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This is a list of all lighthouses in the U.S. state of Massachusetts as identified by the United States Coast Guard. Enumeration of the lighthouses in this state is complicated by the number of multiple tower stations and replacement of older towers, with the Brant Point Light station having had nine towers, two of which survive. [1] At present there are forty-seven active towers, of which eleven are privately maintained; thirteen are standing but inactive, seven have been replaced with skeleton towers, thirteen have been destroyed or removed, and one tower has been moved to another state. The oldest station, Boston Light, established in 1716, was the first lighthouse built in the colonies, and the current tower at that station, built in 1783, is the oldest survivor in the state and the second oldest in the nation, and was the last lighthouse automated in the United States. [2] The last station established was at the Buzzards Bay Entrance Light in 1961 (since replaced by an automated light on a steel tripod), but in 1986 the 1818 Great Point Light was rebuilt and relit, making it the last tower constructed in the state. The tallest towers in the state are the two Cape Ann Light towers, but the highest focal plane is at the Hospital Point Range Rear Light, which is located in the steeple of the First Baptist Church of Beverly. [2]

A number of inactivated Massachusetts lights have met with unusual fates. The Three Sisters of Nauset were sold off to separate private buyers before being purchased by the National Park Service and moved back near their original site. Range lights in Nantucket and Hyannis were incorporated into private dwellings, the former housing the Gilbreth family of Cheaper by the Dozen fame. The Point Gammon Light was converted into an observation tower for birdwatching.

If not otherwise noted, focal height and coordinates are taken from the United States Coast Guard Light List , [3] while location and dates of activation, automation, and deactivation are taken from the United States Coast Guard Historical information site for lighthouses. [4]

