Tilly, Arkansas

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Tilly, Arkansas
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Tilly, Arkansas
Piney's position in Arkansas.
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Tilly, Arkansas
Tilly, Arkansas (the United States)
Coordinates: 35°43′12″N92°49′59″W / 35.72000°N 92.83306°W / 35.72000; -92.83306 Coordinates: 35°43′12″N92°49′59″W / 35.72000°N 92.83306°W / 35.72000; -92.83306
Country Flag of the United States.svg  United States
State Flag of Arkansas.svg  Arkansas
County Pope
593 m (1,946 ft)
Time zone UTC-6 (Central (CST))
  Summer (DST) UTC-5 (CDT)
ZIP code
72679 [1]
GNIS feature ID73873

Tilly is an unincorporated community in Smyrna Township, Pope County, Arkansas, United States near the head of the Middle Fork of the Little Red River. [2]

It is also near the intersection of Arkansas 16 and Arkansas 27. Tilly has a general store that was established in 1939 by Alfred & Avis Fountain. The store has a local post office branch located within. The cemetery located in Tilly is the "Union Hill Cemetery" and has a cemetery building adjacent to the cemetery.

In January 1996, Tilly was the scene of a triple murder, when gun dealer William Mueller, his wife, Nancy, and their eight-year-old daughter, Sarah, were abducted, tortured, and murdered in their own home by white supremacists Chevie Kehoe and Daniel Lewis Lee. Kehoe later received a life sentence for the crime, while Lee was sentenced to death and executed.

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Miller v. Alabama, 567 U.S. 460 (2012), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that mandatory sentences of life without the possibility of parole are unconstitutional for juvenile offenders. The ruling applied even to those persons who had committed murder as a juvenile, extending beyond Graham v. Florida (2010), which had ruled juvenile life without parole sentences unconstitutional for crimes excluding murder.

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Daniel Lewis Lee was an American man convicted and executed by the United States federal government for the murders of William Frederick Mueller, Nancy Ann Mueller, and their daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Powell. In January 1996, Lee and his accomplice, Chevie Kehoe, murdered the family during a robbery at their Arkansas home. Kehoe was found guilty of the triple murder in a separate trial and was sentenced to three consecutive terms of life imprisonment without parole. Lee was sentenced to death.

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