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Cha Cha scrambler ride at Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia. ChaChaBBayBellsFair.jpg
Cha Cha scrambler ride at Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

The Scrambler, Twist (in the UK), Twister, Cha Cha (in Australia), Sizzler, or Merry Mixer, is an amusement ride in which suspended riders spinning in cars experience centrifugal force, while spinning along two separate axes. Riders are seated in small carriages clustered together and connected by beams at the top to a central point. The clustered vehicles are spun in one direction, while the ride as a whole spins in the opposite direction. [1] There are a number of variations of the design.


Early history

The first scrambler was invented by Richard Harris of Georgia and installed at Lakewood Fairgrounds in 1938. [2] [ better source needed ] Two additional rides were built and sold in the following two years. [2] [ better source needed ] In 1941, Harris was granted a U.S. patent for the design, [3] which was then acquired or licensed by the Eli Bridge Company. [2] [ better source needed ]

In late 1953, the Eli Bridge Company road-tested its Scrambler ride, [4] [5] and sold the first five by the end 1954. [5] The original ride had a total of 12 cars distributed among its three arms with a capacity of 24 adults or 36 children. The entire ride rotated clockwise at 9–12 revolutions per minute. [6]

The Eli Bridge Scrambler had one of its first major showings at the 1955 Florida State Fair, where it grossed $1,700 (at 25 cents a ride) in a single day and interested many additional buyers. [7] [5]

The rides first appeared in the UK in 1959, when they were manufactured by Edwin Hall under license from the Eli Bridge Company. Eli Bridge rides were first imported in 1979. [1]



A grasscutter scrambler has a basic frame shape and no platform and is driven by a lower arm assembly. This type of ride is extremely popular in the United States.


A Sizzler is a ride which has thicker arms and a platform. It was when these type started being manufactured, the manufacturers concentrated on the ride aesthetics. Concerns have been raised about its safety, as the ride has been involved in at least six fatalities since 1997. [9] [10]

Gee Whizzer

The 'Gee Whizzer' derivative was constructed and commissioned by the operators King Carnival amusements of Tasmania, Australia during the 1950s. The project was carried out by rail engineers who utilised rail and tram parts which were common for the era. This machine is currently the largest and fastest of the variants utilising a unique fully suspended balanced single sweep arm design, driven from the top resulting in no lower arm assembly. The centre support core is fully independent and does not require a support deck, instead eight extended stabilisers are fitted to the core during assembly. Only one of these machines are known to be in existence.


A Cyclone, also known as a Lifting Twist, manufactured by ARM UK, has very much the same function and appearance as a normal Sizzler, except that the centre structure begins to lift with the cars once it reaches up to normal speed until it reaches above the fence level, where it remains for the duration of the ride. They are considerably fast when they reach full speed, although they normally slow down first so riders can brace for the full speed. After the full speed part is over, the centre structure begins to lower back to platform level as the ride slows down to a stop. Only two of these Cyclones currently exist in the world. [11] [12]


