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Surrey County Council is elected every four years and was made in 1889 under the Local Government Act 1888. Since 1965 this council has had one of two statuses as to its body of councillors: no overall political control, or overall Conservative party control.


Political context

Its area was significantly altered in 1965, taking much of its north into Greater London and adding an area forming one present district from Middlesex which was dissolved.

Since 1974 all Surrey areas have had district/borough councils providing a second tier of services (see the Local Government Act 1972) replacing Urban Districts and Rural Districts.

Approximately a third of the population elect a further more localised third tier of local government to civil parishes such as Farnham, Claygate and Horley.

Major services provided include social services, minerals strategy and permissions, waste planning and substantial elements of transport (excluding railways) and education. The county has no grammar schools (which tend to have less local authority control) however academies and free schools in the 21st century have been set up in Surrey meaning a lower proportion of schools are run by the authority than in the 20th century.

Political control

Party or group in controlYears
Conservative 1965–1993
No overall control 1993–1997
Conservative 1997–present


The leaders of the council since 1997 have been: [1]

Nick Skellett [2] Conservative 199723 Jun 2009
Andrew Povey Conservative 23 Jun 200911 Oct 2011
David Hodge Conservative 11 Oct 201111 Dec 2018
Tim Oliver Conservative 11 Dec 2018

Composition since 1965

















Council elections

1965 Election [3]
Conservative 57
Labour 8
Residents Association/Independent 6
Liberal 1
1967 Election [4]
Conservative 64
Residents Association/Independent 5
Labour 3
Liberal 0
1970 Election [5]
Conservative 64
Labour 4
Residents Association/Independent 3
Liberal 1
1973 Election [6]
Conservative 46
Labour 12
Liberal 9
Residents Association/Independent 5
1977 Election
Conservative 68
Residents Association/Independent 3
Labour 2
Liberal 0

The number of electoral divisions on Surrey County Council was increased to 76, in time for the 1981 election.

1981 Election
Conservative 61
Labour 7
Residents Association/Independent 5
Liberal 3
1985 Election
Conservative 52
SDP-Liberal Alliance 12
Labour 7
Residents Association/Independent 5
1989 Election
Conservative 56
Social & Liberal Democrats 9
Labour 7
Residents Association/Independent 4
1993 Election
Conservative 34
Liberal Democrats 29
Labour 8
Residents Association/Independent 5
1997 Election [7]
Conservative 47
Liberal Democrats 17
Labour 6
Residents Association/Independent 6
2001 Election [8]
Conservative 51
Liberal Democrats 13
Labour 6
Residents Association/Independent 6

The number of electoral divisions on Surrey County Council was increased from 76 to 80, in time for the 2005 election. [9]

2005 Election [10]
Conservative 58
Liberal Democrats 12
Residents Association/Independent [11] 8
Labour 2

2009 Surrey County Council election

2009 Election [12]
Conservative 56
Liberal Democrats 13
Residents Association/Independent 10
Labour 1

2013 Surrey County Council election

The number of electoral divisions on Surrey County Council was increased from 80 to 81, in time for the 2013 election.

