List of near-parabolic comets

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The following is a list of comets with a very high eccentricity (generally 0.99 or higher) and a period of over 1,000 years that do not quite have a high enough velocity to escape the Solar System. Often, these comets, due to their extreme semimajor axes and eccentricity, will have small orbital interactions with planets and minor planets, most often ending up with the comets fluctuating significantly in their orbital path. These comets probably come from the Oort cloud, a cloud of comets orbiting the Sun from ~10,000 to roughly 50,000 AU. The actual orbit of these comets significantly differs from the provided coordinates. A Solar System barycentric orbit computed at an epoch when the object is located beyond all the planets is a more accurate measurement of its long-term orbit.

List of near-parabolic comets

Comet designation Comet name
Semimajor axis (AU) Eccentricity Inclination (°) Perihelion distance (AU) Absolute magnitude (M1/M2)Perihelion date Period ( a 3)
C/1680 V1 Great Comet of 1680 444.42850.99998660.67840.0062221680/12/189370 MPC  · JPL
C/1769 P1 Messier 163.45540.99924940.73380.1227551769/10/082090 MPC  · JPL
C/1785 E1 Méchain 120.68930.9964692.6390.427241785/04/081325 MPC  · JPL
C/1807 R1 Great comet of 1807 143.20120.99548863.17620.6461241807/09/191710 MPC  · JPL
C/1811 F1 Great Comet of 1811 212.39220.995125106.93421.0354121811/09/123100 MPC  · JPL
C/1822 N1 Pons 310.83030.996316127.34291.1450991822/10/245480 MPC  · JPL
C/1823 Y1 Great Comet of 1823 1700.9987103.680.22521823/12/092300 MPC  · JPL
C/1825 K1 Gambart 246.6050.996395123.34140.8890111825/05/313870 MPC  · JPL
C/1825 N1 Pons 271.57930.995431146.43531.2408461825/12/114480 MPC  · JPL
C/1826 P1Pons340.0630.99749225.94960.8528781826/10/096270 MPC  · JPL
C/1840 B1 Galle 180.80760.99325120.78071.2204511840/03/132430 MPC  · JPL
C/1844 N1 Mauvais 3520.16870.999757131.40920.8554011844/10/17208900 MPC  · JPL
C/1844 Y1Great Comet of 1844358.93550.99930245.56510.2505371844/12/146800 MPC  · JPL
C/1846 B1 de Vico 194.90630.99240347.42571.4807031846/01/222720 MPC  · JPL
C/1847 C1 Hind 473.25560.9999148.66360.0425931847/03/3010300 MPC  · JPL
C/1847 N1 Mauvais 1251.63570.99858996.58171.7660581847/08/0944280 MPC  · JPL
C/1849 G1 Schweizer 568.56960.99842766.95870.894361849/06/0813560 MPC  · JPL
C/1850 J1Petersen771.89790.99859968.18481.0814291850/07/2421450 MPC  · JPL
C/1854 R1 Klinkerfues 118.26500.99324640.92010.7987621854/10/281290 MPC  · JPL
C/1854 Y1 Winnecke-Dien156.42190.99130914.1521.3594631854/12/161960 MPC  · JPL
C/1857 Q1 Klinkerfues 182.34470.996913123.96140.5628981857/10/012460 MPC  · JPL
C/1858 L1 Donati 156.1320.996295116.95120.5784691858/09/301950 MPC  · JPL
C/1863 G1 Klinkerfues 1269.9620.999159112.62091.0680381863/04/0545260 MPC  · JPL
C/1863 G2 Respighi 682.71550.99907985.49610.6287811863/04/2117840 MPC  · JPL
C/1863 V1 Tempel 630.16320.99887978.08170.7064131863/11/0915820 MPC  · JPL
C/1864 N1Tempel249.18880.996351178.12690.909291864/08/163930 MPC  · JPL
C/1864 O1 Donati-Toussaint1450.4860.999358109.71240.9312121864/10/1155240 MPC  · JPL
C/1871 G1 Winnecke 299.31380.99781487.60340.65431871/06/115180 MPC  · JPL
C/1871 V1 Tempel 161.28510.99571498.29920.6912681871/12/202050 MPC  · JPL
C/1873 Q1 Borrelly 225.71380.99648295.96620.7940611873/09/113390 MPC  · JPL
C/1873 Q2 Henry 1425.60370.99973121.46250.3849131873/10/0253830 MPC  · JPL
C/1874 H1 Coggia 572.69660.9988266.34390.6757821874/07/0713710 MPC  · JPL
C/1874 O1 Borrelly 840.58940.99883141.82660.9826491874/08/2724370 MPC  · JPL
C/1877 G1 Winnecke 730.75380.9987121.15480.949981877/04/1819750 MPC  · JPL
C/1877 G2 Swift 485.82230.99792377.19161.0090531877/04/2710700 MPC  · JPL
C/1881 K1Great Comet of 18811780.9958963.42530.7345471881/06/162390 MPC  · JPL
C/1881 W1 Swift 195.80640.990169144.80161.9249731881/11/202740 MPC  · JPL
C/1882 F1Wells10127.16670.99999473.79770.0607631882/06/111019140 MPC  · JPL
C/1887 J1 Barnard 356.74760.99609317.54791.3938131887/06/177640 MPC  · JPL
C/1888 D1Sawerthal169.35820.99587442.24820.6987721888/03/172200 MPC  · JPL
C/1888 P1 Brooks 9806.80430.99990874.19040.9022261888/07/31971160 MPC  · JPL
C/1888 U1 Barnard 179.4940.99148856.34251.5278531888/09/132400 MPC  · JPL
C/1889 G1Barnard12393.38460.999818163.85172.2555961889/06/111379700 MPC  · JPL
C/1889 O1 Davidson 435.21180.99761165.99161.0397211889/07/199080 MPC  · JPL
C/1890 O2 Denning 1550.08980.99918798.93731.2602231890/09/2561030 MPC  · JPL
C/1890 V1Zona495.80770.995872154.3072.0466941890/08/0711040 MPC  · JPL
C/1892 E1 Swift 809.16630.99873138.70021.0268321892/04/0723020 MPC  · JPL
C/1893 N1Rordame-Quénisset 1249.16480.99946159.98040.6745491893/07/0744150 MPC  · JPL
C/1893 U1 Brooks 231.27060.996489129.82330.8119911893/09/193520 MPC  · JPL
C/1898 V1Chase4634.05880.99950722.50462.28461898/09/20315460 MPC  · JPL
C/1902 R1 Perrine 12533.56250.999968156.35480.40111902/11/241403170 MPC  · JPL
C/1903 A1 Giacobini 1244.12420.9996730.94160.41061903/03/1643880 MPC  · JPL
C/1906 B1 Brooks 1926.39130.999327126.44251.2967.01905/12/2284552.21 MPC  · JPL
C/1907 L2Daniel424.68740.9987948.95770.5121731907/09/048750 MPC  · JPL
C/1909 L1 Borrelly-Daniel160.90950.99476252.08030.8428441909/06/052040 MPC  · JPL
C/1910 A1 Great January comet of 1910 257950.999995138.78120.1289751910/01/174142890 MPC  · JPL
C/1910 P1 Metcalf 9596.12320.999797121.05561.9480131910/09/16940030 MPC  · JPL
C/1911 N1 Kiess 1840.9963148.420.683831911/06/302500 MPC  · JPL
C/1911 O1 Brooks 163.14540.99700516.41535890.4894291911/10/282090 MPC  · JPL
C/1911 S2 Quénisset 429.69070.998167108.10.7876231911/11/128910 MPC  · JPL
C/1913 J1 Schaumasse 309.17470.995288152.36731.4568311913/05/155436 MPC  · JPL
C/1913 R1 Metcalf 555.78690.99756143.35471.356121913/09/1413100 MPC  · JPL
C/1914 S1 Campbell?534.29990.99866677.8360.7127561914/08/0512350 MPC  · JPL
C/1916 G1 Wolf 2834.3630.99940525.65921.6864461917/06/17150900 MPC  · JPL
C/1920 X1 Skjellerup 193.93340.99408122.03031.1478921920/12/112700 MPC  · JPL
C/1922 B1Reid125.00640.98696832.44561.6290831921/10/281400 MPC  · JPL
C/1922 W1 Skjellerup 147.42060.99373523.36590.923591923/01/041790 MPC  · JPL
C/1924 F1Reid1252.27890.99859872.32731.7556951924/03/1344320 MPC  · JPL
C/1925 F2Reid334.4180.99511626.97971.6332991925/07/296120 MPC  · JPL
C/1926 B1Blathwayt176.66450.992384128.29861.3454771926/01/022350 MPC  · JPL
C/1927 E1 Stearns 2023.01040.99817987.65253.6839021927/03/2290990 MPC  · JPL
C/1927 X1 Skjellerup-Maristany1100.98130.9998485.11260.1761571927/12/1836530 MPC  · JPL
C/1929 Y1Wilk691.59980.999028124.51030.6722351930/01/2218190 MPC  · JPL
C/1930 D1 Peltier Schwassmann Wachmann 581.65540.99813199.8831.0871141930/11/1514030 MPC  · JPL
C/1931 P1 Ryves Comet 111.16320.999326169.28810.0749241931/08/251180 MPC  · JPL
C/1936 K1 Peltier 133.72260.99177578.54471.0998681936/06/081550 MPC  · JPL
C/1937 N1Finsler575160.999985146.41560.8627441937/08/1513793870 MPC  · JPL
C/1939 B1Kozik-Peltier 146.31330.99510363.52380.7164961939/02/061770 MPC  · JPL
C/1939 H1Jurlof-Achmarof-Hassel 346.85880.998477138.12120.5282661939/04/106460 MPC  · JPL
C/1939 V1Friend336.61290.99719292.9520.9452091939/11/056180 MPC  · JPL
C/1941 B2de Kock-Paraskevopoulos 879.76950.999102168.20390.7900331941/01/2726100 MPC  · JPL
C/1942 X1 Whipple-Fedtke-Tevzadze173.45550.99219619.71271.3536471943/02/062280 MPC  · JPL
C/1944 H1 Väisälä 370.90090.993517.28822.4108561945/01/047140 MPC  · JPL
C/1947 F1Rondanina-Bester217.56670.99742739.30150.5597991947/05/203210 MPC  · JPL
C/1947 X1-ASouthern Comet of 1947243.43360.999548138.54190.1100321947/12/023800 MPC  · JPL
C/1947 X1-BSouthern Comet of 1947296.5580.999629138.53320.1100231947/12/025110 MPC  · JPL
C/1948 L1 Honda-Bernasconi1661.0240.99987523.14890.2076281948/05/1567700 MPC  · JPL
C/1948 N1 Wirtanen 3884.57870.999352130.26752.5172071949/05/01242110 MPC  · JPL
C/1948 V1 Eclipse Comet of 19482083.40.99993523.1170.1354211948/10/2795100 MPC  · JPL
C/1948 W1Bester509.16750.99749987.60541.2734281948/10/2211490 MPC  · JPL
C/1949 N1 Bappu Bok-Newkirk1517.82960.998644105.76862.0581771949/10/2659130 MPC  · JPL
