Comparison of EDA software

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Comparison of electronic design automation (EDA) software


Comparison of EDA packages

Application and developerLatest version/release + date Schematic? Simulation? PCB editing?Runs on POSIX style systems?Runs on Windows?Other platforms?Open
User Interface Language(s)ImportsExportsScripting support
Advanced Design System by Keysight EEsof EDA2019
15 November 2018
(2 months ago)
YesYesYesYes [2] Yes [2] SuSE, RHEL [2] No en HSPICE, SPICE, Spectre netlists; Gerber, Excellon, ODB++, artwork; moreHSPICE, SPICE, Spectre netlists; Gerber, Excellon, ODB++, artwork; morePython, Application Extension Language (proprietary; "AEL")
Active-HDL by Aldec 10.3
16 March 2016
(2 years ago)
YesYesNoNoYesNoNo en EDIF, Viewlogic, morePDF, HTML, Verilog, VHDL, EDIF, Zuken, more
Altium Designer (former Protel) by Altium 18.1
26 April 2018
(8 months ago)
YesYesYesNoYes Wine NoMultilingualOrCAD, Allegro, PADS Logic, PADS PCB, Expedition, DxDesigner, EAGLE, Gerber, STEP, Solidworks, IDF, more3D PDF, Gerber, Gerber X2, Excellon, ODB++, DXF, STEP, OrCAD, EAGLE, moreDelphi, JS, VB
CADSTAR, Board Designer, and Visula by Zuken 18
30 June 2017
(18 months ago)
YesYes, SpiceYesNoYesNoNo en PADS, OrCAD, P-CAD, Protel, DXF, IDFPDF, Gerber, Excellon, ODB++, DXF, IDF more
CircuitLogix by Logic Design Inc.Release 9.1
January 2013
(6 years ago)
YesYesYesNoYesNoNo en SPICE, Gerber, DXFSPICE, PDF, Gerber, DXF
CircuitMaker by Altium
August 2016
(2 years ago)
YesNoYesNoYes Wine No en AD09, AD10, AD12, PADS, P-CAD, OrCAD, Protel, EAGLE, DXFGerber, Excellon, DXF, STEP, more
CircuitStudio by Altium
25 May 2018
(7 months ago)
YesYesYesNoYes Wine No en AD09, AD10, AD12, PADS, P-CAD, OrCAD, Protel, EAGLE, DXFGerber, Excellon, SPICE, DXF, STEP, more
CR-5000 by Zuken 13
17 May 2011
(7 years ago)
YesYes, SI & PIYesYesYes Unix, Linux No en, jp EDIF, DXF, IGES, IDF, BSDL, STEP, ACIS, Gerber, Excellon, morePDF, Gerber, Excellon, ODB++ (must request [3] ), DXF, STEP, IPC D-356, IPC-2581, EPS, ACIS
DipTrace by Novarm
29 November 2018
(56 days ago)
(Spice netlist export)
YesYesYes Mac, Wine No21 languagesEAGLE, Altium, P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD, Gerber, N/C Drill, DXF, BSDL Pinlist, NetlistsGerber, Gerber X2, Excellon, ODB++, DXF, P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD, IPC-D-356, STEP, VRML, Pick and Place, CSV, BOM
DesignSpark PCB from RS Components 8
16 June 2016
(2 years ago)
YesYes, SpiceYesNoYesNoNoVariousEAGLE, DXF, EDIFGerber, Excellon, ODB++, DXF, IDF, PDF, LPKF
EAGLE by Autodesk/CadSoft Computer 9.2.2
26 October 2018
(2 months ago)
Yes Ngspice,
YesYesYes Linux, Mac No de, en, zh, hu, ru EAGLE (XML), ACCEL (P-CAD, Altium, Protel), ULTIBOARD, Netlists, BMP, CustomEAGLE (XML), Protel, Netlists, Images, Gerber, Gerber X2, Excellon, Sieb & Meyer, HPGL, PostScript/EPS, PDF, Images, HyperLynx, IDF, CustomProprietary User Language Programming (ULP)
EasyEDA 5.4.12
7 May 2018
(8 months ago)
Yes Ngspice YesYesYes Linux, Mac No en, fr, de, pl, jp, ru, es, se, ua, zh ...Altium, EAGLE, KiCad libraries, LTspice .asc/.asy files, JSON, SpicePDF, PNG, SVG, JSON, Gerber, Excellon, Pick and Place CSV file, CSV-formatted drill chart, Bill of Materials CSV file, Altium netlist, FreePCB netlist, PADS Layout Netlist, Spice netlist.JSON
Fritzing 0.9.3b [4]
3 June 2016
(2 years ago)
Yes, + breadboardNoYesYesYes Linux, Mac Yes en, de, nl, es, it, fr, pt, ru, zh, jp, ...gEDA symbols, KiCad symbols, SVGGerber, DIY etching, BOM, SVG, PDF, EPS
gEDA 1.8.2 [5]
25 September 2013
(5 years ago)
YesYesYesYesYes Linux, Mac Yes en gschem netlists, image as backgroundGerber, Excellon, SVG, PDF, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPEG, Specctra, XYRSyes
KiCad 5.0.2 [6]

