Stake Hill, Western Australia

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Stake Hill
Mandurah,  Western Australia
Population494 (2011 census) [1]
Postcode(s) 6181
Location12 km (7 mi) from Mandurah
LGA(s) Shire of Murray
State electorate(s) Mandurah
Federal Division(s) Canning
Suburbs around Stake Hill:
Lakelands Karnup Keralup
Parklands Stake Hill North Dandalup
Greenfields Barragup Nambeelup

Coordinates: 32°28′34″S115°48′47″E / 32.476°S 115.813°E / -32.476; 115.813

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Stake Hill is a northeastern rural residential suburb of Mandurah, Western Australia. Its local government area is the Shire of Murray. At the 2011 census, Stake Hill had a population of 494. [1]

Western Australia State in Australia

Western Australia is a state occupying the entire western third of Australia. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the north and west, and the Southern Ocean to the south, the Northern Territory to the north-east, and South Australia to the south-east. Western Australia is Australia's largest state, with a total land area of 2,529,875 square kilometres, and the second-largest country subdivision in the world, surpassed only by Russia's Sakha Republic. The state has about 2.6 million inhabitants – around 11 percent of the national total – of whom the vast majority live in the south-west corner, 79 per cent of the population living in the Perth area, leaving the remainder of the state sparsely populated.

Local government areas of Western Australia Wikimedia list article

The local government areas of Western Australia (LGAs) are those areas, towns and districts in Western Australia that manage their own affairs to the extent permitted by the Local Government Act 1995. The Local Government Act 1995 also makes provision for regional local governments, established by two or more local governments for a particular purpose.

Shire of Murray Local government area in Western Australia

The Shire of Murray is a local government area of Western Australia. It has an area of 1,710.1 square kilometres (660.3 sq mi) and is located in the Peel Region about 80 kilometres (50 mi) south of the Perth central business district.


The suburb's name comes from Stake Hill ( 32°23′S115°46′E / 32.383°S 115.767°E / -32.383; 115.767 ), a hill which is about 15 km north of the suburb. Stakehill Road runs around the north side of Stake Hill (the hill) in the Baldivis area but doesn't run south to Stake Hill, the suburb. The area was unpopulated until the 1960s, and settlement in two rural subdivisions took place in the 1990s. 2009 saw Stake Hill become much more accessible with the extension of the Kwinana Freeway towards Mandurah.

The Kwinana Freeway is a 72-kilometre (45 mi) freeway in and beyond the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, linking central Perth with Mandurah to the south. It is the central section of State Route 2, which continues north as Mitchell Freeway to Clarkson, and south as Forrest Highway towards Bunbury. A 4-kilometre (2.5 mi) section between Canning and Leach highways is also part of National Route 1. Along its route are interchanges with several major roads, including Roe Highway and Mandjoogoordap Drive. The northern terminus of the Kwinana Freeway is at the Narrows Bridge, which crosses the Swan River, and the southern terminus is at Pinjarra Road, east of Mandurah.


Stake Hill is bounded by the City of Rockingham border to the north, Mandurah Road to the west, Lakes and Lakelands Roads to the south and Gull Road to the east. [2] The suburb consists of sparsely populated rural residential land with large (~2 ha) lots separated by bushland buffers, with some wetland areas to the southeast and several large lakes and pools along the Serpentine River which flows through the suburb.

City of Rockingham Local government area in Western Australia

The City of Rockingham is a local government area in the far southern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city of Perth.

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Stake Hill is not served by public transport, but is directly connected to the Kwinana Freeway via the Lymon Road interchange, and with the new highway Mandjoogoordap Drive now completed, it is now only a short 10-minute drive from this interchange directly into the City of Mandurah. Mandjoogoordap Drive also provides a quick and easy route directly to the train and bus station.

Mandjoogoordap Drive, meaning "meeting place of the heart" in the indigenous Noongar language, is a dual carriageway road which links the Western Australian city of Mandurah to the Kwinana Freeway. It was officially opened on 7 October 2010. The road was known as Mandurah Entrance Road during its construction and is usually referred to as the Mandurah Link.

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Baldivis, Western Australia Suburb of Perth, Western Australia

Baldivis is a semi-rural residential suburb 46 kilometres (29 mi) south of the central business district of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) southeast of the regional centre of Rockingham. It is located with the City of Rockingham local government area.

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Leach Highway is a 23-kilometre (14 mi) east-west arterial highway in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, primarily linking Kewdale and Perth Airport with the city of Fremantle.

Coodanup is a South-Eastern suburb of Mandurah, Western Australia. Its local government area is the City of Mandurah.

Halls Head is a coastal suburb of Mandurah, immediately west of Mandurah's central area. It is largely residential and contains several canal estates developed since the 1980s.

Lakelands is the northernmost suburb of the city of Mandurah, Western Australia.

The Mount Henry Bridge carries the Kwinana Freeway and Mandurah railway line over the Canning River in Perth, Western Australia, approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south of the Perth central business district. At 660 metres (2,165.4 ft) long, it is the longest road bridge in Western Australia. It spans the river between the Mount Henry Peninsula and the suburb of Brentwood.

Herron, Western Australia Town in Western Australia

Herron is a small town located in the Peel region of Western Australia just off the Old Coast Road, between Mandurah and Bunbury just beyond Mandurah's urban area. It is on a narrow strip between Lake Clifton and Yalgorup National Park to the west, and Harvey Estuary to the east.

Safety Bay Road is an east-west metropolitan road located in the City of Rockingham, about 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Perth, Western Australia. The road starts in Rockingham's coastal suburbs, and extends past Ennis Avenue and Warnbro railway station to the newer suburban estates at Baldivis, before ending just past the Kwinana Freeway. As such, it forms a key link between Rockingham, Perth and Mandurah. Until 2009, the end of the road marked the start of the Kwinana Freeway.

Mandurah Road road in Western Australia

Mandurah Road is the name given to two roads in the cities of Perth and Mandurah, Western Australia, which link together at Stakehill Road, Karnup.

Rockingham Road is a major road between Fremantle and Kwinana in the southern suburbs of Perth. It is allocated National Route 1 – part of Australia's national Highway 1 – between Stock Road in Munster and its southern terminus in Kwinana.

Pinjarra Road road in Western Australia

Pinjarra Road is a major west-east road connecting the two major centres of the Peel Region, Mandurah and Pinjarra. Mostly a dual carriageway, it also forms the termini of both the Kwinana Freeway and Forrest Highway.

Nambeelup, Western Australia Town in Western Australia

Nambeelup is a small town and dormitory suburb of the city of Mandurah in the Peel Region of Western Australia.


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