C/1951 P1 Wilson Harrington 2836.88510.999739152.53370.7404271952/01/12151100 MPC  · JPL
C/1952 M1 Peltier 4605.07660.99973945.55211.2019251952/06/15312500 MPC  · JPL
C/1952 Q1 Harrington 407.08480.9959159.11541.6649771953/01/058210 MPC  · JPL
C/1953 G1 Mrkos Honda 391.77160.99739193.85731.0221321953/05/267750 MPC  · JPL
C/1955 N1Bakharev-Macfarlane-Krienke244.71970.99416750.03291.427451955/07/113830 MPC  · JPL
C/1957 P1 Mrkos 558.94960.99936593.94110.3549331957/08/0113210 MPC  · JPL
C/1958 D1 Burnham 23205.07020.99994315.78791.3226891958/04/163534880 MPC  · JPL
C/1958 R1Burnham-Slaughter12150.73130.99986661.25761.6281981959/03/111339380 MPC  · JPL
C/1959 X1 Mrkos 4974.06349210.99974819.63391.2534641959/11/13350810 MPC  · JPL
C/1960 Y1Candy105.11010.9899150.95521.0616121961/02/081080 MPC  · JPL
C/1961 O1 Wilson 1057.86840.99996224.21160.0401991961/07/1734410 MPC  · JPL
C/1961 R1 Humason 204.52610.989569153.2782.1334121962/12/102920 MPC  · JPL
C/1963 F1 Alcock 792.32010.9980686.21941.5371011963/05/0522300 MPC  · JPL
C/1964 L1 Tomita-Gerber-Honda 123.030.995933161.83230.5003631964/06/301360 MPC  · JPL
C/1964 P1Everhart361.13420.99651367.96891.2592751964/08/236860 MPC  · JPL
C/1965 S1-B Ikeya Seki 103.70670.999925141.8610.0077781965/10/211060 MPC  · JPL
C/1966 P1Kilston3821.71150.99937640.26482.3847481966/10/28236260 MPC  · JPL
C/1966 P2Barbon1111.04350.99818328.70582.0187661966/04/1737033 MPC  · JPL
C/1967 Y1 Ikeya Seki 2000.68510.999152129.31531.6965811968/02/2589490 MPC  · JPL
C/1968 H1 Tago Honda-Yamamoto1740.9961102.16980.6803789.81968/05/162300 MPC  · JPL
C/1968 Y1Thomas705.68910.99530145.22913.3160331969/01/1218750 MPC  · JPL
C/1969 O1-A Kohoutek 1964.66860.99912586.31281.7190851970/03/2187080 MPC  · JPL
C/1969 T1 Tago-Sato-Kosaka64000.99992675.817730.47263956.51969/12/21508060 MPC  · JPL
C/1969 Y1 Bennett 141.215130.99619390.03940.5376061970/03/201680 MPC  · JPL
C/1972 E1 Bradfield 494.7780.998126123.6930.9272141972/03/2711010 MPC  · JPL
C/1972 F1 Gehrels 1071.82240.996943175.6163.2765611971/01/0635090 MPC  · JPL
C/1972 X1Araya54008.31110.99991113.09024.8607481972/12/1812551360 MPC  · JPL
C/1973 D1 Kohoutek 1082.23880.998723121.59821.3820191973/06/0735600 MPC  · JPL
C/1974 C1 Bradfield 1660.69640.99969761.28420.5031911974/03/1867680 MPC  · JPL
C/1974 F1Lovas7566.47240.99960250.64853.0114561975/08/22658170 MPC  · JPL
C/1975 T1 Mori-Sato-Fujikawa 6320.99746197.60771.6039345.51975/12/2515880 MPC  · JPL
C/1975 V1-A Comet West 6780.20690.99997143.06640.1966261967/02/25558300 MPC  · JPL
C/1976 D1 Bradfield 136.98660.99381146.8340.847811976/02/241600 MPC  · JPL
C/1976 J1Harlan5143.8590.99969538.80631.5688771976/11/03368920 MPC  · JPL
C/1977 R1Kohler21700.99954348.711880.99057617.31977/11/10101000 MPC  · JPL
C/1977 V1Tsuchinshan9817.5450.999633168.54953.6030391977/06/24972760 MPC  · JPL
C/1978 T1Seargent2200.9983267.8280.369881978/09/143300 MPC  · JPL
C/1980 V1Meier2850.99468100.98641.519567.21980/12/094820 MPC  · JPL
C/1980 Y1 Bradfield 944.81090.999725138.5850.2598231980/12/2929040 MPC  · JPL
C/1980 Y2Panther16400.99899182.647741.6572696.11981/01/2766500 MPC  · JPL
C/1981 H1 Bus 2510.87130.999021160.6642.4581431981/07/30125816 MPC  · JPL
C/1981 M1 Gonzalez 3857.19170.999395107.14672.3336011981/03/25239560 MPC  · JPL
C/1982 M1Austin10720.99939684.49510.64781148.81982/08/2435100 MPC  · JPL
C/1983 J1 Sugano-Saigusa-Fujikawa 4779.8980.99990196.6230.47112.31983/05/01330473.13 MPC  · JPL
C/1983 N1 IRAS 4168.96380.99942138.83642.4179991983/05/02269180 MPC  · JPL
C/1984 N1Austin1891.45450.999846164.15330.2912841984/08/1282260 MPC  · JPL
C/1984 U1 Shoemaker 1145.7230.995209179.21235.4891591984/09/0338780 MPC  · JPL
C/1984 V1 Levy-Rudenko11600.9992165.71460.9179499.41984/12/1439600 MPC  · JPL
C/1984 W2 Hartley 9501.74350.99957989.32734.0002341985/09/28926200 MPC  · JPL
C/1985 R1Hartley-Good58000.99988179.92940.6945778.41985/12/09450000 MPC  · JPL
C/1986 N1Churyumov-Solodovnikov5669.75750.999534114.92932.6421071986/05/06426920 MPC  · JPL
C/1986 V1Sorrells18913.79120.999909160.58011.7211551987/03/092601160 MPC  · JPL
C/1987 B1Nishikawa-Takamizawa Tago 2070.9958172.229890.8695897.41987/03/172980 MPC  · JPL
C/1987 P1 Bradfield 165.20.9947434.088090.86895661987/11/072123 MPC  · JPL
C/1987 U3 McNaught 4060.9979297.57510.843936.91987/12/028200 MPC  · JPL
C/1988 A1Liller244.92950.99656573.32240.8413331988/03/313830 MPC  · JPL
C/1988 F1 Levy 537.62640.99781662.80741.1741761987/11/2912470 MPC  · JPL
C/1988 J1 Shoemaker Holt 541.22860.9978362.80661.1744661988/02/1412590 MPC  · JPL
C/1989 A1Yanaka14100.9986652.40921.894585.11988/10/3153000 MPC  · JPL
C/1989 A5 Shoemaker 547.61560.9951896.55482.6395071989/02/2612810 MPC  · JPL
C/1989 T1 Helin Roman Alu 112.0970.99065746.03691.0473221989/12/151190 MPC  · JPL
C/1990 N1Tsuchiya-Kiuchi233.22460.995316143.78391.0924241990/09/283560 MPC  · JPL
C/1991 A2 Masaru Arai 151.07560.99050770.97831.4341611990/12/101860 MPC  · JPL
C/1991 B1 Shoemaker Levy 348.89630.99350877.28812.2650351991/12/316520 MPC  · JPL
C/1991 Q1 McNaught-Russell589.39920.99458190.50623.193951992/05/0314310 MPC  · JPL
C/1991 R1McNaught-Russell11160.28750.999374104.50866.986341990/11/121179000 MPC  · JPL
C/1991 T2 Shoemaker Levy 60000.999860113.497090.83625977.71992/07/244650000 MPC  · JPL
C/1992 F1 Tanaka Machholz 312.71640.99596679.29241.2614981992/04/225530 MPC  · JPL
C/1992 J1 Spacewatch 77102.71790.999961124.31873.0070061993/09/0521409400 MPC  · JPL
C/1992 U1 Shoemaker 3928.10530.99941165.98592.3136541993/03/25246190 MPC  · JPL
C/1993 Y1 McNaught-Russell134.80.9935651.58660.867635812.21994/03/311564 MPC  · JPL
C/1994 E2 Shoemaker Levy 431.42960.997314131.25471.158821994/05/278960 MPC  · JPL
C/1994 G1-A Takamizawa-Levy1549.86320.999123132.87281.359231994/05/2261020 MPC  · JPL
C/1994 J2Takamizawa545.43740.996429135.96111.9477571994/06/2912740 MPC  · JPL
C/1994 T1 Machholz 3820.70810.999517101.73791.8454021994/10/02236170 MPC  · JPL
C/1995 O1 Comet Hale–Bopp 185.860.995081789.4301540.91413352.31997/04/012534 MPC  · JPL
C/1995 Q1 Bradfield 220.62080.998022147.39420.4363881995/08/313280 MPC  · JPL
C/1996 B1Szczepanski156.90.9907651.91891.4487887.11996/02/061965 MPC  · JPL
C/1996 B2 Comet Hyakutake 22700.9998987124.922660.23022937.31996/05/01108000 MPC  · JPL
C/1996 Q1Tabur8000.998973.3590.8398411.01996/11/0322000 MPC  · JPL
C/1996 R1 Hergenrother Spahr 1320.9856145.81441.899205.81996/08/281510 MPC  · JPL
C/1996 R3 Lagerkvist 404.0150.98739.25.2410.51995/07/248120.91 MPC  · JPL
C/1997 BA6 Spacewatch 30810.99888472.717043.4364634.91999/11/27171000 MPC  · JPL
C/1997 G2Montani5290.9941769.835483.0849665.31998/04/1612160 MPC  · JPL
C/1997 J1 Mueller 255.50.990991122.968332.3021328.61997/05/034085 MPC  · JPL
C/1997 L1Zhu-Balam 24200.9979772.99144.899566.51996/11/22119000 MPC  · JPL
C/1997 T1Utsunomiya9200.998523127.992621.35910968.01997/12/1027910 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 H1Stonehouse7100.9979104.6931.4872910.01998/04/1419000 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 K2 LINEAR 32100.99927664.456672.3234798.61998/09/01182000 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 K3LINEAR17000.9979160.20563.546310.01998/03/0770000 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 M1LINEAR4310.9927720.384553.118125.41998/10/288950 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 M2LINEAR12150.99775860.182322.7253338.51998/08/1342400 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 M4LINEAR11000.998154.5722.60019.51997/12/1030000 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 M5LINEAR438.30.99602582.228891.74228998.01999/01/249176 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 M6Montani54000.998991.5405.97877.51998/10/06400000 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 P1Williams17000.999325145.728311.1461088.01998/10/1770000 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 Q1 LINEAR 3580.9955932.30581.5778814.01998/06/296770 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 T1LINEAR16570.999114170.159951.4677289.51999/06/2567400 MPC  · JPL