NameImageLocationCoordinatesYear first litAutomatedYear deactivatedCurrent LensFocal Height
Annisquam Harbor Light Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse Massachusetts USA.jpg Gloucester
(Cape Ann)
42°39′43″N70°40′53″W / 42.6619°N 70.6815°W / 42.6619; -70.6815 (Annisquam Harbor Light) 1801 (Former)
1898 (Current)
1974Active190mm45 ft (14 m)
Bakers Island Light Bakers island light.jpg Salem 42°32′11″N70°47′09″W / 42.5364°N 70.7859°W / 42.5364; -70.7859 (Bakers Island Light) 1791 (Former)
1821 (Current)
1972Active190mm111 ft (34 m)
Billingsgate Island Light Billingsgate Island Light MA.JPG Wellfleet
(Billingsgate Island)
41°52′16″N70°04′05″W / 41.871°N 70.068°W / 41.871; -70.068 (Billingsgate Island Light) [5] 1858Never1915
None40 ft (12 m)
Bird Island Light Bird Island Light (Plymouth County, Massachusetts).jpg Marion
(Buzzards Bay)
41°40′10″N70°43′03″W / 41.6694°N 70.7174°W / 41.6694; -70.7174 (Bird Island Light) 18191997
(Inactive: 1933-1997)
Unknown47 ft (14 m) [6]
Bishop and Clerks Light Bishop and Clerks Light MA.JPG Hyannis 41°34′27″N70°15′00″W / 41.5743°N 70.2501°W / 41.5743; -70.2501 (Bishop and Clerks Light) 185819231928
(Demolished in 1952)
None59 ft (18 m) [4]
Borden Flats Light Borden Flats Light, Fall River, Massachusetts.jpg Fall River
(Taunton River)
41°42′16″N71°10′28″W / 41.7044°N 71.1744°W / 41.7044; -71.1744 (Borden Flats Light) 1875 (Former)
1881 (Current)
1963Active250mm47 ft (14 m)
Boston Light Boston Light.jpg Boston
(Little Brewster Island)
42°19′41″N70°53′24″W / 42.3280°N 70.8901°W / 42.3280; -70.8901 (Boston Light) 1716 (Former)
1783 (Current)
1998ActiveSecond-order Fresnel 102 ft (31 m)
Brant Point Light Brant Point Light, oblique.jpg Nantucket 41°17′23″N70°05′33″W / 41.2898°N 70.0924°W / 41.2898; -70.0924 (Old Brant Point Light) [7]
(Old Tower)
41°17′24″N70°05′25″W / 41.2900°N 70.0903°W / 41.2900; -70.0903 (Brant Point Light)
(New Tower)
Fifth-order Fresnel46 ft (14 m) [8]
26 ft (7.9 m)
Broad Sound Channel Inner Range Lights Broad Sound Channel Inner Range Lights.JPG Boston
(Spectacle Island)
42°19′40″N70°59′03″W / 42.3278°N 70.9842°W / 42.3278; -70.9842 (Broad Sound Channel Inner Range Front Light) [9]
(Front Light)
42°19′39″N70°59′07″W / 42.3275°N 70.9853°W / 42.3275; -70.9853 (Broad Sound Channel Inner Range Rear Light) [9]
(Rear Light)
1903 [10] Never1950 [10]
None53 ft (16 m) [10]
70 ft (21 m) [10]
Butler Flats Light Butler Flats Light, New Bedford, MA.jpg New Bedford
(Acushnet River)
41°36′11″N70°53′38″W / 41.603°N 70.894°W / 41.603; -70.894 (Butler Flats Light) 18981978ActiveFifth-order Fresnel25 ft (7.6 m)
Buzzards Bay Entrance Light Buzzards Bay Entrance Light (Texas Tower) MA.JPG Buzzards Bay 41°23′49″N71°02′05″W / 41.3970°N 71.0347°W / 41.3970; -71.0347 (Buzzards Bay Entrance Light) 1961 (Former)
1997 (Current)
1980ActiveUnknown101 ft (31 m) [11]
Cape Ann Light Station
(aka: Thacher Island Lights)
Thacher Island twin lighthouses.jpg Rockport
(Thacher Island)
42°38′12″N70°34′30″W / 42.6368°N 70.5749°W / 42.6368; -70.5749 (Cape Ann Light (south)) 18611979
(South Tower)
(North Tower)
(North Tower was Inactive
from 1932 to 1989)
VRB-25 166 ft (51 m)
Cape Poge Light Cape Poge Light.jpg Edgartown
