Polin Waterparks

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Polin Waterparks
Industry Water park manufacturing
Founded1976 (1976)
FounderEnver Pakiş [1]
Area served
Global, 105 countries
Products Water slides and water play attractions
ServicesWater park design, manufacturing, engineering, and installation
Number of employees
550 (2019) [2]
Website www.polin.com.tr

Polin Waterparks is a World Leading Turkish manufacturer of water slides and water parks. They are known for their design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of water slides, water play attractions and water parks. The company was founded in İstanbul, Turkey in 1976.



Polin was founded in Istanbul in 1976 by architect Enver Pakiş as a fiberglass (GRP) design and manufacturing company. [1] More than 3000 water park projects in 105 countries have been completed by Polin. [3] It offers a range of products, including signature rides such as the patented King Cobra, Magic Spheres, Spheres, MagiCone and Space Shuttle and Stingray. [3]

Polin uses a technique called resin transfer molding (RTM) in their water slide manufacturing process. [3] RTM is a manufacturing method that provides advantages compared to the traditional process of water slide production. [4] RTM allows for the product to be created in less time and with less waste, yet is also stronger and lighter than non-RTM products. [4] Since 2006, Polin has converted 100% of its rides to RTM, and can also implement its patented Natural Light Effects and Special Pattern Effects into the product. [4]


All of Polin's production takes place in Turkey. [2] Sales offices are located in France, Russia, Morocco, Macedonia and China. [2] Through 2013, Polin completed its manufacturing in three plants located in Turkey. A fourth plant is expected to open in 2014. [2]


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