C/1998 U5LINEAR102.880.987981131.764741.236453010.91998/12/211043.5 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 A1Tilbrook1770.9958789.4810.73074112.01999/01/292350 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 F1 Catalina (CSS) 67000.99913692.035545.7870224.62002/02/13548000 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 F2 Dalcanton 26400.9982156.427424.718077.61998/08/23135000 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 H1Lee27750.9997449149.352900.708107229.41999/07/11146200 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 J3 LINEAR 16000.99939101.65610.97680911.31999/09/2064000 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 K2 Ferris 1550.965882.1915.29037.01999/04/101920 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 K3 LINEAR 2350.991892.2741.9287812.01999/02/273600 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 K6LINEAR346.80.99353246.343842.24697611.31999/07/246459 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 K7LINEAR7000.9966135.1592.322713.01999/02/2418000 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 L2LINEAR3900.995143.9421.9047613.01999/08/047800 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 N2Lynn2980.99745111.65590.761284410.31999/07/235150 MPC  · JPL
C/1999 T1 McNaught Hartley 81000.99985679.975211.17169898.62000/12/13740000 MPC  · JPL
C/2000 B2 LINEAR 60000.999493.6473.776210.31999/11/10500000 MPC  · JPL
C/2000 CT54LINEAR19160.99835349.212523.1559677.42001/06/1983900 MPC  · JPL
C/2000 K2LINEAR522.00.99533225.633582.4370669.32000/10/1111930 MPC  · JPL
C/2000 Y2 Skiff 4900.9943512.08752.7687111.42001/03/2110850 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 A1 LINEAR 2660.9909559.9412.406412.72000/09/174330 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 A2-ALINEAR25000.9996936.4870.779054132001/05/24130000 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 A2-BLINEAR11190.99930436.475820.779017272001/05/2437400 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 C1LINEAR380000.9998768.964705.104326.52002/03/287000000 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 HT50LINEAR-NEAT 1193.50.9976606163.2121262.79208327.42003/07/0941230 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 K3 Skiff 28700.9989352.02653.060129.42001/04/22153000 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 K5 LINEAR 114100.99954672.5903425.1842464.42002/10/111220000 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 O2 NEAT 22000.997890.92624.81946.61999/10/17103000 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 Q1NEAT171.20.9659366.95045.833977.72001/09/202241 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 U6 LINEAR 11490.99617107.255504.406426.52002/08/0839000 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 W1LINEAR21000.9989118.6452.3992413.72001/12/24100000 MPC  · JPL
C/2001 X1LINEAR5700.99700115.62681.6979311.32002/01/0813500 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 B2LINEAR14000.9972152.87263.842210.12002/04/0650000 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 C2LINEAR90000.99964104.881433.253759.92002/04/10860000 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 F1Utsunomiya9500.99953980.87700.438298910.52002/04/2229300 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 H2 LINEAR 2760.99407110.50111.6348410.52002/03/234570 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 J4 NEAT 290000.99987446.525503.6337228.42003/10/034900000 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 K1NEAT90000.999789.7233.2302411.42002/06/16900000 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 K2 LINEAR 7630.99314130.89575.235068.22002/06/0521100 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 L9 NEAT 44600.9984268.442117.033014.72004/04/05297000 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 O6 SWAN 3500.9985858.62400.49464813.02002/09/096500 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 P1 NEAT 4140.9842234.60616.53028.22001/11/238420 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 Q3-A LINEAR 465.3330.99719496.878581.3058316.42002/08/1910038.16 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 V1 NEAT 10110.999901881.706000.099258110.42003/02/1832100 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 V2 LINEAR 50100.99864166.776226.812038.42003/03/13355000 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 VQ94LINEAR202.140.96637770.516126.7967137.12006/02/062874.1 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 X1LINEAR13760.998192164.089432.48670019.82003/07/1251020 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 X5Kudo-Fujikawa 12100.99984394.152260.18993510.62003/01/2942000 MPC  · JPL
C/2002 Y1 Juels Holvorcem 250.60.997152103.781540.71380969.82003/04/133967 MPC  · JPL
C/2003 G2 LINEAR 4400.996596.1671.5533716.02003/04/299000 MPC  · JPL
C/2003 H1LINEAR26530.999156138.6672422.23963018.72004/02/22136700 MPC  · JPL
C/2003 H3 NEAT 132000.99978042.811712.9014419.62003/04/241510000 MPC  · JPL
C/2003 J1NEAT5770.9911298.31355.125428.82003/10/1013900 MPC  · JPL
C/2003 L2 LINEAR 154.400.98144682.051072.8648019.92004/01/191918.7 MPC  · JPL
C/2003 T2LINEAR64000.9997287.53151.7863529.82003/11/14520000 MPC  · JPL
C/2003 T3Tabur57300.99974250.444431.48107585.82004/04/29434000 MPC  · JPL
C/2003 V1 LINEAR 6030.9970428.675131.783149.92003/03/1114800 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 F2LINEAR151.60.99056104.96001.4304413.22003/12/261870 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 F4 Bradfield 2380.99929463.164560.16826611.32004/04/173680 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 G1 LINEAR 328.470.996114.4861.20114.42004/06/045953.27 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 K1 Catalina (CSS) 18190.998131153.7475213.3991477.92005/07/0577600 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 L1 LINEAR 8580.997615159.360822.0474134412.62005/03/3025100 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 L2LINEAR7900.99521562.518643.7786298.32005/11/1522190 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 P1 NEAT 81000.9992528.81636.0137710.12003/08/08720000 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 Q1 Tucker 186.780.98904256.087682.04672559.82004/12/062552.8 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 Q2 Comet Machholz 24030.999498638.5889631.20504149.92005/01/24117800 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 RG113 LINEAR 7000.99722721.618231.94235913.92005/03/0318540 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 T3 Siding Spring 56000.9984271.96428.86446.62003/04/15420000 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 U1 LINEAR 36100.999264130.625322.6593219.02004/12/08217000 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 X2LINEAR14500.9973872.1183.7930810.22004/08/2455000 MPC  · JPL
C/2004 YJ35LINEAR130000.9998752.476411.78120217.32005/03/031500000 MPC  · JPL
C/2005 G1LINEAR188000.99974108.413954.9607987.72006/02/272600000 MPC  · JPL
C/2005 L3 McNaught 133900.999582139.4492485.5936226.42008/01/161550000 MPC  · JPL
C/2005 N1 Juels Holvorcem 7290.99845751.180171.12544711.32005/08/2219700 MPC  · JPL
C/2005 R4 LINEAR 20670.99749164.012605.1884737.72006/03/0894000 MPC  · JPL
C/2005 S4 McNaught 56900.998972107.958975.8501097.92007/07/18430000 MPC  · JPL
C/2005 X1Beshore6900.995891.9442.862311.12005/07/0518000 MPC  · JPL
C/2005 YW LINEAR 190.40.98953440.543611.99301097.42006/12/072628 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 A1 Pojmański 23700.99976592.736110.555395910.52006/02/22115000 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 A2 Catalina (CSS) 38000.99862148.32265.31609.82005/05/20240000 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 B1 McNaught 13400.99776134.281932.99759110.32005/11/1949100 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 CK10 Catalina (CSS) 216.320.991900144.262781.752169412.32006/07/033182 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 K4 NEAT 18180.998246111.333463.1886188.82007/11/2977500 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 L1 Garradd 5510.997345143.242571.4620708.62006/10/1812930 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 M1 LINEAR 153.670.97685954.876933.5561999.62007/02/131905.0 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 O2 Garradd 4200.9963443.02871.5547912.72006/10/058700 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 Q1 McNaught 68900.999598659.0503802.76371447.02008/07/03571000 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 U6 Spacewatch 19310.99870684.878942.49839788.82008/06/0584900 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 V1 Catalina (CSS) 257.60.98961831.119472.6749069.02007/11/264136 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 W3Christensen179900.9998262127.0746923.12623256.72009/07/062410000 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 WD4 Lemmon 583.80.998987152.704630.591244417.42007/04/2814110 MPC  · JPL
