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Suffolk County Council in England is elected every four years. Since the last boundary changes in 2005, 75 councillors have been elected from 75 wards. [1]

Political control

Since 1973 political control of the council has been held by the following parties: [2]

Party in controlYears
Conservative 19731993
No overall control 19932005
Conservative 20052016
No overall control 20162017
Conservative 2017present


The leaders of the council since 1984 have been: [3]

Christopher Penn [4] Conservative 198418 May 1993
Chris Mole [5] Labour 18 May 199322 Nov 2001
Jane Hore Labour 18 Dec 200122 May 2003
Bryony Rudkin Labour 22 May 200326 May 2005
Jeremy Pembroke Conservative 26 May 20051 Apr 2011
Mark Bee Conservative 26 May 201121 May 2015
Colin Noble Conservative 21 May 201524 May 2018
Matthew Hicks Conservative 24 May 2018

County Council composition

ElectionConservativeLabourLiberal DemocratGreenUKIPOtherTotalNotes
1973 45253--376
1977 6671--276
1981 45270--476
1985 50233--480Boundary changes increased the number of seats by 4 [6]
1989 46264--480
1993 263119--480
1997 31341400180
2001 31361200180
2005 4522700175Boundary changes reduced the number of seats by 5 [7]
2009 5541121275
2013 3915729375
2017 5211530475
2021 555490275

Composition since 1973














County result maps

By-election results


Broomhill By-Election 3 October 1996
Labour 571 41.9
Conservative 55440.6
Liberal Democrats 23717.4
Turnout 1,362
Labour gain from Conservative Swing


Ipswich Bridge By-Election 10 June 1999
Labour 569 51.5 −1.5
Conservative 39135.4+3.4
Liberal Democrats 14413.0−2.0
Turnout 1,104
Labour hold Swing
Peninsula By-Election 6 April 2000 [8]
Liberal Democrats David Wood 1,193 66.3 +1.2
Conservative Stephen Williams50428.0−6.8
Green Anthony Slade1025.7+5.7
Turnout 1,79931.0
Liberal Democrats hold Swing


Thedwastre South By-Election 17 January 2002 [9]
Conservative Jane Storey 991 47.4 +7.9
Liberal Democrats Carol Milward98247.0+8.5
Green John Matthissen1165.6+5.6
Turnout 2,08928.6
Conservative hold Swing
Ipswich Town By-Election 2 May 2002 [9]
Labour Kevan Lim 819 53.6 −0.6
Conservative Anthony Ramsey36924.3−0.5
Liberal Democrats Robin Whitmore33121.8+1.1
Turnout 1,51924.3
Labour hold Swing
Ipswich St. Clements By-Election 25 July 2002 [9]
Conservative Janet Sibley 645 38.0 +4.3
Labour Neil MacDonald58834.6−14.2
Liberal Democrats Robin Whitmore46527.4+9.9
Turnout 1,69829.0
Conservative gain from Labour Swing
Blything By-Election 1 August 2002 [9]
Conservative Raeburn Leighton 989 54.5 +1.9
Liberal Democrats Peter Perren71639.4−8.0
Labour Catherine Knight1116.1+6.1
Turnout 1,81635.8
Conservative hold Swing
Wickham By-Election 6 March 2003 [10]
Conservative Peter Bellfield 1,114 50.9 +7.2
Liberal Democrats Ronald Else87039.7+8.5
Labour Valerie Pizzey2069.4−15.8
Turnout 2,19031.2
Conservative hold Swing
Gainsborough By-Election 1 May 2003 [10]
Labour William Quinton 711 45.5 −15.1
Conservative Adam Ramsay46329.4+4.3
Liberal Democrats Catherine Chambers31320.1+6.1
CPA Jonathan Barnes744.7+4.7
Turnout 1,56124.5
Labour hold Swing
Felixstowe Ferry By-Election 5 February 2004 [11]
Conservative Ann Rodwell 1,401 65.5 +12.9
Liberal Democrats Cherrie MacGregor45621.3+0.6
Labour Harriet Bennett28113.1−13.5
Turnout 2,13832.0
Conservative hold Swing
Woodbridge By-Election 15 April 2004 [12]
Conservative Benjamin Redsell 990 43.8 +4.3
Liberal Democrats Diana Ball86738.3+9.9
Labour Roy Burgon1948.6−18.4
English Democrat Robert Jay1396.1+6.1
Green Gordon Forbes713.1+3.1
Turnout 2,26132.0
Conservative hold Swing