(Chappaquiddick Island)
41°25′10″N70°27′08″W / 41.4194°N 70.4523°W / 41.4194; -70.4523 (Cape Poge Light) 1801 (Former)
1893 (Current)
1943Active300mm65 ft (20 m)
Chatham Light Chatham Light MA.jpg Chatham 41°40′17″N69°57′01″W / 41.6713°N 69.9502°W / 41.6713; -69.9502 (Chatham Light) 1808 (Former)
1877 (Current)
1982Active DCB-224 80 ft (24 m)
Clarks Point Light New Bedford Fort.jpg New Bedford 41°35′36″N70°54′05″W / 41.5932°N 70.9014°W / 41.5932; -70.9014 (Clarks Point Light) 1797 (Former)
1869 (Current)
(Inactive: 1898-2001)
250mm68 ft (21 m) [4]
Cleveland East Ledge Light Cleveland Ledge Lighthouse MA.JPG Falmouth 41°37′52″N70°41′39″W / 41.6310°N 70.6942°W / 41.6310; -70.6942 (Cleveland East Ledge Light) 19431978Active190mm74 ft (23 m)
Cuttyhunk Light Cuttyhunk Lighthouse MA 1915.jpg Gosnold
(Cuttyhunk Island)
41°24′50″N70°57′00″W / 41.414°N 70.950°W / 41.414; -70.950 (Cuttyhunk Light) 1823
(The last L.H.
was built in 1891)
(skeleton tower)
(skeleton tower)
Deer Island Light Deer Island Original Lighthouse MA.JPG Boston
(Deer Island)
42°20′24″N70°57′16″W / 42.3399°N 70.9545°W / 42.3399; -70.9545 (Deer Island Light) 189019601982
(Destroyed in 1984)
None53 ft (16 m) [12]
Derby Wharf Light Derby Wharf Lighthouse MA.JPG Salem 42°30′59″N70°53′01″W / 42.5165°N 70.8835°W / 42.5165; -70.8835 (Derby Wharf Light) 18711917 [13] Active
(Inactive: 1977-1983)
Optic25 ft (7.6 m)
Dumpling Rocks Light Dumpling Rock Light 1889 MA.JPG Buzzards Bay 41°32′17″N70°55′16″W / 41.538°N 70.921°W / 41.538; -70.921 (Dumpling Rocks Light) 1829
(The last L.H.
was built in 1889)
Duxbury Pier Light Duxbury Pier light house in Plymouth harbor.jpg Duxbury
(Plymouth Harbor)
41°59′15″N70°38′55″W / 41.9874°N 70.6485°W / 41.9874; -70.6485 (Duxbury Pier Light) 18711961ActiveFourth-order Fresnel35 ft (11 m)
East Chop Light East Chop Lighthouse.jpg Oak Bluffs 41°28′13″N70°34′03″W / 41.4703°N 70.5675°W / 41.4703; -70.5675 (East Chop Light) 1869 (Former)
1878 (Current)
1933Active300mm79 ft (24 m)
Eastern Point Light Eastern point lighthouse.JPG Gloucester
(Cape Ann)
42°34′49″N70°39′52″W / 42.5802°N 70.6644°W / 42.5802; -70.6644 (Eastern Point Light) 1833 (Former)
1890 (Current)
1985ActiveDCB-2457 ft (17 m)
Edgartown Harbor Light Edgartown Harbor Light - New Paint 1988.jpg Edgartown 41°23′27″N70°30′11″W / 41.3909°N 70.5031°W / 41.3909; -70.5031 (Edgartown Harbor Light) 1828 (Former)
1939 (Current)
1939Active250mm45 ft (14 m)
Egg Rock Light Egg Rock Lighthouse 1898 Massachusetts.JPG Egg Rock
(Near Nahant)
42°25′59″N70°53′53″W / 42.433°N 70.898°W / 42.433; -70.898 (Egg Rock Light) [14] 1856
(The last L.H.
was built in 1898)
1918 [15] 1922
(Destroyed in 1927)
None90 ft (27 m) [14]
Fairhaven Bridge Light Fairhaven Bridge Light MA.JPG Fairhaven 41°38′21″N70°55′03″W / 41.6392°N 70.9175°W / 41.6392; -70.9175 (Fairhaven Bridge Light) 1888Never1891
Falmouth Inner Light Falmouth Inner Light MA.JPG Falmouth 41°32′32″N70°36′30″W / 41.5421°N 70.6083°W / 41.5421; -70.6083 (Falmouth Inner Light) UnknownUnknownActive
(skeleton tower)
Unknown25 ft (7.6 m)
Fort Pickering Light Fort Pickering (Winter Island) Light MA.JPG Salem
(Winter Island)
42°31′35″N70°51′59″W / 42.5264°N 70.8664°W / 42.5264; -70.8664 (Fort Pickering Light) 18711983Active