C/2006 XA1 LINEAR 252.00.99283930.629411.8043747.42007/07/214000 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 B2 Skiff 737.20.99596527.495272.97491718.12008/08/2020020 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 D3 LINEAR 6520.9920145.920225.208979.22007/05/2716650 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 E2 Lovejoy 13300.9991895.88301.09293910.92007/03/2749000 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 K1 Lemmon 4360.97880108.43259.239058.62007/05/079100 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 K6 McNaught 2240.9847105.0643.433010.62007/07/013350 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 M1McNaught15640.99522139.721427.474655.62008/08/1161900 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 M2 Catalina (CSS) 53600.99933980.945653.5410509.02008/12/08392000 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 M3 LINEAR 171.450.979768161.760863.4687599.92007/09/042245 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 N3 Lulin 720000.9999833178.3736111.212258379.72009/01/1019500000 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 T1 McNaught 40400.999760117.642440.968502811.12007/12/12256000 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 VO53 Spacewatch 122000.99960386.994764.8427327.12010/04/261350000 MPC  · JPL
C/2007 Y2 McNaught 12100.9965298.503214.208969.22008/04/0842100 MPC  · JPL
C/2008 C1Chen-Gao 101627.540.999987661.78451.26234311.72008/04/1632398532.38 MPC  · JPL
C/2008 E3 Garradd 37400.99852105.076535.531035.12008/08/02229000 MPC  · JPL
C/2008 G1 Gibbs 3650.9890872.8563.989810.52009/01/116980 MPC  · JPL
C/2008 J1 Boattini 166.070.98961761.780021.72429348.82008/07/132140.1 MPC  · JPL
C/2008 L3 Hill 3300.9939100.2012.011310.62008/04/225900 MPC  · JPL
C/2008 N1Holmes973.10.997140115.521002.78351179.92009/09/2530360 MPC  · JPL
C/2008 Q1Maticic593.60.995015118.626622.9591439.82008/12/3014460 MPC  · JPL
C/2008 Q3 Garradd 89000.999799140.706631.79822916.12009/06/23840000 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 F1Larson1060.9827171.37551.830715.12009/06/251090 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 F2 McNaught 346.10.9830359.366945.875034.92009/11/146440 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 F6 Yi-SWAN 512.20.99751285.764811.2741599.72009/05/0711590 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 K2 Catalina (CSS) 14600.99777666.821923.24617311.82010/02/0755800 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 O2Catalina (CSS)278.30.997501107.960520.695549312.32010/03/244643 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 T1 McNaught 36800.9983189.893966.220418.52009/10/08223000 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 T3 LINEAR 43000.999470148.741832.28114013.52010/01/12282000 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 U3 Hill 167.880.99157551.260771.41442412.62010/03/202175 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 U5Grauer106000.9994325.47266.094249.12010/06/221090000 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 W2 Boattini 160000.99956164.490536.907136.92010/05/011900000 MPC  · JPL
C/2009 Y1 Catalina (CSS) 375.40.993285107.316602.52049456.52011/01/287273 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 A4 Siding Spring 292.40.99063896.730152.7379997.42010/10/085001 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 B1Cardinal29320.998997101.977772.941490010.02011/02/07158700 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 D3 WISE 116000.9996376.394884.2475410.02010/09/031250000 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 E1 Garradd 110.40.975971.6982.6621911.82009/11/071160 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 FB87 WISE-Garradd299.30.990500107.625322.8427648.52010/11/075177 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 G1 Boattini 4800.997578.38701.2045513.12010/04/0210000 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 G3 WISE 26300.99814108.267604.907658.92010/04/11135000 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 H1 Garradd 84000.9996736.53172.7455512.42010/06/18800000 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 J2 McNaught 63000.999460125.851563.38699410.42010/06/03500000 MPC  · JPL
C/2010 L3 Catalina (CSS) 128000.99923102.631059.882904.72010/11/101400000 MPC  · JPL
C/2011 A3 Gibbs 11670.99799226.074352.3448399.72011/12/1639900 MPC  · JPL
C/2011 C1 McNaught 344.10.99743316.825610.883378412.72011/04/186380 MPC  · JPL
C/2011 C3 Gibbs 3200.9952749.37601.5168914.12011/04/075700 MPC  · JPL
C/2011 F1 LINEAR 27800.99934556.619041.8182668.32013/01/07146000 MPC  · JPL
C/2011 N2 McNaught 100000.999733.6752.56346.32011/10/18too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2011 O1 LINEAR 12100.99678576.498893.8906537.22012/08/1842100 MPC  · JPL
C/2011 Q1 PANSTARRS 33000.997994.86206.780097.52011/06/29190000 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 A2 LINEAR 978.20.996384125.8685093.53747388.42012/11/0530590 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 C1 McNaught 12740.9962096.277704.8379755.42013/02/0445500 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 CH17MOSS139913.50.99999127.744181.29609211.12012/09/2852335655.79 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 E1 Hill 37600.99801122.542087.502905.72011/07/04231000 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 E3 PANSTARRS 2210.9827105.6583.82749.92011/05/123280 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 F6 Lemmon 487.10.998498782.608850.73123825.52013/03/2410750 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 K5 LINEAR 774.40.998525692.8480321.1418108310.52012/11/2821550 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 K6 McNaught 41300.999188135.214973.3530338.82013/05/21265000 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 L1 LINEAR 767.30.99705187.219172.26241011.92012/12/2521250 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 L2LINEAR563.40.99732270.980491.50853429.52013/05/0913370 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 L3LINEAR3310.99079134.196643.045039.02012/06/126020 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 LP26 Palomar 63500.9989725.379586.536058.82015/08/16505000 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 OP Siding Spring 10540.99658114.828723.6070711.22012/12/0434200 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 S4 PANSTARRS 252223.80.999983126.541314.348739.22013/06/28126673944.62 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 T4 McNaught 1100.98324.0921.95312.72012/10/101200 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 U1 PANSTARRS 122000.9995756.339025.263908.32014/07/041350000 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 V1PANSTARRS38000.99945157.83992.089011.52013/07/21230000 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 V2 LINEAR 616.70.99764167.184701.45476028.42013/08/1615320 MPC  · JPL