Stowmarket South By-Election 2 February 2006 [13]
Conservative Anne Whybrow 733 35.0 +0.9
Liberal Democrats Keith Scarff66832.0+9.5
Green Twiggy Davis35416.9+4.7
Labour Duncan Macpherson33716.1−15.2
Turnout 2,09229.0
Conservative hold Swing
Pakefield By-Election 4 May 2006 [14] [15]
Conservative Kenneth Sale 1,338 36.5 +2.8
Labour Terence Kelly1,09729.9−1.2
UKIP Derek Hackett59216.1+16.1
Liberal Democrats Peter Guyton39710.8−6.0
Green Ann Skipper2436.6−1.0
Turnout 3,66732.5
Conservative gain from Labour Swing
Row Heath By-Election 8 June 2006 [16]
Conservative Colin Noble 1,222 61.5 +20.7
UKIP Ian Smith29714.9+5.6
Labour David Bowman21911.0−11.1
Liberal Democrats Tim Huggan1185.9−7.1
Independent David Chandler1105.5−9.3
Independent David Hitchman221.1+1.1
Turnout 1,98827.0
Conservative hold Swing
Thedwastre South By-Election 23 August 2007 [17] [18]
Liberal Democrats Penny Otton 927 41.8 +7.5
Conservative Julia Dunnicliffe83337.5−9.4
Green Cathy Cass28712.9+12.9
Labour Ron Snell884.0−14.8
UKIP Chris Streatfield853.8+3.8
Turnout 2,22032.4
Liberal Democrats gain from Conservative Swing
Stowmarket North and Stowupland By-Election 17 April 2008 [19]
Conservative Gary Green 834 38.8 −0.7
Liberal Democrats Nicky Turner78136.3+18.1
Green Nigel Rozier23110.7+1.6
Labour Duncan Macpherson1908.8−24.5
UKIP Christopher Streatfield1145.3+5.3
Turnout 2,15027.0
Conservative hold Swing
Woodbridge By-Election 18 September 2008 [20]
Liberal Democrats Caroline Page 970 41.8 +2.3
Conservative Nigel Barratt82635.6−4.4
Independent Michael Weaver37816.3+16.3
Labour Roy Burgon1476.3−14.2
Turnout 2,32137.2
Liberal Democrats gain from Conservative Swing


Aldeburgh and Leiston By-Election 6 May 2010 [21]
Conservative Richard Smith 2,240 45.5 −2.0
Independent Joan Girling1,43929.2n/a
Labour Terry Hodgson1,24325.3+12.1
Turnout 5,00966.2+26.2
Conservative hold Swing
Tower By-Election 11 November 2010 [22]
Conservative Stefan Oliver 1,005 28.8 0.0
Independent David Nettleton95027.2+1.2
Labour Kevin Hind75921.7+12.6
Green Pippa Judd47913.7−13.4
Liberal Democrats David Chappell3008.6−0.4
Turnout 3,50520.9
Conservative hold Swing −0.6
Wilford By-Election 5 May 2011 [23]
Conservative Andrew Reid 1,913 55.2 −5.4
Liberal Democrats Christine Hancock79623.0−7.2
Labour Roy Burgon75821.9+12.6
Turnout 3,49554.1+5.1
Conservative hold Swing 0.9
Kesgrave and Rushmere St Andrew By-Election 9 February 2012 [24]
Conservative Christopher Hudson 1,302 49.7 −7.5
Labour Kevin Archer80430.7+16.7
Liberal Democrats Derrick Fairbrother51419.6−9.3
Turnout 263917.1
Conservative hold Swing −12.1
Bixley By-Election 3 May 2012 [24]
Conservative Alan Murray 866 43.8 −11.3
Labour Co-op John Cook56628.6+15.0
UKIP Chris Streatfield22911.6+11.6
Green Barry Broom1899.6−4.4
Liberal Democrats Peter Bagnall1276.4−10.9
Turnout 198835
Conservative hold Swing −13.2