9 December 2018
(46 days ago)

SPICE netlist export
YesYesYes Linux, Mac Yes zh_CN, de, en, es, fr, it, pt, ru, ja, pl, cz TinyCAD net lists, OrCAD EDIF, EAGLE (XML)PDF, Gerber, Gerber X2, Excellon, netlist, VRML2, STEP, IDFv3Python
OrCAD 17.2
October 2016
(2 years ago)
YesYesYesNoYesNoNo en EAGLE, PADS, Altium, STEP, DXF, IDF, IDX, OrCAD SDT, OrCAD Layout,OrCADPDF, Gerber, Gerber X2, Excellon drill/route, netlist, ODB++, DXF, IDF, IDX, STEP,3D PDF, IPC2581Tcl/TK, SKILL (Lisp)
pcb-rnd 2.0.0 [7]
6 June 2018
(7 months ago)
NoNoYesYesNo Linux, Mac Yes en gschem netlists, Protel Autotrax, KiCad (legacy & s-expr layouts), EAGLE (XML & v3,4,5 binary layouts), eeschema netlists, mentor netlists, TinyCad netlists, LT-Spice, MUCS, Specctra, Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx, BMP, JPG, GIF, HPGL, image as background Gerber/[Excellon format|drill],SVG, PDF, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPEG, Specctra, Protel Autotrax, KiCad (legacy & s-expr), DXF, FidocadJ, Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx, template configurable XYRS/BOMMultiple languages
Upverter 3.0
29 August 2014
(4 years ago)
YesNoYesYesYes Web application No en Altium, OrCad, PDF, OpenJSON, EAGLEPDF, Gerber, Excellon, netlist, PADS Layout Netlist, Tempo Automation, Pick and Place CSV, High-Res PNG, STL, CSV-formatted drill chart, CSV-formatted list of all parts
Micro-Cap by Spectrum Software
3 September 2016
(2 years ago)
YesYesNoNoYes Wine No en, jp HSPICE, PSPICE, SPICE3, netlists, Images, IBIS, TouchstoneSPICE text file, netlist, BOM, Protel, Accel, OrCad, PADS netlists, Schematic and Analysis Plots Images, Numeric Output Text, Excel
Pulsonix by WestDev Ltd10.0
1 October 2018
(3 months ago)
YesYesYesNoYes Wine No en Allegro, Altium, CadStar, EAGLE, OrCAD, PADS, P-CAD, Protel, Gerber, STEP, DXF, IDF, moreGerber, Gerber X2, Excellon, ODB++, IPC-2581, PDF, DXF, STEP, IDF, BOM, moreProprietary language, ActiveX
TARGET 3001!
28 September 2018
(3 months ago)
YesYesYesNoYesNoNo en, de, fr EAGLE, DXF, Gerber, XGerber, Excellon, BMP, CXF, STEP 3DXGerber, Excellon, EAGLE, HPGL, G-Code (Milling), CXF, STEP 3D, Excel BOMs, Pick&Place, GenCAD, FABmaster, IPC D-356, Test points, Netlists, OBJ, POV-Ray, PDF
NI Ultiboard and Multisim by National Instruments 14.1
1 March 2017
(22 months ago)
YesYesYesNoYes Web application [9] No en MS*, MP*, EWB, Spice, OrCAD, UltiCap, Protel, Gerber, DXF, Ultiboard 4&5, CalayBOM, Gerber, Excellon, IGES (3D), DXF (2D & 3D), SVG
123D Circuits by Autodesk N/AYes, + breadboardYesYesYesYes Web application No en EAGLEGerber
Application and developerLatest version/release + date Schematic? Simulation? PCB editing?Runs on POSIX style systems?Runs on Windows?Other platforms?Open
User Interface Language(s)ImportsExportsScripting support