C/2012 X1LINEAR156.710.98980344.362181.5979565.72014/02/211962 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 E2 Iwamoto 233.070.99393621.857711.41332210.62013/03/093558 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 F2 Catalina (CSS) 84000.9992661.749276.217857.12013/04/19770000 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 F3 McNaught 7590.9970385.44452.25261212.32013/05/2520900 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 G5 Catalina (CSS) 27000.9996540.6170.9289414.52013/09/01140000 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 G6 Lemmon 387.10.994708124.084352.0484996.82013/07/257620 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 G7 McNaught 21900.99786105.110124.6774046.22014/03/18102200 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 G8 PANSTARRS 33400.9984627.615065.141188.42013/11/14193000 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 H1 La Sagra 181.50.9854227.08952.646966.22013/05/192445 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 J3 McNaught 19500.99795118.22553.988695.82013/02/2286000 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 J5 Boattini 100000.999136.0114.904910.02012/11/29too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2013 O3 McNaught 8190.99612102.839743.1801011.12013/09/0923400 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 P2 PANSTARRS 25900.998904125.532162.83492511.82014/02/17132000 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 R1 Lovejoy 515.40.998425064.040940.8118256211.62013/12/2211702 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 TW5 Spacewatch 450.80.9870731.400465.830646.72014/08/179570 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 U2 Holvorcem 8910.9942643.093665.1167455.32014/10/2526590 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 V5 Oukaimeden488.10.9987183154.885440.625581110.82014/09/2810784 MPC  · JPL
C/2013 Y2 PANSTARRS 219.90.99127529.414741.9190869.72014/06/133262 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 A5PANSTARRS152.30.9684831.90464.7999111.62014/08/141879 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 C3 NEOWISE 108.40.98283151.78431.8620312.02014/01/161129 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 E2 Jacques6880.999035156.3927520.663917210.42014/07/0218060 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 F1 Hill 36000.9990108.25293.4963810.42013/10/04210000 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 F2 Tenagra 148.200.97089119.061194.3144605.62015/01/021804 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 G1 PANSTARRS 10000.9943165.64035.46856.02013/11/0630000 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 H1Christensen1410.984999.9362.138914.82014/04/151700 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 M2Christensen9800.9929332.40626.90857.92014/07/1830500 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 M3 Catalina (CSS) 1380.9824164.909642.4342812.92014/06/211630 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 N2 PANSTARRS 47000.99954133.01322.18440112.02014/10/08330000 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 N3 NEOWISE 58000.99933161.638253.8822314.72015/03/13442000 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 OE4 PANSTARRS 20602.480.9996981.34736.24447.62016/12/102957246.18 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 Q1PANSTARRS11290.99972143.106850.3145709.82015/07/0638000 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy 579.40.997772880.3013021.29035787.92015/01/3013946 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 Q6 PANSTARRS 68830.99938649.79684.2226.52015/01/06too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2014 QU2PANSTARRS2600.9913124.8182.223313.32014/07/094100 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 R1 Borisov 179.40.9925019.932891.3454319.82014/11/192403 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 R3 PANSTARRS 14434.530.999590.847.27566.32016/08/081734251.91 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 R4 Gibbs 32000.9994342.41161.817978.72014/10/21180000 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 S2 PANSTARRS 169.710.98762264.670372.1006445.02015/12/092210.9 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 U3 Kowalski 11000.9976152.99212.558812.42014/09/0340000 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 W2 PANSTARRS 16100.99834181.9983472.67021567.92016/03/1064570 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 W8PANSTARRS174.5180.971142.1115.04410.52015/09/082305.52 MPC  · JPL
C/2014 XB8PANSTARRS9020.99666149.78273.010286.82015/04/0527100 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 C2 SWAN 4710.9984994.50130.71137214.92015/03/0410200 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 ER61 PANSTARRS 14840.9992956.259651.0462177.92017/05/0957200 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 F3 SWAN 2320.9964073.38650.8344414.22015/03/093530 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 F4Jacques116.370.98587348.704951.643925511.42015/08/101255.3 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 J2 PANSTARRS 246.90.9825017.281834.3203910.12015/09/083880 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 K1 MASTER 180.60.9858429.38172.557499.12014/10/132426 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 K2 PANSTARRS 2600.994429.1101.4552720.72015/06/084200 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 M1PANSTARRS3900.994657.3102.091615.92015/05/158000 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 M3PANSTARRS133.00.9732865.951073.5524111.52015/08/261533 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 R3PANSTARRS34000.998583.61354.90335.02014/02/11190000 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 TQ209 LINEAR 15000.9990611.39251.4131410.82016/08/2758000 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 V3 PANSTARRS 8220.9948586.23184.235696.32015/11/2423600 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 WZPANSTARRS193.160.992873134.134941.376637710.52016/04/152685 MPC  · JPL
C/2015 Y1 LINEAR 292.50.9914171.21962.5140806.72016/05/155000 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 A5 PANSTARRS 12000.997640.3192.946912.82015/06/2843000 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 A6PANSTARRS217.530.9889120.922.41247.82015/11/053208.44 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 B1 NEOWISE 4530.9929350.46443.206255.92016/12/049700 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 E2 Kowalski 138.880.992135.951.07419.52016/02/061636.74 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 J2Denneau7000.998130.3431.518415.32016/04/11too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2016 KA Catalina (CSS) 60000.9990104.62935.40098.82016/02/01400000 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 M1 PANSTARRS 17600.9987590.998392.211038.12018/08/1074000 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 N4 MASTER 5315.300.9994072.55733.1991211.12017/09/16387525 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 N6 PANSTARRS 16000.9984105.83452.66995.02018/07/1867000 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 P4PANSTARRS3300.981929.895.88810.72016/10/165900 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 Q2PANSTARRS5467.190.9987109.4097.0878.32021/05/10404254.11 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 R2PANSTARRS7800.996758.21342.60205.12018/05/0922000 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 T1Matheny126.100.9818126.0952.300012.12017/02/011415.98 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 T2Matheny101.740.9812581.3111.907813.82016/12/291026.30 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 T3 PANSTARRS 1440.981622.67272.64968.12017/09/061730 MPC  · JPL
C/2016 VZ18PANSTARRS194.00.9953124.03540.91028518.72017/03/072700 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 AB5PANSTARRS111625.4430.9999232.4319.216411.22018/02/1737295204.74 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 D2Barros1369.8200.998231.265792.4858711.12017/07/1451000 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 D5 PANSTARRS 112.28830.9806131.038582.167214.62017/01/081200 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 E4 Lovejoy 477.6690.998988.18670.4935715.62017/04/2310000 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 E5 Lemmon 388.69960.9954122.63771.782912.02016/06/107600 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 G3 PANSTARRS 287.32560.99098159.0512.5904814.22017/04/154900 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 K6Jacques1054.1740.9981057.25112.0027910.72018/01/0334000 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 M3 PANSTARRS 173.81700.973277.50734.65616.22017/04/282292 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 O1 ASASSN 439.19110.9965839.8491.498710.42017/10/149200 MPC  · JPL