(Inactive: 1969-1983)
Unknown28 ft (8.5 m)
Gay Head Light Gay Head Light - USA MA.jpg Aquinnah 41°20′54″N70°50′06″W / 41.3484°N 70.8350°W / 41.3484; -70.8350 (Gay Head Light) 1799 (Former)
1856 (Current)
1956ActiveDCB-224170 ft (52 m)
Great Point Light Great Point Light.jpg Nantucket 41°23′25″N70°02′54″W / 41.3902°N 70.0483°W / 41.3902; -70.0483 (Great Point Light) 1769 (Former)
1986 (Current)
(Inactive: 1984-1986)
VRB-2571 ft (22 m)
Highland Light Highland Lighthouse 2.jpg Truro
(North Truro)
41°23′27″N70°30′11″W / 41.3909°N 70.5031°W / 41.3909; -70.5031 (Highland Light) 1797 [16] (Former)
1857 [16] (Current)
1987 [16] ActiveLED170 ft (52 m)
Hospital Point Range Front Light Hospital Point Light Front MA.JPG Beverly 42°32′47″N70°51′22″W / 42.5465°N 70.8560°W / 42.5465; -70.8560 (Hospital Point Range Front Light) 18721947ActiveOptic70 ft (21 m)
Hospital Point Range Rear Light Hospital Point rear light.jpg Beverly 42°32′54″N70°52′43″W / 42.5483°N 70.8785°W / 42.5483; -70.8785 (Hospital Point Range Rear Light) 1927UnknownActiveUnknown183 ft (56 m)
Hyannis Front Range Light Hyannis Front Range Light MA.JPG Hyannis 41°38′02″N70°17′20″W / 41.634°N 70.289°W / 41.634; -70.289 (Hyannis Rear Range Light) 1885Never1929None20 ft (6.1 m) [17]
Hyannis Rear Range Light Hyannis Rear Range Light New Lantern MA.JPG Hyannis 41°38′10″N70°17′19″W / 41.636°N 70.2885°W / 41.636; -70.2885 (Hyannis Rear Range Light) [18] 1849Never1929None43 ft (13 m) [17]
Ipswich Front Range Light Ipswich 42°41′10″N70°45′54″W / 42.686°N 70.765°W / 42.686; -70.765 (Ipswich Range Front Light) [19] 1838Never1932None25 ft (7.6 m) [19]
Ipswich Rear Range Light Ipswich Rear Range Light 1881 tower.JPG Ipswich 42°41′07″N70°45′58″W / 42.6853°N 70.7662°W / 42.6853; -70.7662 (Ipswich Range Rear Light) 1838 (Former)
1939 (Current)
(skeleton tower)
Unknown42 ft (13 m) [19]
Long Island Head Light Long Island Head Lighthouse Boston 1900.JPG Boston
(Long Island)
42°19′49″N70°57′28″W / 42.3302°N 70.9577°W / 42.3302; -70.9577 (Long Island Head Light) 1819 [20] (Former)
1901 [20] (Current)
1929 [20] Active
(Inactive: 1982-1985) [20]
Acrylic 120 ft (37 m)
Long Point Light Long Point Light and Outer Battery.jpg Provincetown
(Long Point)
42°01′59″N70°10′07″W / 42.0331°N 70.1687°W / 42.0331; -70.1687 (Long Point Light) 1827 (Former)
1875 (Current)
1952ActiveOptic36 ft (11 m)
Lovells Island Range Lights Lovells Island Range Lights.JPG Boston
(Lovells Island)
42°19′58″N70°55′49″W / 42.3328°N 70.9303°W / 42.3328; -70.9303 (Lovells Island Range Front Light) [4]
(Front Light)
42°19′55″N70°55′52″W / 42.3319°N 70.9311°W / 42.3319; -70.9311 (Lovells Island Range Rear Light) [4]
(Rear Light)
1903Never1939None31 ft (9.4 m) [21]
(Front Light)
40 ft (12 m) [21]
(Rear Light)
Marblehead Light Marblehead Light.JPG Marblehead 42°30′19″N70°50′01″W / 42.5054°N 70.8337°W / 42.5054; -70.8337 (Marblehead Light) [22] 1835 (Former)
1895 (Current)
1960Active300mm130 ft (40 m) [22]
Mayo Beach Light N/A Wellfleet
(Mayo Beach)
41°55′51″N70°02′03″W / 41.9307°N 70.0343°W / 41.9307; -70.0343 (Mayo Beach Light) [23] 1837
(The last L.H.
was built in 1881)
(Tower moved)