2013 Election [13]
Conservative 58
Liberal Democrats 9
Residents Association/Independent 9
Labour 1
Green 1

2017 Surrey County Council election

2017 Election
Conservative 61
Liberal Democrats 9
Residents Association/Independent 9
Green 1
Labour 1

2021 Surrey County Council election

2021 Election
Conservative 47
Residents Association/Independent 16
Liberal Democrats 14
Green 2
Labour 2

County result maps

By-election results

Dorking Rural By-Election 7 May 1998
Conservative 1,93055.3+4.7
Liberal Democrats 1,24535.7-1.8
Labour 3128.9-3.0
Turnout 3,487
Conservative hold Swing 3.2
Addlestone By-Election 6 May 1999
Conservative 2,42859.1+9.3
Labour 1,67840.9+7.6
Turnout 4,10632.3
Conservative hold Swing 0.8
Waverley West By-Election 28 October 1999
Conservative 1,90452.1+8.9
Liberal Democrats 1,62944.5-6.1
Labour 1233.4-2.8
Turnout 3,65931.9
Conservative gain from Liberal Democrats Swing 7.5
Epsom and Ewell By-Election 18 November 1999
Independent 84738.5-31.5
Conservative 73633.7+33.7
Liberal Democrats 47221.6-8.1
Labour 1295.9+5.9
Turnout 2,18418.9
Independent hold Swing -32.6
Stanwell By-Election 20 November 2003
Labour 74140.1-9.9
Conservative 72939.4+3.8
Liberal Democrats 28215.2+6.5
Independent 985.3-0.3
Turnout 1,85022.5
Labour hold Swing -6.8
Woking West By-Election 4 March 2004
Liberal Democrats 1,67257.2+9.3
Conservative 1,02234.9+4.0
Labour 2317.9-13.3
Turnout 2,92518.0
Liberal Democrats hold Swing +2.6
Godalming South Milford & Witley By-Election 15 September 2005
Conservative 2,04249.4+0.1
Liberal Democrats 1,97447.8+6.7
Labour 1152.8-6.7
Turnout 4,13139.6
Conservative hold Swing -3.3
Ash By-Election 28 July 2006
Conservative Marsha Moseley1,54763.3+12.2
Liberal Democrats Denise Smith89836.7+3.5
Turnout 2,44527.7
Conservative hold Swing +4.3
Walton South & Oatlands By-Election 6 May 2010 [14]
Conservative Anthony Samuels523165.1-0.2
Liberal Democrats Vicki Macleod280234.9+9.3
Turnout 803369.4+29.7
Conservative hold Swing -4.8
Worplesdon 15 July 2010 [15]
Conservative Nigel Sutcliffe184453.5+5.3
Liberal Democrats Paul Ronald Cragg128637.3+2.4
Labour Martin Phillips1935.6+1.5
UKIP Mazhar Manzoor782.3-9.8
Peace John Hugh Morris391.1+1.1
Turnout 3448
Conservative hold Swing +1.4
Shalford By-Election 5 May 2011 [15]
Conservative Simon George Stanford Gimson360266.1+8.4
Liberal Democrats Andrew Howard Barnes108720.0-2.4
Labour Michael Stanley Jeram70112.9+7.8
Turnout 5446
Conservative hold Swing +5.4
Cranleigh and Ewhurst By-Election 5 May 2011 [16]
Conservative Alan Edward Young2830
Independent Diane Martine James1093
Liberal Democrats Richard Ernest Cole933
Labour Lynda May Macdermott532
Conservative hold Swing
St Johns and Brookwood By-Election 19 May 2011 [16]
Conservative Linda Stephanie Kemeny134248.8
Liberal Democrats Christina Judith Liddington105838.5
Labour Audrey Janice Worgan1886.8
UKIP Duncan Clarke1555.6
Turnout 274928.9
Conservative hold Swing
Worplesdon By-Election 3 May 2012 [16]
Conservative Keith Francis Witham202253.3
Liberal Democrats Paul Ronald Cragg123632.6
Labour Martin Phillips51713.6
Turnout 3794
Conservative hold Swing
Weybridge By-Election 7 May 2015 [16]
Conservative Ramon John Gray419054.6
Weybridge IndependentsPeter Michael Harman189924.7
Labour Elinor Mair Jones96712.6
UKIP Joe Branco6228.1
Turnout 67.4
Conservative hold Swing
Epsom West By-election 19 November 2015 [16]
Conservative Karan Persand61223.5
Residents Neil Andrew Dallen59122.7
Liberal Democrats Julie Anne Morris58822.6
Labour Kate Chinn57822.2
UKIP Robert Leach1686.5
Green Chris Crook582.2
Turnout 2,60224.7
Conservative gain from Liberal Democrats Swing
Staines South & Ashford West By-election 5 May 2016 [16]
Conservative Denise Turner-Stewart1,58546.6+9.0
UKIP Peter Alfred Appleford69520.4-17.4
Labour Iain Lochiel Raymond54316.0-4.3
Liberal Democrats Christopher Leslie Bateson38211.2+7.4
Green Andrew McLuskey1454.3New
TUSC Matthew David Clarke331.0New
Turnout 3,404
Conservative gain from UKIP Swing
Farnham South By-election 18 August 2016 [16]
Conservative Robert Wyatt Ramsdale93241.1
Farnham ResidentsJerry Hyman75433.3
Liberal Democrats Joanne Maxwell Aylwin26911.9
Independent Mark Edward Westcott1396.1
UKIP Paul John Chapman893.9
Labour Fabian Benjamin Wood773.4
Turnout 2,26722.8
Conservative hold Swing
The Byfleets By-election 6 December 2018 [16]
Independent Amanda Jayne Boote112849
Conservative Gary William Elson78234
Liberal Democrats Ellen Sophie Nicholson30913
UKIP Lyn Sage1014
Turnout 2,32023
Independent gain from Conservative Swing
Warlingham By-election 31 January 2019 [16]
Conservative Becky Rush119948
Liberal Democrats Charles Edward Lister99040
UKIP Haley Martin Arthur1767
Labour Michael Snowden1265
Turnout 2,49125
Conservative hold Swing
Haselmere By-election 2 May 2019 [16]
Independent Nikki Barton266565
Conservative Malcolm Carter115928
Labour Adrian Paul La Porta2636
Turnout 4,08743
Independent gain from Conservative Swing
Sunbury Common and Ashford Common By-election 30 November 2022 [16]
Liberal Democrats Harry Boparai73535.9+17.1
Conservative Naz Islam72035.1-11.4
Labour Khalid Mustafa38318.7+2.6
Reform UK Rory O'Brien1447.0+2.5
Turnout 205317
Liberal Democrats gain from Conservative Swing 14.3

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">2021 Surrey County Council election</span>

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