C/2017 P2 PANSTARRS 1211.14760.997967450.084862.4617779.22017/12/06too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2017 T2PANSTARRS1302.360.9987657.19651.61535.12020/05/05too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2017 T3 ATLAS 1202.900.9993188.103620.8251610.02020/05/05too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2017 U2Fuls8555.390.9992195.42916.7008.82017/08/28too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2017 Y1 PANSTARRS 2976.860.9987555.22873.717911.12017/08/31too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2017 Y2PANSTARRS2502.890.99841124.673.9578.02020/08/19too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2018 A3 ATLAS 487.7880.99328139.563.2779.22019/01/1210773 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 E2Barros1769.5560.9977897.74283.926.42017/12/2374439 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 EF9 Lemmon 640.7880.9975784.6941.5566318.22018/05/2316221.08 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 F1Grauer322.4150.990746.07062.99313.72018/12/145789.36 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 KJ3 Lemmon 833.970.99565136.666553.62712.22019/09/1024084.39 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 L2 ATLAS 246.8530.993167.42351.7128.12018/12/023879 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 N1 NEOWISE 693.830.9981159.441.30715.02018/08/01too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2018 R3 Lemmon 1970.100.9993469.71541.2911.32019/06/0787446.17 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 R4Fuls311.3530.9945111.683711.709311.82018/03/035494 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 V4Africano214.0590.9850669.00283.1990115.72019/03/013131.89 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 X2Fitzsimmons155.9710.986423.062.1256.42019/07/081947.93 MPC  · JPL
C/2018 Y1Iwamoto109.7360.988160.41.28712.32019/02/071149.57 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 B1Africano151.970.9895123.361.59714.62019/03/191873.55 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 D1Flewelling137.65710.98934.0981.577511.82019/05/111615.12 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 H1 NEOWISE 230.78550.99201104.5791.844813.52019/04/273506.07 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 J2 Palomar 610.070.99717105.1381.726911.62019/07/19too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2019 JU6 ATLAS 355.310.99424148.29722.04515.12019/05/31too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2019 K4Ye2370.960.9990105.312.259412.82019/06/16115449.93 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 K5Young150.990.986515.3152.03512.32019/06/221855.41 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 K8 ATLAS 1440.49140.99893.2223.19511.32019/07/21too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2019 N1ATLAS13156.570.9998782.4241.70479.02020/12/01too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2019 T3ATLAS11484.780.99948121.865.94686.62021/03/02too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2019 T4ATLAS1007.580.995853.624.2455.62022/06/0931983.74 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 U6 Lemmon 435.360.997961.00490.91413.32020/06/189084.03 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 V1Borisov3033.170.9989861.86363.096814.52020/07/16too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2019 Y1 ATLAS 231.0990.996473.3470.837812.42020/03/153513.22 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 Y4 ATLAS 331.140.999245.3800.2537.92020/05/316025.89 MPC  · JPL
C/2019 Y4-BATLAS665.9480.9996245.4540.252515.82020/05/3117185 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 A2 Iwamoto 1070.020.9991120.750.97815.02020/01/0835002.27 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 A3 ATLAS 6807.330.9991146.75.7677.72019/06/29too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 B3Rankin1919.50.9982620.7033.344614.52019/10/1984101.96 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 F3 NEOWISE 377.320.9992128.9370.29512.32020/07/037329.46 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 F6 PANSTARRS 405.30.99134174.583.51113.22020/04/118159.58 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 F8 SWAN 6642.610.99994110.800.43011.62020/05/27too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 H2Pruyne183.5960.9955125.040.83419.82020/04/272487.72 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 H4Leonard140.4770.993384.3200.938316.52020/08/291665.00 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 H5Robinson2497.440.996370.2049.35004.52020/12/05too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 H7 Lemmon 1476.60.997135.924.4211.12020/06/0256742.20 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 H8 PANSTARRS 594.9080.9921499.654.674410.42020/06/0414510 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 J1SONEAR9376.420.9996142.3053.3567.22021/04/18too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 K1 PANSTARRS 3141.030.9990289.6463.0785.62023/05/09too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 K2 PANSTARRS 8380.850.9989491.02888.87626.12020/08/05too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 K3Leonard210.4500.9924128.721.59314.82020/05/303053.03 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 K6Rankin2876.550.998103.6195.88448.12021/09/11too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 K7 PANSTARRS 108.40.941132.0596.38477.92019/10/301128.70 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 K8 Catalina-ATLAS 159409.430.99999731.4160.4744516.32020/09/14too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 M5 ATLAS 4936.20.999493.2233.0056.92021/08/19346814.64 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 N2 ATLAS 108.740.9835161.0341.74615.62020/08/231134.00 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 P3 ATLAS 4910.320.998661.896.8126.72021/04/20too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 R2 ATLAS 398.3320.988253.224.6937.12022/02/247950.15 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 R6Rankin451.0230.993182.833.1297.42019/09/10too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 R7 ATLAS 6397.950.99953114.8932.95710.72022/09/16too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 S3Erasmus187.9870.9978819.8610.398513.02020/12/122577.50 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 S4 PANSTARRS 4962.2600.9993220.57503.36737.42023/02/09too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 S8 PANSTARRS 271.27150.99129108.5172.36398.12021/04/104468.01 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 T2 Palomar 323.340.9936427.8732.0558.82021/07/115814.24 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 T5 Lemmon 930.790.9979766.6041.88916.22020/10/0928398.06 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 U5 Lemmon 79736.840.9999597.2803.7569.72022/04/27too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2020 Y2 ATLAS 1217.8880.99743101.2813.1326.42022/06/1742502.95 MPC  · JPL
C/2020 Y3 ATLAS 151.180.9867883.0971.99914.62020/12/031858.91 MPC  · JPL
C/2021 A2 NEOWISE 257.260.9945106.9781.41314.72021/01/224126.29 MPC  · JPL
C/2021 A6 PANSTARRS 11846.500.9993375.6057.9297.12021/05/05too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2021 A7 NEOWISE 5448.010.9996478.1491.96813.52021/07/15too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2021 B2 PANSTARRS 336.0150.9925238.0942.5134.82021/07/156159.5 MPC  · JPL
C/2021 C1Rankin8030.770.99957143.043.4818.82020/12/07too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2021 C4 ATLAS 4645.310.99903132.844.5046.92021/01/17too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2021 C5 ATLAS 14042.00.9997750.7873.24112.02023/02/10too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2021 G2 ATLAS 4011.40.9987648.4784.9765.72024/09/10too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2021 L3Borisov30824.610.9997378.588.4575.92022/02/13too uncertain to determine MPC  · JPL
C/2021 N3 PANSTARRS 158.160.964026.745.7017.12020/08/171989.0 MPC  · JPL
Comet designation Comet name
Semimajor axis (AU) Eccentricity Inclination (°) Perihelion distance (AU) Absolute magnitude (H/M1/M2)Perihelion date Period ( a 3)

