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Lantern Entertainment, LLC
Type Subsidiary
Industry Film
Predecessor The Weinstein Company
Dimension Films (library)
FoundedJuly 16, 2018;4 years ago (July 16, 2018)
FoundersAndy Mitchell
Milos Brajovic
United States
Key people
Andy Mitchell (co-president)
Milos Brajovic (co-president)
Products Motion pictures
OwnerLantern Capital Partners
Number of employees
50 [1]  (2018)
Divisions Lantern Television
Spyglass Media Group [2] (majority stake)
Website OOjs UI icon edit-ltr-progressive.svg

Lantern Entertainment, LLC is an American independent film studio. It was formed by Lantern Capital Partners after it acquired the assets of The Weinstein Company (TWC) on July 16, 2018, after the latter company's bankruptcy filing (which was a result of co-founder Harvey Weinstein being convicted of sexual harassment, assault, and rape). Lantern is a separate company unaffiliated with the Weinsteins and purchased the entire assets of the former studio in a bankruptcy auction. [3]



On July 16, 2018, the Dallas-based equity firm Lantern Capital Partners bought the assets of The Weinstein Company (TWC) for $289 million. Lantern Entertainment was formed and assumed the rights to TWC's 277-film library. [4] [3] [5] In November 2018, Lantern acquired full control of three Quentin Tarantino films ( Inglourious Basterds , Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight ), originally released by The Weinstein Company, for $5.5 million. [6]

In February 2019, Lantern was reported to be reaching a settlement with The Walt Disney Company, regarding several films that Lantern did not acquire (including Scream 4 and The Matador ).[ citation needed ]

On March 13, 2019, Lantern and Gary Barber relaunched Spyglass Media Group, which will host the former TWC library. Italian film distributor Eagle Pictures, cinema chain Cineworld (which owned and operated Regal Cinemas) and later WarnerMedia/AT&T's Warner Bros. were brought in as minority holders. [7] Lantern made a majority investment including its film library to Spyglass. In July 2019, Spyglass settled two major claims, including $11 million for Viacom regarding the TV series Scream (whose last season was delayed until July 2019, three years after the second season finale) and the film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (which Lantern did not acquire).[ citation needed ] In March 2020, a federal judge ruled that Spyglass was not responsible for any of TWC's outgoing royalties, and it discontinued making movies and TV shows from now on and it was transferred into Spyglass Media Group and Lionsgate.[ citation needed ]



Motion pictures


Content libraries



FormerlyRadius-TWC (2012–18)
Industry Film
FounderTom Quinn
Jason Janego
Products Motion Pictures
Owner The Weinstein Company (2012–2018)
Lantern Entertainment (2018)

Radius (stylized as RADiUS; formerly Radius-TWC) is a dormant film label to Lantern Entertainment, formerly to TWC's division, for distribution of multi-platform video-on-demand and theatrical productions. It was launched in 2012, and specialized in niche and independent films rather than those aimed at mainstream audiences. [8] [9] As of 2018, Radius had released about 35 films, [10] including Bachelorette , Butter , 20 Feet from Stardom , Only God Forgives , [11] Lovelace , All the Boys Love Mandy Lane , Man of Tai Chi , Fed Up , Snowpiercer , [12] Citizenfour , Horns , The Last Five Years , and It Follows . [13]



FilmRelease dateNotes
The Upside January 11, 2019Credited as Spyglass Media Group Co-distribution with STX Entertainment
Polaroid October 11, 2019International co-distribution with 13 Films; [14] distributed in the US by Vertical Entertainment
The Current War October 25, 2019International co-distribution with 13 Films; [14] distributed in the US by 101 Studios
The Boys in the Boat December 25, 2023Produced by Smokehouse Pictures and Spyglass Media Group; distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [15]


Project Runway Bravo
Scream VH1 2019

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