Minot's Ledge Light Minot light.gif Cohasset 42°01′59″N70°10′07″W / 42.0331°N 70.1687°W / 42.0331; -70.1687 (Minot's Ledge Light) 1850 (Former)
1860 (Current)
(Inactive: 1851-1860)
300mm85 ft (26 m)
Monomoy Point Light Monomoy Lighthouse MA.JPG Chatham
(Monomoy Island)
41°33′32″N69°59′38″W / 41.559°N 69.994°W / 41.559; -69.994 (Monomoy Point Light) [24] 1823 (Former)
1849 (Current)
Never1923None47 ft (14 m) [24]
Nantucket Beacon Nantucket Rear Range Light (original 1869).JPG Nantucket 41°16′23″N70°04′23″W / 41.273°N 70.073°W / 41.273; -70.073 ([Nantucket Beacon) [8] 1794
(Coast Guard clam)
(Congressional claim)
NeverUnknownNone24 ft (7.3 m) [8]
Nantucket Cliff Range Lights Nantucket Cliff Range Lights original MA.JPG Nantucket 41°17′38″N70°06′25″W / 41.294°N 70.107°W / 41.294; -70.107 ([Nantucket Cliff Range Lights) [25] 1838 [25] (Former)
1889 [25] (Current)
(Now a private house)
Nantucket Harbor Range Lights NantucketRangeLites.jpg Nantucket
(Brant Point)
41°17′23″N70°05′32″W / 41.2898°N 70.0923°W / 41.2898; -70.0923 (Nantucket Harbor Range Front Light)
(Front Light)
41°17′21″N70°05′31″W / 41.2893°N 70.0919°W / 41.2893; -70.0919 (Nantucket Harbor Range Rear Light)
(Rear Light)
1908UnknownActiveUnknown35 ft (11 m)
(Front Light)
51 ft (16 m)
(Rear Light)
Nauset Beach Light Nauset Light W.jpg Eastham
(Nauset Beach)
41°51′36″N69°57′11″W / 41.860°N 69.953°W / 41.860; -69.953 (Nauset Beach Light) 1838 (Former)
1877 (Current)
1955ActiveDB-224120 ft (37 m)
Ned Point Light Ned Point Lighthouse.JPG Mattapoisett 41°39′03″N70°47′44″W / 41.6509°N 70.7956°W / 41.6509; -70.7956 (Ned Point Light) 18381923Active
(Inactive: 1951-1963)
250mm41 ft (12 m)
Newburyport Harbor Light Newburyport Harbor Light 1898 tower MA.JPG Newburyport 42°48′55″N70°49′08″W / 42.8152°N 70.8189°W / 42.8152; -70.8189 (Newburyport Harbor Light) 1788 (Former)
1898 (Current)
1951ActiveFourth-order Fresnel50 ft (15 m)
Newburyport Harbor Front Range Light Newburyport Harbor Front Range Light, May 2012, Newburyport MA.jpg Newburyport 42°48′41″N70°51′53″W / 42.8115°N 70.8648°W / 42.8115; -70.8648 (Newburyport Harbor Front Range Light) [26] 187319521961None37 ft (11 m) [27]
Newburyport Harbor Rear Range Light Newburyport Harbor Rear Range Light (Essex County, Massachusetts).jpg Newburyport 42°48′42″N70°51′58″W / 42.8116°N 70.8662°W / 42.8116; -70.8662 (Newburyport Harbor Rear Range Light) [28] 1873Unknown1961None58 ft (18 m) [27]
Nobska Light NobskaLight.jpg Woods Hole 41°30′57″N70°39′18″W / 41.5158°N 70.6551°W / 41.5158; -70.6551 (Nobska Light) 1829 (Former)
1876 (Current)
1985ActiveFourth-order Fresnel87 ft (27 m)
Old Scituate Light Scituate Lighthouse 1.jpg Scituate
(Scituate Harbor)
42°12′17″N70°42′57″W / 42.2048°N 70.7158°W / 42.2048; -70.7158 (Scituate Light) 18111994
(Inactive: 1860-1994)
Replica lantern70 ft (21 m) [29]
Palmer Island Light Palmer Island Light.jpg New Bedford 41°37′37″N70°54′33″W / 41.6270°N 70.9091°W / 41.6270; -70.9091 (Palmer Island Light) 18491941Active
(Inactive: 1962-1998 [30] )
Fifth-order Fresnel34 ft (10 m) [30]
Plymouth Light Plymouth light NPS.jpg Plymouth 42°00′13″N70°36′02″W / 42.0037°N 70.6006°W / 42.0037; -70.6006 (Plymouth Light) 1768 (Former)
1843 (Current)
1986Active100mm102 ft (31 m)
