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Ampara Clock Tower
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Coordinates: 7°17′0″N81°40′0″E / 7.28333°N 81.66667°E / 7.28333; 81.66667
Country Sri Lanka
Province Eastern
District Ampara
  Type Urban Council
  ChairmanM. A. Chaminda Sugath (UPFA)
  Total43,720 [1]
Time zone UTC+5:30 (Sri Lanka Standard Time Zone)

Ampara (Sinhala : අම්පාර, Tamil : அம்பாறை) is the main town of Ampara District, governed by an Urban Council.

It is located in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, about 360 km (224 mi) east of Colombo and approximately 60 km (37 mi) south of Batticaloa.


This was a hunters' resting place during British colonial days (late 1890s and early 1900). During the development of the Gal Oya scheme from 1949 by the Prime Minister D. S. Senanayake, Ampara was transformed into a town. [2] Initially it was the residence for the construction workers of Inginiyagala Dam. Later it became the main administrative town of the Gal Oya Valley.

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Uva Province Province of Sri Lanka

Uva Province is Sri Lanka's second least populated province, with 1,259,880 people, created in 1896. It consists of two districts: Badulla and Moneragala. The provincial capital is Badulla. Uva is bordered by Eastern, Southern, Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces. Its major tourist attractions are Dunhinda falls, Diyaluma Falls, Rawana Falls, the Yala National Park and Gal Oya National Park. The Gal Oya hills and the Central mountains are the main uplands, while the Mahaweli and Menik rivers and the huge Senanayake Samudraya and Maduru Oya Reservoirs are the major waterways.

Ampara District Administrative District in Eastern, Sri Lanka

Ampara District is one of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka, the second-level administrative divisions of the country. The district is administered by a District Secretariat headed by a District Secretary appointed by the central government of Sri Lanka. The capital of the district is the town of Ampara. The district was carved out of the southern part of Batticaloa District in April 1961.

Sri Lankan state-sponsored colonization schemes is the government program of settling mostly farmers from the densely populated wet zone in the sparsely populated areas of the dry zone in the North Central Province, Southern Province, Uva Province, Sabaragamuwa Province, Northern Province and the Eastern Province regions near tanks and reservoirs being built in major irrigation and hydro-power programs such as the Mahaweli project to create farming and fishing communities. This has taken place since the 1950s.

Ampara Airport

Ampara Airport, also known Gal-Oya Airport, is a domestic airport in Gal-Oya in southeastern Sri Lanka. It is also a military airbase known as Sri Lanka Air Force Ampara or SLAF Ampara.

Monaragala District Administrative District in Uva Province, Sri Lanka

Monaragala is a district in Uva Province of Sri Lanka. It is the second largest of the 25 districts in Sri Lanka, with an area of 5,636 km2 (2,176 sq mi).

Akkaraipattu Town in Sri Lanka

Akkaraipattu is a large town in the Ampara District, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. The town is strategically located with links via the Siyambalanduwa-Ampara Road (A25) and the Colombo-Batticaloa highway (A4). Akkaraipattu is situated 441 km (274 mi) from Colombo.

Petikirige Dayaratna is a Sri Lankan politician and a member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. He was elected to Ampara electorate in 1977 as a Member of Parliament from the United National Party.

Gal Oya National Park

Gal Oya National Park in Sri Lanka was established in 1954 and serves as the main catchment area for Senanayake Samudraya, the largest reservoir in Sri Lanka. Senanayake Samudraya was built under the Gal Oya development project by damming the Gal Oya at Inginiyagala in 1950. An important feature of the Gal Oya National Park is its elephant herd that can be seen throughout the year. Three important herbs of the Ayurveda medicine, triphala: Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica and Emblica officinalis are amongst the notable flora of the forest. From 1954 to 1965 the park was administrated by the Gal Oya Development Board until the Department of Wildlife Conservation took over administration. The national park is situated 314 km (195 mi) from Colombo.

