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RoboCoaster Ltd.
FoundedDecember 2000 (2000-12)
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Key people
Gino Daniel De-Gol
Subsidiaries Simworx

RoboCoaster Ltd is an amusement ride design firm based in Warwickshire, England. Through partnerships with KUKA and Dynamic Attractions, RoboCoaster has installed its namesake products at locations around the world.



In December 2000, RoboCoaster Ltd was founded with the goal of integrating robotic technology into the entertainment and leisure industry. [1] In the company's first year of operation, Gino Daniel De-Gol invented the concept of a robotic-arm-based amusement ride. [2] In December 2001, a partnership with German robotic arm manufacturer KUKA saw the patenting and manufacturing of the initial Robocoaster G1 design. [1] [2] In 2004, RoboCoaster partnered with AMEC Dynamic Structures (now Dynamic Attractions) to develop the RoboCoaster G2 system, which utilises track-mounted KUKA arms. [3]

RoboCoaster's partnership with KUKA has also seen robotic arms integrated into films, including Die Another Day , The Da Vinci Code , and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life . [4]

In 2015, The British Growth Fund invested £4.5M in a company called Simworx, a media based attraction manufacturer, allowing them to acquire RoboCoaster and boost their working capital as well as buying out their previous private equity investor. [5]

Ride systems

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey station.jpg
First and second generation RoboCoasters pictured at Epcot and Universal's Islands of Adventure


As of 2012, over 200 individual RoboCoasters have been installed, including some travelling models. [15]

Dragon AgeHub Zero Flag of Dubai.svg Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2015Robocoaster G1 [16] [17]
Danse avec les Robots Futuroscope Flag of France.svg Poitou-Charentes, France 2006RoboCoaster G1 [18]
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Universal's Islands of Adventure Flag of the United States.svg Florida, United States 2010RoboCoaster G2 [19]
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Universal Studios Hollywood Flag of the United States.svg California, United States 2016RoboCoaster G2 [20] [21]
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Universal Studios Japan Flag of Japan.svg Osaka, Japan 2014RoboCoaster G2 [22]
Hero Factory Legoland Deutschland Flag of Germany.svg Günzburg, Germany 2004RoboCoaster G1
Knight's Tournament Legoland California Flag of the United States.svg California, United States 2005RoboCoaster G1 [23]
Power Builder Legoland Billund Flag of Denmark.svg Billund, Denmark 2004RoboCoaster G1 [24]
Robocoaster Grand Pier Flag of the United Kingdom.svg England, United Kingdom 2010RoboCoaster G1 [25]
Robocoaster Mall of the Emirates Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2005RoboCoaster G1
Robocoaster Avenues Mall Flag of Kuwait.svg Al Rai, Kuwait 2009RoboCoaster G1
Robocoaster Xscape Braehead Renfrew Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Scotland, United Kingdom 2006RoboCoaster G1
The Sum of All Thrills Epcot Flag of the United States.svg Florida, United States 2009Robocoaster G1 [26]
Unknown Jurassic Dream Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Heilongjiang, China 2013Motion Theatre [13]

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