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Comet Icy small Solar System body

A comet is an icy, small Solar System body that, when passing close to the Sun, warms and begins to release gases, a process that is called outgassing. This produces a visible atmosphere or coma, and sometimes also a tail. These phenomena are due to the effects of solar radiation and the solar wind acting upon the nucleus of the comet. Comet nuclei range from a few hundred meters to tens of kilometers across and are composed of loose collections of ice, dust, and small rocky particles. The coma may be up to 15 times Earth's diameter, while the tail may stretch beyond one astronomical unit. If sufficiently bright, a comet may be seen from Earth without the aid of a telescope and may subtend an arc of 30° across the sky. Comets have been observed and recorded since ancient times by many cultures and religions.

Oort cloud Theoretical cloud of planetesimals at the far edge of the solar system

The Oort cloud, sometimes called the Öpik–Oort cloud, first described in 1950 by the Dutch astronomer Jan Oort, is a theoretical concept of a cloud of predominantly icy planetesimals proposed to surround the Sun at distances ranging from 2,000 to 200,000 AU. It is divided into two regions: a disc-shaped inner Oort cloud and a spherical outer Oort cloud. Both regions lie beyond the heliosphere and in interstellar space. The Kuiper belt and the scattered disc, the other two reservoirs of trans-Neptunian objects, are less than one thousandth as far from the Sun as the Oort cloud.

