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US Thrill Rides
Industry Manufacturing and design
PredecessorPatent Lab, LLC
Founder Bill Kitchen (Inventor)
Area served
Products Amusement rides, roller coasters

US Thrill Rides is an entertainment design and consulting company in Orlando, Florida. It is best known for creating thrill rides in several US locations.



In 1992, William Kitchen and Ken Bird invented the SkyCoaster. Kitchen founded Sky Fun I Inc. that same year to sell the product to amusement parks. Canadian firm ThrillTime Entertainment International purchased the company for $12 million in mid-1998, renaming it SkyCoaster Inc.[ citation needed ] All 12 employees kept their jobs, with Kitchen remaining linked to the company as a consultant. [1]

Kitchen's next invention was that of the SkyVenture, sold under SkyVenture, LLC. The first installation opened across from Wet 'n Wild Orlando on International Drive in July 1998. The attraction received a visit by George H. W. Bush. [2]

Kitchen next founded US Thrill Rides. [3] US Thrill Rides has since developed the UniCoaster flat rides and SkyQuest transport rides, [4] as well as the SkySpire and Polercoaster (in collaboration with Intamin). [5]

On December 21, 2022, US Thrill Rides filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. [6]

Products and technologies

US Thrill Rides specializes in amusement rides and attractions. [7]


Polercoaster is an amusement ride offered as a joint venture by US Thrill Rides and Intamin. An installation consists of a large tower structure which features glass elevators to an observation deck, as well as an El Loco steel roller coaster wrapping around the tower. [8] The model was first introduced in 2012. US Thrill Rides' Bill and Michael Kitchen invented the concept to allow amusement parks with little available space to be able to design a full-size roller coaster. [9] [10] [11] By November, 2014 Kitchen had licensed the Florida rights for his invention to Skyplex where it was announced the first Polercoaster would be the tallest rollercoaster in the world, (called the "Skyscraper") and would be built by 2017. [12] The Skyplex project is still claimed to be moving forward but has not yet broken ground and was not opened in 2020 as previously claimed by the developer. [13]


SkyQuest is a people mover introduced in 2010. The cable-car style ride utilizes covered platforms and gondolas to move rides either around the track or from one platform to another. [14] [15]


SkySpire is an amusement ride offered by US Thrill Rides. An installation consists of a large tower structure which features glass elevators to an observation deck, as well as a ride featuring fully enclosed gondolas wrapping around the tower in the shape of a double helix. [16] [17] Skyspire was chosen as one of the five finalists to anchor the San Diego Bay revitalization project. [18] Skyspire won the contract with 1HWY1 who took primary ownership of redesigning the initial concept and implementation, but encountered numerous obstacles that have hindered development to the present day. [19]


SkyView is a proposed concept for lightweight Ferris wheel designs with heights between 200 feet (61 m) and 1,000 feet (300 m) and able to withstand strong winds. [20] The wheel itself does not turn like a conventional Ferris wheel, instead a chain-like mechanism is used to move the gondolas around the structure, which could be constructed in shapes other than the traditional circle. [21] In 2009, Park World Online reported that US Thrill Rides planned to erect and operate 300-foot (91 m) tall SkyView rides in Orlando and Las Vegas, [21] however the 400-foot (120 m) Orlando Eye and 550-foot (170 m) High Roller giant wheels have since been constructed in those cities. No SkyView rides have yet been built.


UniCoaster is an amusement ride with a small footprint designed to mimic the experience of a looping roller coaster. The design was licensed exclusively to Chance Rides [22] until 2020 when Kitchen cancelled the exclusivity and began marketing variations such as "Unicoaster Roulette" to casinos [23] in an attempt to mitigate the financial impact of the COVID-19 theme park shutdown.

Notable installations

2010 BrainSurge (UniCoaster) Nickelodeon UniverseBloomington, Minnesota
  • First park installation of ride
2010Octotron (UniCoaster) Belmont ParkSan Diego, California
2012SkyQuest Indianapolis ZooIndianapolis, Indiana [14] [15]
2021Time Tumbler (UniCoaster)Doha Quest [24]
TBA Skyscraper (Polercoaster) Skyplex – Orlando, Florida
  • Upon completion, expected to be world's tallest roller coaster [25]

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Skyplex is a proposed and planned entertainment complex, It would be located on a 14-acre (5.7 ha) lot at the northeast corner of Sand Lake Road and International Drive in Orlando, Florida. Plans for the complex include a 570-foot (170 m) tower which would feature the world's tallest roller coaster, Skyscraper, and the world's largest Perkins Restaurant and Bakery. In January 2019 the project was expected to cost US$250,000,000 and include space for a future hotel. The complex was originally planned to open in 2020. However, as of 2022, construction on the project has not begun, and it is uncertain if the complex would be built.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Bill Kitchen (inventor)</span> American inventor and business executive (born 1948)

William Joel "Bill" Kitchen is an American inventor and business executive. Kitchen is the Founder and CEO of U.S. ThrillRides, Inc. and Thrillcorp, Inc.


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