Point Gammon Light Hyannis 41°36′35″N70°15′58″W / 41.6097°N 70.2662°W / 41.6097; -70.2662 (Point Gammon Light) [31] 1816 [32] 1858 [32] 1858
(Converted to
observation tower [32] )
None70 ft (21 m) [32]
Race Point Light Race Point Lighthouse 1876 MA.JPG Provincetown 42°03′44″N70°14′35″W / 42.0623°N 70.2430°W / 42.0623; -70.2430 (Race Point Light) 1816 (Former)
1876 (Current)
1972ActiveVRB-2541 ft (12 m)
Sandy Neck Light Sandy Neck Light MA.JPG Barnstable 41°43′23″N70°16′52″W / 41.723°N 70.281°W / 41.723; -70.281 (Sandy Neck Light) 1826 (Former)
1857 (Current)
(Inactive: 1931-2007) [33]
Sankaty Head Light Sankaty Light, 2009-04-07.jpg Nantucket
41°17′04″N69°57′58″W / 41.2844°N 69.9661°W / 41.2844; -69.9661 (Sankaty Head Light) 18501965ActiveSecond-order Fresnel158 ft (48 m)
Spectacle Island Range Lights Spectacle island 1907.jpg Boston
(Spectacle Island)
42°19′41″N70°59′07″W / 42.3281°N 70.9853°W / 42.3281; -70.9853 (Spectacle Island Range Front Light) [9]
(Front Light)
42°19′39″N70°59′04″W / 42.3275°N 70.9844°W / 42.3275; -70.9844 (Spectacle Island Range Rear Light) [9]
(Rear Light)
1897Never1913None29 ft (8.8 m) [9]
(Front Light)
54 ft (16 m) [9]
(Rear Light)
Stage Harbor Light Stage Harbor Light Chatham MA.JPG Chatham 41°39′31″N69°59′01″W / 41.6587°N 69.9837°W / 41.6587; -69.9837 (Stage Harbor Light) [34] 1880Never1933
(Now a private house)
Straitsmouth Island Light Straitsmouth Island Lighthouse MA.JPG Rockport 42°39′44″N70°35′17″W / 42.6623°N 70.5881°W / 42.6623; -70.5881 (Straitsmouth Island Light) 1835 (Former)
1896 (Current)
1967Active250mm46 ft (14 m)
Tarpaulin Cove Light Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse MA 1891.JPG Gosnold
(Naushon Island)
41°28′08″N70°45′27″W / 41.4688°N 70.7575°W / 41.4688; -70.7575 (Tarpaulin Cove Light) 1818 (Former)
1891 (Current)
1941Active300mm78 ft (24 m)
Ten Pound Island Light Ten Pound Island Light.jpg Gloucester 42°36′07″N70°39′56″W / 42.6019°N 70.6656°W / 42.6019; -70.6656 (Ten Pound Island Light) 1821 (Former)
1881 (Current)
(Inactive: 1956-1989)
250mm57 ft (17 m)
The Graves Light The Graves Light.JPG Boston
(The Graves)
42°21′54″N70°52′09″W / 42.3649°N 70.8691°W / 42.3649; -70.8691 (The Graves Light) 19051976ActiveVRB-2598 ft (30 m)
Three Sisters of Nauset Three Sisters Lights.jpg Eastham 41°51′32″N69°57′26″W / 41.859°N 69.9571°W / 41.859; -69.9571 (The Three Sisters of Nauset) [35] 1838 (Former)
1892 (Current)
West Chop Light West Chop Lighthouse Martha's Vineyard Ma.jpg Tisbury 41°28′51″N70°35′59″W / 41.4808°N 70.5998°W / 41.4808; -70.5998 (West Chop Light) 1817 (Former)
1891 (Current)
1976ActiveUnknown84 ft (26 m)
West Dennis Light BASSRIVER.jpg West Dennis 41°39′07″N70°10′12″W / 41.652°N 70.170°W / 41.652; -70.170 (West Dennis Light) 18551989
(Inactive: 1914-1989)
300mm44 ft (13 m)
Wing's Neck Light Wings Neck Light, Buzzard's Bay (Barnstable County, Massachusetts).jpg Pocasset 41°40′49″N70°39′40″W / 41.6802°N 70.6612°W / 41.6802; -70.6612 (Wing's Neck Light) 1849Unknown1945NoneUnknown
Wood End Light Wood End Lighthouse MA.JPG Provincetown
(Long Point)
42°01′17″N70°11′37″W / 42.0213°N 70.1935°W / 42.0213; -70.1935 (Wood End Light) 1864 (Former)
1872 (Current)
1960ActiveVRB-2545 ft (14 m)

