376.92234US 42.svg US 42  Strongsville, Parma Heights
235.37378.79235Bagley Road Berea, Middleburg Heights
Brook Park 237.53382.27237Airport Sign.svg Snow Road / Engle Road Airport Signed as exits 237A (east) and 237B (west, Engle) southbound
Brook ParkCleveland line238.77384.26238I-480.svg I-480  Airport, Toledo, Youngstown Northbound exit and southbound entrance; I-480 exit 11
Cleveland 239.26385.05239South plate.svg
SR 237 south Airport, Berea
Southbound left exit and northbound left entrance
240.57387.16240W. 150th Street
241.85389.22242AW. 130th StreetSigned as exit 242 southbound
ClevelandLinndale line242.41390.12242BBellaire RoadNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
Cleveland 244.5393.5244Denison Avenue / W. 65th StreetNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
245US 42.svg US 42 (SR 3  / Pearl Road / W. 25th Street) / Fulton Road
246.6396.9246South plate.svg
SR 176 south Parma
Southbound exit and northbound entrance
247West plate blue.svg
East plate blue.svg
I-90 west / I-490 east / W. 14th Street / Clark Avenue / Steelyard Drive
Northbound exit and southbound entrance; I-90 exit 170B; I-490 exit 1A
East plate blue.svg
I-90 east Downtown Cleveland
Northern terminus; I-90 exit 170B
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes

I-71 has two auxiliary routes in the Cleveland metropolitan area and in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. I-471 links downtown Cincinnati with I-275. I-271 provides access to Cleveland's eastern suburbs and enables travelers on I-71 to access I-90 east without going through Cleveland proper.

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Interstate 475 (I-475) is an auxiliary Interstate Highway in Ohio that is a 20.37-mile (32.78 km) western bypass of Toledo. The southern terminus is I-75 exit 192 near Perrysburg. From the southern terminus to exit 14, I-475 is cosigned with US Route 23 (US 23) and is signed the north–south section of I-475. From exit 14 to the eastern (northernmost) terminus at I-75 exit 204 in central Toledo, it is signed the east–west section of I-475.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Interstate 264 (Kentucky)</span> Highway in Kentucky

Interstate 264 (I-264) is a partial loop around the city of Louisville, Kentucky, south of the Ohio River. An auxiliary route of I-64, it is signed as the Shawnee Expressway for its first eight miles (13 km) from its western terminus at I-64/U.S. Route 150 (US 150) to US 31W/US 60 and as the Watterson Expressway for the remainder of its length from US 31W/US 60 to its northeastern terminus at I-71. It is 22.93 miles (36.90 km) in length and runs an open circle around central Louisville. The highway begins four miles (6.4 km) west of Downtown Louisville at I-64 just east of the Sherman Minton Bridge, which links Southern Indiana with Kentucky as it crosses the Ohio River. The Interstate ends approximately six miles (9.7 km) northeast of Downtown Louisville, where it connects to I-71.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Interstate 265</span> Highway in Indiana and Kentucky

Interstate 265 (I-265) is a 41.8-mile (67.3 km) Interstate Highway partially encircling the Louisville metropolitan area. Starting from I-65 in the southern part of Louisville, it runs through Jefferson County, Kentucky, crosses the Ohio River on the Lewis and Clark Bridge into Indiana, meets I-65 for a second time, and then proceeds westbound to terminate at the I-64 interchange.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 59</span>

State Route 59 is an east–west state highway in the U.S. state of Ohio, serving the Akron metropolitan area. The western terminus of State Route 59 is in downtown Akron at a partial interchange with the Interstate 76/Interstate 77 concurrency, and the eastern terminus is at State Route 5, 0.5 miles (0.80 km) east of Ravenna. The route is approximately 23 miles (37 km) long and was certified in 1969 over what had previously been part of SR 5. It serves as a major or as the primary east–west roadway for the cities of Cuyahoga Falls, Kent, Ravenna, and Stow, the village of Silver Lake, and Franklin and Ravenna Townships.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 315</span> Highway in Ohio

State Route 315, known locally as the Olentangy Freeway, running almost parallel to Olentangy River Road for most of its length, is a north–south highway in central Ohio, in the Columbus metropolitan area. It may be seen abbreviated as SR 315, OH-315, or simply 315. Its southern terminus is at the south junction of I-70 and I-71 in Columbus, and its northern terminus is at US 23 near Delaware. It is a controlled access freeway from its southern terminus to I-270. The controlled access section carries two or three lanes in each direction, depending on the location. North of I-270, it becomes a two-lane road. It roughly follows the Olentangy River for about two-thirds of its length. The route passes through The Ohio State University campus. The section between Interstate 670 and Interstate 70 is known as the West Innerbelt, and it is commonly referred to as such in traffic reports. The original name of this section was Sandusky Street.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">U.S. Route 422</span> Highway in Ohio and Pennsylvania