Manufacturing tablet for the Scrambler at Cedar Point. Cedar Point Scrambler manufacturing tablet (4783).jpg
Manufacturing tablet for the Scrambler at Cedar Point.
Pharaoh's Fury Adventure Island Open [13]
Road Runner ScramblerAdventure Park USA (Monrovia, Maryland) Eli Bridge Company Open [14]
Scrambler Adventureland (Iowa) Eli Bridge Company 1974OpenRelocated within the park in 1993 and again in 2011. Previously known as Bavarian Scrambler and Wrangler.
Scrambler Alabama Splash Adventure Eli Bridge Company 2003OpenOriginally operated 2003 through 2011, then reopened in 2018. [15] [16] Uncertain if current unit is the same as the previous or a replacement.
ScramblerAmusements of America (Showman) Eli Bridge Company OpenTraveling model. [17]
Scrambler Arnolds Park Eli Bridge Company Open [18]
Cyclone Barry's Amusements
Scrambler Bay Beach Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company 1977ClosedDecommissioned prior to 2022 season open
Sizzler Beech Bend Park 2015OpenReplaced former model that opened in 2000
Scramble RideBell's Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Closed
ScramblerBelle City Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open [19]
ScramblerBig Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open
Jambalaya Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin' Eli Bridge Company Open [20]
ScramblerBoardwalk Amusements (Daytona Beach, Florida) Eli Bridge Company Closed [21]
Unknown Boblo Island Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Closed [22]
Flying TwistBotton's Pleasure Beach, Skegness
Scrambler Bowcraft Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Closed
Sizzler Brean Leisure Park
ScramblerBuckroe Beach Amusement Park (Hampton, Virginia) Eli Bridge Company Closed
Le Catapult Busch Gardens Williamsburg Eli Bridge Company
HaywireButler Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open [23]
Scrambler (1)Butler Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open [24]
Scrambler (2)Butler Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open [24]
Scrambler (3)Butler Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open [24]
Scrambler (4)Butler Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open [24]
ScramblerC&L Shows (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open [25]
Industrial Revolution California's Great America Eli Bridge Company ClosedPreviously known as Saskatchewan Scrambler.
Liberty Twirler California's Great America Eli Bridge Company 2022Open [26]
Scrambler Camden Park Eli Bridge Company ClosedSerial number 367-71. Closed 2008 or later. [27]
ScramblerCampy's Blue Star Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company Open [28]
Psychodrome Canobie Lake Park Eli Bridge Company 1989OpenEnclosed.
Scrambler Carousel Gardens Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Open
Scrambler Carowinds Eli Bridge Company 1973OpenPreviously known as Kaleidoscope
Centrifuge Casino Pier Eli Bridge Company 2019OpenReturning in 2019; original model destroyed by Hurricane Sandy
Scrambler Castle Park Eli Bridge Company
Scrambler Cedar Point Eli Bridge Company 1960OpenSerial number ends in -73, suggesting that original 1960 version was replaced with a 1973 unit at some point.
Scrambler Centreville Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company
Twister Clacton Pier
Twister Clarence Pier
Scrambler Clementon Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company 2019Closed
Scrambler Cliff's Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Closed
Scrambler Coney Island (Cincinnati, Ohio) Eli Bridge Company 1957ClosedClosed 1959 or later. 10-year-old boy fell from ride and was struck and killed in August 1957.
Scrambler Coney Island (Cincinnati, Ohio) Eli Bridge Company 19691971Relocated to Kings Island in 1972.
Scrambler Coney Island (Cincinnati, Ohio) Eli Bridge Company 19912019Originally manufactured 1957. After park closed, ride was listed for sale on for $29,000.
Ultimate Trip, The Conneaut Lake Park Eli Bridge Company <=2004Enclosed in park's former fun house building.
Scrambler Darien Lake 2014Open
Scrambler DelGrosso's Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Open
Scrambler Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park
SizzlerDizzylands Funfair - Elmer Bell (Northern Ireland)
Scrambler Dollywood
Scrambler Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom Eli Bridge Company 1970Open
Cyclone Twist Dreamland
TwisterDunes Leisure Funfair, Mablethorpe
ScramblerEdaville USA
Scrambler Enchanted Forest Water Safari
Scrambler Family Kingdom Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Open