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Brant Point Light

Brant Point Light is a lighthouse located on Nantucket Island. The station was established in 1746, automated in 1965, and is still in operation. The current tower was added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 28, 1987; it has the distinction of being the tenth light on the point, in addition to several range lights. Four of the others burned or blew down, two were condemned, two were unsatisfactory, and the remaining one stands unused.

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Annisquam Harbor Light

Annisquam Harbor Light Station is a historic lighthouse on Wigwam Point in the Annisquam neighborhood of Gloucester, Massachusetts. It can be viewed from nearby Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester. It lies on the Annisquam River and is one of the four oldest lighthouses to surround the Gloucester peninsula as well as; Eastern Point Light, Ten Pound Island Light, and Thacher Island Light.

Newburyport Harbor Front Range Light United States historic place

The Newburyport Harbor Front Range Light is one of two historic range lights in Newburyport, Massachusetts. When it was built in 1873, it was located at Bayley's Wharf, and provided, in combination with the Rear Range Light, a critical aid for navigating into Newburyport's harbor. In 1964 the light was moved to its present location on the grounds of the Merrimack River Coast Guard Station. The stations are no longer in service, but serves as a daymark for arriving mariners.

Newburyport Harbor Light

The Newburyport Harbor Light, also known as Plum Island Light, built in 1788, is a historic lighthouse on Northern Boulevard in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Newburyport Harbor Rear Range Light United States historic place

The Newburyport Harbor Rear Range Light is a historic lighthouse at 61½ Water St. near the Merrimack River in Newburyport, Massachusetts. It was built in 1873 as one of a pair of range lights for guiding ships up the river to the city's harbor.

Stage Harbor Light

Stage Harbor Light is a lighthouse in Chatham, Massachusetts. It was built in 1880. It was discontinued in 1933, replaced by a skeleton tower 200 ft (60m) west which remains an active aid to navigation. The original light helped to mark a vessel staging area anchorage in deep water south of Harding's Beach used during periods of low visibility (fog) by vessels waiting to round Monomoy Point and Pollock Rip Channel. The lighthouse also lined up perfectly with the Chatham Twin Lights, making an effective range for Chatham Roads, the deep water channel crossing Nantucket Sound from south of Bishop & Clerks Reef off Point Gammon at Hyannis to the staging area. The original light is now a private residence. It sits at the entrance of what is still a busy harbor, used primarily by Chatham-based fishing fleets, sailboats from the Stage Harbor and Monomoy yacht clubs, and private craft owners.

Nantucket Beacon

The Nantucket Beacon formed a range with the Brant Point Light to guide vessels into Nantucket harbor. Operated at various times in the 19th century, it was deactivated sometime after 1870. This range was eventually succeeded by the Nantucket Harbor Range Lights, which are still in operation.

Nantucket Cliff Range Lights

The Nantucket Cliff Lights, also known as the Nantucket Cliff Range Lights were a set of range lights on Nantucket. Over the years, there were several sets of range lights to lead ships into Nantucket Harbor. The first were built in 1838. The second, a pair of conical white towers which still exist-owned by the Gilbreth family of "Cheaper by the Dozen" Fame-although not on the same site, were discontinued in 1912. The Gilbreth Family purchased the two latter range lights in 1921.

Spectacle Island Range Lights

The Spectacle Island Range Lights were a pair of range lights on Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor. They were established in 1897 and discontinued in 1913 after changes in the entrance channels to the harbor made them obsolete.

Hyannis Rear Range Light

The Hyannis Rear Range Light, also known as the Hyannis Harbor Light, was a lighthouse and, for part of its life, one of a pair of range lights adjacent to Hyannis Harbor. The Range Rear tower was built in 1849 and equipped with a 5th order Fresnel lens in 1856. In 1863 the original birdcage lantern was replaced with a new cast iron one. In 1885, a front range light was added on the Old Colony Railroad Wharf, and the two lights together served to leading vessels to the wharf. The 20 foot Range Rear tower is shorter than most lighthouses, as its purpose was just to guide ships to the wharf. In the early 1800s, the railroad extended from its current terminus at the Hyannis Transportation Center, down what is now Old Colony Road to Harbor Road, where it ended in the 300 foot wharf that was a busy area for shipping coal, lumber, grain and fish.

Hospital Point Range Rear Light

The Hospital Point Range Rear Light is part of a pair of range lights in Beverly, Massachusetts. It is located in the steeple of the First Baptist Church of Beverly.

The Point Gammon Light was a lighthouse that stood on its eponymous point at the south end of Great Island in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, on the east side of Lewis Bay and the entrance to Hyannis Harbor. Long inactive, it was converted into an ornithological observation tower in the late 19th century.


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