U.S. Route 422 (US 422) is a 271-mile (436 km) long spur route of US 22 split into two segments in the U.S. states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The western segment of US 422 runs from downtown Cleveland, Ohio, east to Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. The eastern segment, located entirely within Pennsylvania, runs from Hershey east to King of Prussia, near Philadelphia. US 422 Business serves as a business route into each of four towns along the way.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 10</span> Highway in Ohio

State Route 10 is a state highway located in and around Cleveland, Ohio. The current routing of SR 10 was certified in 1934. The route's western terminus is in Eaton Township in Lorain County at the junction of U.S. Route 20, State Route 57 and State Route 301, where US 20 and SR 301 continue westbound on the freeway. In North Ridgeville, route 10 merges with Interstate 480 at the interstate's western terminus in North Ridgeville, and continues with the interstate briefly eastward. Just east of this junction, the route also has an interchange with Interstate 80 and the Ohio Turnpike via a connecting or spur road. SR 10 then becomes a grade-level road in North Ridgeville before heading into Cuyahoga County, and is known as Lorain Road. It then continues through the western suburbs of Cleveland and through the western part of Cleveland, as Lorain Avenue, terminating shortly after it crosses the Cuyahoga River on the Hope Memorial Bridge at Gateway at Broadway Avenue/Ontario Street.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Interstate 65 in Indiana</span> Highway in Indiana

Interstate 65 (I-65) in the US state of Indiana traverses from the south-southeastern Falls City area bordering Louisville, Kentucky, through the centrally located capital city of Indianapolis, to the northwestern Calumet Region of the Hoosier State which is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. The Indiana portion of I-65 begins in Jeffersonville after crossing the Ohio River and travels mainly north, passing just west of Columbus prior to reaching the Indianapolis metro area. Upon reaching Indianapolis, the route alignment of I-65 begins to run more to the northwest and subsequently passes Lafayette on that city's east and north sides. Northwest of there, in west-central Jasper County, the route again curves more northward as it approaches the Calumet Region. Shortly after passing a major junction with I-80 and I-94, I-65 reaches its northern national terminus in Gary at I-90 which is carried on the Indiana East–West Toll Road. I-65 covers 261.27 miles (420.47 km) in the state of Indiana. This is one of the principal Interstate Highways that cross the state, and, more specifically, intersect at the city of Indianapolis, that has given the state the nickname of "Crossroads of America".

<span class="mw-page-title-main">U.S. Route 50 in Ohio</span>

U.S. Route 50 runs east–west across the southern part of the state of Ohio, passing through Cincinnati, Chillicothe, and Athens. It is mainly a two-lane road except for the easternmost and westernmost parts. Near Athens it runs concurrently with State Route 32 (SR 32), a four-lane divided highway known as Corridor D, and from Coolville to the Ohio–West Virginia border it also overlaps SR 7 before crossing into Parkersburg, West Virginia.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Interstate 75 in Ohio</span> Interstate Highway in Ohio, United States

Interstate 75 (I-75) runs from Cincinnati to Toledo by way of Dayton in the US state of Ohio. The highway enters the state running concurrently with I-71 from Kentucky on the Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River and into the Bluegrass region. I-75 continues along the Mill Creek Expressway northward to the Butler County line just north of I-275. From there, the freeway runs into the Miami Valley and then passes through the Great Black Swamp before crossing into Michigan.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Interstate 64 in Kentucky</span> Highway in Kentucky

Interstate 64 (I-64) in the US state of Kentucky travels for 191 miles (307 km), passing by the major towns and cities of Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, and Ashland. It has several major junctions with other Interstates, including I-65, I-71, I-264, and I-265 in Louisville and I-75 in Lexington.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">U.S. Route 23 in Ohio</span> Section of U.S. Highway in Ohio, United States

U.S. Route 23 (US 23) is a United States Numbered Highway that runs from Jacksonville, Florida, to Mackinaw City, Michigan. In the state of Ohio, it is a major north–south state highway that runs from the Kentucky border at Portsmouth to the Michigan border at Sylvania.


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