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Location in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 6°53′N80°36′E / 6.883°N 80.600°E / 6.883; 80.600
CountrySri Lanka
Province Central Province
District Nuwara Eliya District
Time zone +5.30

Dickoya is a town in Nuwara Eliya District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Dickoya forms Hatton-Dickoya Urban Council with Hatton.

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Christ Church Warleigh is an Anglican church in Sri Lanka built during the 19th century by the British. It is administered by the Church of Ceylon. The church is regarded as one of the most prominent and oldest Anglican churches in Sri Lanka and is a tourist destination. It is in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, in Dickoya, near the Nuwara Eliya District along the Hatton-Norwood road through the Warleigh Division. The church borders tea estates and the Castlereagh Reservoir.


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Coordinates: 6°52′N80°36′E / 6.867°N 80.600°E / 6.867; 80.600