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Vellore Corporation
Sujatha Anandakumar, DMK
since 4 March 2022
M. Sunil Kumar, DMK
since 4 March 2022
P. Ashok Kumar, IAS
P. Kumaravel Pandian, IAS
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Vellore Corporation

Vellore Corporation is a civic body that governs the city of Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. Vellore corporation consist of 60 wards and is headed by a mayor who presides over a Deputy Mayor and 60 Councillors who represent each wards in the city. [1]



As per the 2011 census results, Vellore UA has a population of above 8 lakhs. City Population grew from 423,425 in 2001 to 502,000 in 2011. Vellore City consists of Sathuvachari, Vallalar, Dharapadavedu, Shenbakkam, Allapuram, Fort, Kaspa, Vasanthapuram, Thiyagarajapuram, Thottapalayam, Saidapet, Thorapadi, Hazrath makkan, Otteri, Velapadi, Salavanpet, Rangapuram, Bagayam, Kazhinjur, Gandhi Nagar, Katpadi, Palavansaathu, Virupakshipuram, Konavattam, Virudampet, Kangeyanallur, Idaynsaathu, sripuram, Alamelumangapuram(A.M.Puram) and Chitheri.

Total area spans across 20 km approximately. Total area is 87.915 km² according to the G.O.(Rt).No. 221 Dated 28.09.2010 issued by Tamil Nadu government. The population of Vellore Corporation based on that GO as of 2001 was 423,425. [2] Vellore city is administrated by Mayor Mrs.P.Karthiyayini. Vellore City Municipal Corporation is divided into four zones namely katpadi, Sathuvachari, Vellore Fort and Shenbakkam.

According to 2011 census Vellore agglomeration population is 481,966. In 2011 Census Data they have missed out three places. The census bureau has listed the city population as UA population. Actual population of Vellore including the missed out places, will be 502,000 and the population of Vellore UA will be more than 7.5 Lakhs.


The Vellore City was constituted as municipality in 1866. The Municipality was upgraded to first grade in 1947 and to selection grade 1970. It was further upgraded to a special grade in 1979. In 1 August 2008, it became municipality corporation


Sujatha Anandakumar (DMK) [3]

M Sunil Kumar

Members of council

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