My Lucky Star (1938 film)

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My Lucky Star
My Lucky Star (1938 film).jpg
Directed by Roy Del Ruth
Produced by Darryl F. Zanuck
Written by Karl Tunberg
Don Ettlinger
Screenplay byHarry Tugend
Jack Yellen
Based onThey Met in Chicago
Starring Sonja Henie
Richard Greene
Cesar Romero
Music by Louis Silvers
Cinematography John J. Mescall
Edited byAllen McNeil
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date
  • September 9, 1938 (1938-09-09)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States

My Lucky Star is a 1938 romantic comedy film. This was Norwegian ice-skating Olympic champion Sonja Henie's fourth film. [1]



George Cabot Jr. (Cesar Romero), the son of a department store owner, enrolls the store's sports clerk Krista Nielsen (Sonja Henie) at a university to use her as an advertisement for their fashion department.

George is trying to pay off cabaret singer Marcelle La Verne, who wants to annul their brief elopement. Marcelle threatens to name Krista as a co-respondent in her lawsuit. Krista has fallen for Larry Taylor at the college, where a skating exhibition lands her on the cover of Life magazine.



The film was originally called They Met in College and started in April 1938. [2] In March Richard Greene was signed to be her leading man.

Rehearsals started in April with over 300 ballet skaters. [3] Buddy Ebsen was borrowed from MGM. [4]

In April the title was changed to My Lucky Star. [5]

20th Century Fox found this the easiest of Henie's films to make to date. [6] s o

The film went six days over schedule. [7]


Filmink summaried it as having a "Silly story. Poor male lead – Greene acts like an army officer doing amateur theatricals. Great skating." [8]

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