Twister Fantasy Island (United Kingdom)
ScramblerFantasy Island Amusement Park (Beach Haven, New Jersey) Eli Bridge Company 2021OpenReplaced a previous version of the same ride
ScramblerFantasy Island Amusement Park (Beach Haven, New Jersey) Eli Bridge Company 1984ClosedReplaced by a new version for 2021 season
Sidewinder Frontier City Eli Bridge Company
Scramblur Fun Spot America (Orlando) Eli Bridge Company Open
Astrosphere Funtown Splashtown USA Eli Bridge Company OpenEnclosed in dome-shaped structure with speakers and disco ball attached to ride's arm. Plays song "Fire on High" by Electric Light Orchestra during ride cycle. [29]
ScramblerGillian's Wonderland Pier
Blizzard Indoors The Great Escape Eli Bridge Company 1971OpenEnclosed. Operated 1971 through 2004 before returning in 2013. Previously known as Chipper's Magical Mystery Tour.
Twister Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
Scrambler Hersheypark Eli Bridge Company 1972Open
Scrambler Huck Finn's Playland
Scrambler Idlewild and Soak Zone Eli Bridge Company Open
Scrambler Indiana Beach Eli Bridge Company Open
Scrambler Joyland Amusement Park (Texas) Eli Bridge Company Open
Space Odyssey Kennywood Eli Bridge Company ClosedEnclosed. Only operated from 1974-1978
Dust Devil Rides At Adventure Cove Eli Bridge Company OpenPreviously operated as part of Wyandot Lake as Neptune's Revenge. Serial number 273-66.
Arachnidia Kings Dominion Eli Bridge Company 2000OpenPreviously known as Witch Doctor & Scrambler
Scrambler Kings Island Eli Bridge Company 1972OpenRelocated from Cincinnati's Coney Island, where it originally opened in 1969
Merry Mixer Knoebels Amusement Resort
Batidora (Mixer) La Feria Chapultepec Mágico
Space Scrambler Lagoon Eli Bridge Company
Scrambler Lake Winnepesaukah Eli Bridge Company Open
Scrambler Lakemont Park Eli Bridge Company Closed
Scrambler Lakeside Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Open
Scrambler Little Amerricka
TwisterLuna Park, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
TwisterMagic City (São Paulo)
Kiddie ScramblerMichael's Amusements (Showman) Eli Bridge Company OpenChild's sized version of ride. [30]
SizzlerMichael's Amusements (Showman)Wisdom Mfg.Open [31]
Scrambler Michigan's Adventure Eli Bridge Company 1975Open
Scrambler Miracle Strip at Pier Park
Scrambler NASCAR Speedpark (Sevierville, TN)
Scrambler Oaks Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Open
Mexican TwistOK Corral
SizzlerOtterbacher Shows (Showman)Wisdom RidesOpen [32]
Inkie's Scrambler Pacific Park Eli Bridge Company Open
Haley's Comet Paradise Lake Eli Bridge Company 1981Closed [33]
ScramblerPlayland (Maryland) Eli Bridge Company Closed [34]
Kiddy Scrambler Playland (New York) Eli Bridge Company OpenChild's sized version of the ride. [35]
Scrambler Playland (Vancouver)
TwisterRainbow Park, Hunstanton
Scrambler Sandspit Amusement Park Open
ScramblerSandy Lake Amusement Park
Swedish Scrambler Scandia Amusements (Sacramento)
Scrambler Silverwood Theme Park Eli Bridge Company Open
Cyclone Six Flags America Eli Bridge Company 1993/1994Open
Scat-A-Bout Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Eli Bridge Company 1999Open
Waverunner Six Flags Fiesta Texas 1994Open
DejaVu Six Flags Great Adventure Eli Bridge Company 2012OpenRelocated from American Adventures in Georgia. Serial number 340-69 R92.
Hometown Fun Machine Six Flags Great America Eli Bridge Company 1976Open
Scrambler Six Flags Magic Mountain 2003Open
Scrambler Six Flags New England 1973Open
Sidewinder Six Flags Over Texas 2006Open
Shazam! Six Flags St. Louis 1972Open
ScramblerSluggers & Putters (Canal Fulton, OH) Eli Bridge Company Open
ScramblerSmokey's Greater Shows (Showman)
Scrambler Stricker's Grove Eli Bridge Company Open
Swamp ApeSwampy Jack's Wongo Adventure Eli Bridge Company 2019OpenEnclosed, with flashing lights, fog, and heavy music from various bands and artists. Pays tribute to the old Abominable Snowman ride at Miracle Strip. [36]
ScramblerSylvan Beach Amusement Park Eli Bridge Company Open
ScramblerTraintown (Sonoma, California)
TwisterTramore Amusements (Tramore, Waterford, Ireland)
Merry Mixer Trimper's Rides
Scrambler Valleyfair Eli Bridge Company 1976Open
Scrambler Waldameer Park Eli Bridge Company Open
Scrambler Western Playland
Whirling Wildcats Wild Adventures Eli Bridge Company Open
Scrambler Wild Waves Theme Park
Scrambler Wonderland Park (Texas) Eli Bridge Company Open
Scandi Scrambler Worlds of Fun Eli Bridge Company 1973Open
ScramblerCiudad Mágica Costa RicaEli Bridge Company
ScramblerWonderland Costa RicaEli Bridge Company

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