Note: ODB++ support is drawn partly from lists by Artwork Conversion Software [3] and Mentor Graphics [10]

Free software

NameArchitectureLicense Autorouter Comment
Electric *BSD, Java GPLYes VLSI circuit design tool with connectivity at all levels. Can also be used for schematic entry and PCB design.
FreePCB w32 GPLYesA printed circuit board design program for Microsoft Windows. FreePCB allows for up to 16 copper layers, both metric and US customary units, and export of designs in Gerber format. Boards can be partially or fully autorouted with the FreeRouting [11] autorouter by using the FpcROUTE Specctra DSN design file translator.
Fritzing Windows, Mac, Linux GPLYesProtoboard view, schematic view, PCB view, Code (firmware) view. Includes customizable design rule checker. Includes common shaped boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi shields. Allows spline curve traces. Only two layers (top and bottom). Outputs gerbers.
gEDA *BSD, Linux, Mac GPLYesschematic, simulation, PCB editor, gerber view
Gnucap any (C++98) GPL3 Mixed-signal circuit simulator
Icarus Verilog *BSD, Linux, Mac GPL Verilog simulator
KiCad *BSD, Windows, Linux, Mac GNU GPL Built-in, or FreeRoutingFull package for schematic and board design, etc. Design rule checking. User-defined symbols and footprints. Gerber/ drill file creation. Graphic interface. Active user community.
KTechLab Linux GPLn/aKTechLab is a schematic capture and simulator. It is specifically geared toward mixed signal simulation of analog components and small digital processors.
Magic LinuxBSD licensenoA popular very-large-scale integration layout tool
Ngspice Linux, Solaris, Mac, NetBSD, FreeBSD, w32 BSD SPICE + XSPICE + Cider
Oregano GPLnoSchematic capture + spice simulation
Quite Universal Circuit Simulator (QUCS) Linux, Solaris, Mac, NetBSD, FreeBSD, w32 GPL Schematic capture + Verilog + VHDL + simulation
pcb-rnd *BSD, Linux, Mac GPLyesCircuit layout program with extended file format support, DRC, parametric footprints, query language, and GUI and command line operation for batch processing and automation
Verilator PosixGPLVerilator is the fastest free Verilog HDL simulator. It compiles synthesizable Verilog into cycle accurate C++ or SystemC code following 2-state synthesis (zero delay) semantics. Benchmarks reported on its website suggest it is several times faster than commercial event driven simulators such as ModelSim, NC-Verilog and VCS, while not quite as fast as commercial cycle accurate modeling tools such as Carbon ModelStudio and ARC VTOC.
XCircuit Unix GPLUsed to produce netlists and publish high-quality drawings.

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