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Coordinates: 7°40′49″N81°43′34″E / 7.68028°N 81.72611°E / 7.68028; 81.72611
Country Sri Lanka
Province Eastern
District Batticaloa
DS Division Kattankudy
Postal Code 30100
  Type Urban Council
  ChairmanS.H.M Asfar jp
Time zone UTC+5:30 (Sri Lanka Standard Time Zone)
Website kattankudy.uc.gov.lk

Kattankudy (Tamil : காத்தான்குடி, Sinhala : කාත්තාන්කුඩි; also transliterated as "Kathankudy") is a township near the city of Batticaloa on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The town is predominately populated by Muslims. [1]


Most of the people are engaged in business, industries and fisheries. The division of Kattankudy occupies the central part of the district. It covers land area of approximately 2.56 km2 (0.99 sq mi) and 1.33 km2 (0.51 sq mi) of inland waterways, the division accounts for 0.15% of the district's total land area. [2] [3]


North : Manmunai North Divisional secretariat.

East : Bay of Bengal (Sea).

South : Manmunaipattu Divisional Secretariat.

West : Batticaloa Lagoon.


Kattankudy is one of the many Moorish(Muslims)-dominated towns in Sri Lanka. [ citation needed ]

Ethnicity in Kattankudy Urban Council
EthnicityPopulation% of Total
Moors 40,12498.01
Indian Tamils 1530.80
Sinhalese 360.05
Sri Lankan Tamils 200.02
Other (including Burgher, Malay)230.02
Religion in Kattankudy Urban Council
Muslim 40,25498.01%
Hindu 500.49%
Buddhist 380.39%
Roman Catholic 110.12%

Source: statistics.gov. lk

GS Divisions and Population (2014)

GS NumberAreaTotal FamiliesPopulation
162AKattankudy-6 South9213218
162BKattankudy-6 West6222121
164BKattankudy-5 South303982
164CKattankudy-5 West4401532
165AKattankudy-3 West318955
165BKattankudy-3 East4211422
166AKattankudy-2 North7772685
167ANew Kattankudy North16245429
167BNew Kattankudy East20167847
167CNew Kattankudy South15675485
167DNew Kattankudy West6972429
167EKattankudy-1 South6412052

Source: http://www.kattankudy.ds.gov.lk

Kattankudy Mosque Massacre

Kattankudy Mosque Massacre was the killing of over 147 Muslim men and boys in a Mosque in Kattankudy by armed persons on 3 August 1990. It took place when around 30 armed persons raided four mosques in the town of Kattankudy, where over 300 people were prostrating in Isha prayers. The attack is attributed to LTTE by the Sri Lankan Government, although the former denied their involvement in the massacre, and have never retracted that denial. The initial report put the death toll at around 100, but as many of the injured who were rushed to hospital succumbed to their injuries, the final death toll rose to over 147. [4]

Tsunami 2004

When the 2004 tsunami hit, approximately 108 people died in Kattankudy and 93 persons are still listed as missing. Around 2,500 houses were damaged by the tsunami in Kattankudy. [5] [6]

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Kattankudy Division 3 Grama Niladhari Division is a Grama Niladhari Division of the Kattankudy Divisional Secretariat, of Batticaloa District, of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.


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Coordinates: 7°40′52″N81°43′34″E / 7.68111°N 81.72611°E / 7.68111; 81.72611