Haverhill Cangle By-Election 7 May 2015 [25]
Conservative Tim Marks 3,001 38.9 +4.5
UKIP John Burns2,31330.0+0.2
Labour Maureen Byrne2,00426.0+0.4
Liberal Democrats Ken Rolph4045.2−1.2
Turnout 7,82557.7
Conservative hold Swing +2.2
Newmarket and Red Lodge By-Election 18 February 2016 [26]
Conservative Robin Millar 644 39.7 −4.9
UKIP Roger Dicker49430.5+2.1
Labour Michael Jefferys28417.5−3.2
Independent Andrew Appleby1237.6+7.6
Liberal Democrats Tim Huggan764.7−1.6
Turnout 1,62518.0
Conservative hold Swing −3.5
Bixley By-Election 5 May 2016 [27]
Conservative Paul West 1,117 49.7 −8.7
Labour Rob Bridgeman63428.2+3.5
UKIP Tony Gould34415.3+15.3
Liberal Democrats Colin Boyd1546.8+1.3
Turnout 2,26440.9
Conservative hold Swing −6.1
Haverhill Cangle By-Election 5 May 2016 [25]
UKIP John Burns 1,273 36.8 +6.8
Conservative Margaret Marks1,16833.8−5.1
Labour David Smith83824.2−1.8
Liberal Democrats Ken Rolph1785.1−0.1
Turnout 3,48026.0
UKIP gain from Conservative Swing +6.0
Carlford By-Election 7 July 2016
Conservative Robin Vickery 1,142 60.2 +1.4
Labour Revd Canon Graham Hedger34418.2+4.1
Liberal Democrats Jon Neal22812.1+4.2
Green Jacqueline Barrow2289.3+9.3
Turnout 1,89527.4−10.6
Conservative hold Swing −1.4
Hadleigh By-Election 22 September 2016 [28]
Liberal Democrats Trevor Sheldrick 642 36.2 +12.0
Conservative Kathryn Grandon-White46025.9−5.6
Labour Susan Monks39722.4+5.8
UKIP Stephen Laing20411.5−11.3
Green Lisa Gordon703.9−0.9
Turnout 1,77726.9
Liberal Democrats gain from Conservative Swing +8.8


St John's By-Election 7 September 2017
Labour Sarah Adams 1,247 62.9 +5.3
Conservative James Harding48324.4−7.3
Liberal Democrats Edward Packard20010.1+5.1
Green Charlotte Armstrong522.6−3.1
Turnout 1,98729.7−6.2
Labour hold Swing +6.3
Bosmere By-Election 25 October 2018
Conservative Kay Oakes 747 45.5 −0.5
Liberal Democrats Stephen Phillips72644.2+5.5
Labour Emma Bonner-Morgan16810.2+2.9
Turnout 1,64721.3−11.4
Conservative hold Swing −2.6
Newmarket & Redlodge By-Election 30 January 2020
Conservative Andrew Drummond 893 50.3 −0.2
Liberal Democrats Jonathan Edge31517.7+8.8
West Suffolk IndependentAndrew Appleby24814.0+2.5
Labour Theresa Chipulina19811.1−4.5
Green Alice Haycock1236.9+6.9
Turnout 1,78317.2−8.4
Conservative hold Swing −4.5

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