Senanayake Samudraya Dam in Ampara District

Senanayake Samudraya is the biggest reservoir and man-made lake in Sri Lanka. It is locally known as the sea. Senanayake Samudraya was opened on 28 August 1949 under the Gal Oya Multipurpose Scheme, which was completed in 1953 by D. S. Senanayake.

Gal Oya Dam Dam in Gal Oya National Park

The Gal Oya Dam is an embankment dam in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. The dam creates one of the largest reservoirs in the country, the Gal Oya Reservoir. Water from the reservoir is used primarily for irrigation in the Uva and Eastern provinces, in addition to powering a small hydroelectric power station. Construction of the dam and reservoir began in August 24, 1949, completing four years later in 1953.

Batticaloa region

Batticaloa region (Tamil: மட்டக்களப்புத் தேசம் Maṭṭakkaḷapput tēcam; also known as Matecalo; Baticalo; in Colonial records, was the ancient region of Tamil Settlements in Sri Lanka. The foremost record of this region can be seen in Portuguese and Dutch historical documents along with local inscriptions such as "Sammanthurai Copper epigraphs" written on 1683 CE which also mentions about "Mattakkalappu Desam". Although there is no more the existence of Batticaloa region today, the amended term "Batti-Ampara Districts" still can be seen in the Tamil print media of Sri Lanka.

Gal Oya

The Gal Oya is a 108 km (67 mi) long river, in South east Sri Lanka. It is the 16th longest river in Sri Lanka. It begins in the hills east of Badulla and flows northeast, emptying into the Indian Ocean south of Kalmunai.


Ovagiriya is one of archaeological sites in Polwatta, Ampara District, Sri Lanka. It is situated on Ampara-Inginiyagala road, about 19 km (12 mi) away from Ampara town.

Rambakan Oya Dam Dam in Maha Oya

The Rambakan Oya Dam is an embankment dam in Maha Oya, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. The reservoir was designed and constructed by the Sri Lanka Mahaveli Authority and currently functions under the direction of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management. It have been created by building an Earthen dam of which is about 1225m in length across the river of Mundeni Aru.

Konduwattuwana Wewa

Konduwattuwana Wewa or Kondawattuwana Wewa is an ancient reservoir located in Ampara, Sri Lanka. The reservoir lies on the Ampara – Inginiyagala main road, approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) away from the town of Ampara. The site with ancient Buddhist ruins which belonging to the Konduwattuwana reservoir area is a formally recognised an archaeological site in Sri Lanka.

Sri Dharmendrarama Raja Maha Vihara

Sri Dharmendrarama Purana Raja Maha Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple in Mayadunna, Sri Lanka. The temple is located in the Gonagolla village on Ampara – Maha Oya road approximately 10 km (6.2 mi) distance from Uhana town. The temple has been formally recognised by the Government as an archaeological site in Sri Lanka. The designation was declared on 10 October 2014 under the government Gazette number 1884.

Galmaduwa Raja Maha Vihara, Ampara

Galmaduwa Raja Maha Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple in Galmaduwa, Sri Lanka. The temple is located on Hingurana – Ampara road approximately 6 km (3.7 mi) distance from Hingurana town. It is believed that this temple complex was constructed during the reign of king Saddha Tissa. The temple has been formally recognised by the Government as an archaeological site in Sri Lanka. The designation was declared on 26 December 2014 under the government Gazette number 1895.

Gonagolla Town in Sri Lanka

Gonagolla is a town in the Ampara District, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

Mahaoya Town in Sri Lanka

Mahaoya is a town in the Ampara District, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. It is located in 64 km (40 mi) north-west of Ampara, at the intersection of the Peradeniya-Badulla-Chenkalady Highway (A5) and the Manampitiya - Aralaganwila - Maduru Oya Road (B502).

Uhana Town in Ampara District, Eastern Province

Uhana is a town in the Ampara District, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.


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