Robert Aaron Gordon

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R. Aaron Gordon
Aaron Goldstein

(1908-07-26)July 26, 1908
DiedApril 7, 1978(1978-04-07) (aged 69)
Nationality American
Institution University of California, Berkeley
Field Macroeconomics
School or
Alma mater Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University

Robert Aaron Gordon (born Aaron Goldstein; [1] July 26, 1908 – April 7, 1978) was an American economist. He was a professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley from 1938 to 1976. In 1975, he served as President of the American Economic Association. [2]

He was married to economist Margaret Gordon (1910–94). [3] Both of their sons, Robert J. Gordon and David M. Gordon, became notable economists as well. [4]

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