Solar System The Sun, its planets and their moons

The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly. Of the objects that orbit the Sun directly, the largest are the eight planets, with the remainder being smaller objects, the dwarf planets and small Solar System bodies. Of the objects that orbit the Sun indirectly—the natural satellites—two are larger than the smallest planet, Mercury, and one more almost equals it in size.

Asteroid belt Circumstellar disk (accumulation of matter) in an orbit between those of Mars and Jupiter

The asteroid belt is a torus-shaped region in the Solar System, located roughly between the orbits of the planets Jupiter and Mars. It contains a great many solid, irregularly shaped bodies, of many sizes but much smaller than planets, called asteroids or minor planets. This asteroid belt is also called the main asteroid belt or main belt to distinguish it from other asteroid populations in the Solar System such as near-Earth asteroids and trojan asteroids.

Damocloids are a class of minor planets such as 5335 Damocles and 1996 PW that have Halley-type or long-period highly eccentric orbits typical of periodic comets such as Halley's Comet, but without showing a cometary coma or tail. David Jewitt defines a damocloid as an object with a Jupiter Tisserand invariant (TJ) of 2 or less, while Akimasa Nakamura defines this group with the following orbital elements:

Orbital eccentricity Amount by which an orbit deviates from a perfect circle

In astrodynamics, the orbital eccentricity of an astronomical object is a dimensionless parameter that determines the amount by which its orbit around another body deviates from a perfect circle. A value of 0 is a circular orbit, values between 0 and 1 form an elliptic orbit, 1 is a parabolic escape orbit, and greater than 1 is a hyperbola. The term derives its name from the parameters of conic sections, as every Kepler orbit is a conic section. It is normally used for the isolated two-body problem, but extensions exist for objects following a rosette orbit through the galaxy.

Scattered disc Collection of bodies in the extreme Solar System

The scattered disc (or scattered disk) is a distant circumstellar disc in the Solar System that is sparsely populated by icy small solar system bodies, which are a subset of the broader family of trans-Neptunian objects. The scattered-disc objects (SDOs) have orbital eccentricities ranging as high as 0.8, inclinations as high as 40°, and perihelia greater than 30 astronomical units (4.5×109 km; 2.8×109 mi). These extreme orbits are thought to be the result of gravitational "scattering" by the gas giants, and the objects continue to be subject to perturbation by the planet Neptune.

Comet C/2006 M4 (SWAN) is a non-periodic comet discovered in late June 2006 by Robert D. Matson of Irvine, California and Michael Mattiazzo of Adelaide, South Australia in publicly available images of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). These images were captured by the Solar Wind ANisotropies (SWAN) Lyman-alpha all-sky camera on board the SOHO. The comet was officially announced after a ground-based confirmation by Robert McNaught on July 12.

C/2012 S4 (PANSTARRS) is a non-periodic comet with the largest listed aphelion of any object on the JPL Small-Body Database. But the listed aphelion distance of 500,000 AU (8 ly) from the Sun is a generic near-perihelion unperturbed two-body solution that assumes the Sun and comet are the only two objects in the Universe. Other comets, such as C/2004 R4 (ASAS), C/2015 TQ209 (LINEAR) and C/2017 A3 (Elenin) have meaningless epoch-dependent solutions with aphelia of more than 1,000,000 AU (16 ly). As a comparison, the closest star, Proxima Centauri, is about 4.24 light years from the Sun, and Wolf 359 is 7.78 light years away. Any comet more than about 150,000 AU (2 ly) from the Sun can be considered lost to the interstellar medium. Using an epoch when C/2012 S4 (PANSTARRS) is beyond the planetary region of the Solar System, it is clear C/2012 S4 (PANSTARRS) will not be ejected from the Solar System.

C/2017 U7 Hyperbolic comet

C/2017 U7 is a hyperbolic comet, first observed on 29 October 2017 by astronomers of the Pan-STARRS facility at Haleakala Observatory, Hawaii, United States when the object was 7.8 AU (1.2 billion km) from the Sun. Despite being discovered only 10 days after interstellar asteroid 1I/'Oumuamua, it was not announced until March 2018 as its orbit is not strongly hyperbolic beyond most Oort Cloud comets. Based on the absolute magnitude of 10.6, it may measure tens of kilometers in diameter. As of August 2018, there is only 1 hyperbolic asteroid known, ʻOumuamua, but hundreds of hyperbolic comets are known.

C/2018 C2 (Lemmon)

C/2018 C2 (Lemmon) is a hyperbolic comet. It was first observed on 5 February 2018 by the Mount Lemmon Survey conducted at the Mount Lemmon Observatory near Tucson, Arizona, in the United States. The discovery was announced on 4 March 2018 along with another hyperbolic object, A/2017 U7. Based on the absolute magnitude of 15.1, it may measure several kilometers in diameter. On 22 March 2018 it was determined to be a hyperbolic comet.

In planetary science, the term unusual minor planet, or unusual object, is used for a minor planet that possesses an unusual physical or orbital characteristic. For the Minor Planet Center (MPC), which operates under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union, any non-classical main-belt asteroid, which account for the vast majority of all minor planets, is an unusual minor planet. These include the near-Earth objects and Trojans as well as the distant minor planets such as centaurs and trans-Neptunian objects. In a narrower sense, the term is used for a group of bodies – including main-belt asteroids, Mars-crossers, centaurs and otherwise non-classifiable minor planets – that show a high orbital eccentricity, typically above 0.5 and/or a perihelion of less than 6 AU. Similarly, an unusual asteroid (UA) is an inner Solar System object with a high eccentricity and/or inclination but with a perihelion larger than 1.3 AU, which does exclude the near-Earth objects.

<span class="nowrap">C/2014 UN<sub>271</sub></span> (Bernardinelli-Bernstein) Oort cloud comet

C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli-Bernstein), or simply 2014 UN271 or the Bernardinelli–Bernstein comet, is a large Oort cloud comet discovered by astronomers Pedro Bernardinelli and Gary Bernstein in archival images from the Dark Energy Survey. When first imaged in October 2014, the object was 29 AU (4.3 billion km) from the Sun, almost as far as Neptune's orbit and the greatest distance at which a comet has been discovered. During 2021, it will approach the Sun from a distance of 20.8 AU (3.1 billion km) to 19.5 AU (2.9 billion km) and will reach its perihelion of 10.9 AU (just outside of Saturn's orbit) in January 2031. The current 3-sigma uncertainty in the comet's distance from the Sun is ±60000 km. It is potentially the largest Oort cloud comet discovered. It will not be visible to the naked eye because it will not enter the inner Solar System.

C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS)

C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS) is an Oort cloud comet, discovered on 26 July 2021 by the Pan-STARRS sky survey. It will come to perihelion on 21 April 2022 at 0.287 AU (42.9 million km). from the Sun. It might reach apparent magnitude 5-7 by late April 2022, but will only be 15 degrees from the Sun. C/2021 O3 will make its closest approach to Earth on 8 May 2022 at a distance of 0.60 AU (90 million km). As a dynamically new comet from the Oort cloud there is a high risk of disintegration.