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The following page lists all power stations in Finland .




NameLocationCoordinatesTypeCapacity, MWeOperationalNotes
Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant 1 Loviisa 60°22′16″N26°20′50″E / 60.3712353°N 26.3470924°E / 60.3712353; 26.3470924 (Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1) VVER 4881977-
Loviisa 2 60°22′13″N26°20′47″E / 60.3703866°N 26.3463843°E / 60.3703866; 26.3463843 (Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2) VVER4881980-
Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant 1 Olkiluoto 61°14′13″N21°26′45″E / 61.2369104°N 21.445806°E / 61.2369104; 21.445806 (Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1) BWR 8601978-
Olkiluoto 2 61°14′09″N21°26′33″E / 61.2359708°N 21.4424586°E / 61.2359708; 21.4424586 (Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2) BWR 8601980-
Olkiluoto 3 61°14′07″N21°26′09″E / 61.2351447°N 21.4358711°E / 61.2351447; 21.4358711 (Olkiluto Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 3) EPR 1600construction finished

Fossil fuel

NameLocationCoordinatesFuelCapacity, MWe
Hanasaari Power Station Helsinki 60°10′54″N24°58′00″E / 60.181667°N 24.966667°E / 60.181667; 24.966667 (Hanasaari Power Station) Coal 220
Kellosaari Power Station Helsinki 60°09′43″N24°54′30″E / 60.1620°N 24.9083°E / 60.1620; 24.9083 (Kellosaari Power Station) Fuel Oil 118
Kristiina Power Station Kristinestad 62°15′19″N21°19′36″E / 62.2553°N 21.3268°E / 62.2553; 21.3268 (Kristiina Power Station) Coal and Fuel Oil 450
Kymijärvi 1 Power Station Lahti 60°59′29″N25°43′14″E / 60.99143°N 25.72046°E / 60.99143; 25.72046 (Kymijärvi 1 Power Station) Coal, Natural gas and Biogas 200
Lielahti Power Station Tampere 61°30′38″N23°40′31″E / 61.510417°N 23.675233°E / 61.510417; 23.675233 (Lielahti Power Station) Natural gas 147
Martinlaakso Power Station Vantaa 60°17′00″N24°50′11″E / 60.283333°N 24.836389°E / 60.283333; 24.836389 (Martinlaakso Power Station) Coal and Natural gas 195
Meri-Pori Power Station Pori 61°37′54″N21°24′24″E / 61.631667°N 21.406667°E / 61.631667; 21.406667 (Meri-Pori Power Station) Coal 560
Mussalo Power Station Kotka 60°26′07″N26°54′43″E / 60.435167°N 26.911806°E / 60.435167; 26.911806 (Mussalo Power Station) Natural gas and Coal 313
Naantali Power Station Naantali 60°27′28″N22°03′19″E / 60.457667°N 22.055167°E / 60.457667; 22.055167 (Naantali Power Station) Coal 256
Naistenlahti Power Station Tampere 61°30′35″N23°46′36″E / 61.5098°N 23.7768°E / 61.5098; 23.7768 (Naistenlahti Power Station) Natural gas, Peat, Wood and Fuel Oil 189
Nokia Power Station Nokia 61°28′26″N21°29′41″E / 61.4738°N 21.4947°E / 61.4738; 21.4947 (Nokia Power Station) Natural gas 70
Salmisaari Power Station Helsinki 60°27′28″N24°54′14″E / 60.457667°N 24.903889°E / 60.457667; 24.903889 (Salmisaari Power Station) Coal 160
Suomenoja Power Station Espoo 60°08′54″N24°43′06″E / 60.148333°N 24.718333°E / 60.148333; 24.718333 (Suomenoja Power Station) Natural gas and Coal 359
Tahkoluoto Power Station Pori 61°37′56″N21°24′18″E / 61.632222°N 21.405°E / 61.632222; 21.405 (Tahkoluoto Power Station) Coal 235
Vaskiluoto Power Station Vaasa 63°05′29″N21°33′14″E / 63.091389°N 21.553889°E / 63.091389; 21.553889 (Vaskiluoto Power Station) Coal and Fuel Oil 390
Vuosaari Power Station Helsinki 60°13′12″N25°10′09″E / 60.2199°N 25.1692°E / 60.2199; 25.1692 (Vuosaari Power Station) Natural gas 630



Biomass and peat

StationLocationGeographic CoordinatesFuelCapacity (MW)Notes
Alholmens Kraft Power Station Jakobstad 63°42′07″N22°42′35″E / 63.701944°N 22.709722°E / 63.701944; 22.709722 (Alholmens Kraft Power Station) Biomass and Peat 265
Haapaniemi Power Station Kuopio 62°52′45″N27°40′32″E / 62.879167°N 27.675556°E / 62.879167; 27.675556 (Haapaniemi Power Station) Peat 90
Haapavesi Power Station Haapavesi 64°07′20″N25°24′47″E / 64.1222°N 25.4130°E / 64.1222; 25.4130 (Haapavesi Power Station) Peat 154
Joensuu Power Station Joensuu 62°35′36″N29°50′13″E / 62.5934°N 29.8370°E / 62.5934; 29.8370 (Joensuu Power Station) Biomass and Peat 50
Kaukaan Voima Power Station Lappeenranta 61°04′00″N28°14′40″E / 61.06667°N 28.24444°E / 61.06667; 28.24444 (Kaukaan Voima Power Station) Biomass 125
Keljonlahti Power Station Jyväskylä 62°11′32″N25°44′15″E / 62.1923°N 25.7376°E / 62.1923; 25.7376 (Keljonlahti Power Station) Peat and Biomass 209
Kymin Voima Power Station Kouvola 60°54′31.02″N26°39′45.48″E / 60.9086167°N 26.6626333°E / 60.9086167; 26.6626333 (Kymin Voima Power Station) Biomass and Peat 76
Naantali Power Station Naantali 60°27′28″N22°03′19″E / 60.457667°N 22.055167°E / 60.457667; 22.055167 (Naantali Power Station) Coal, Natural gas, [2] Peat, Biomass and RDF 142Under construction [3]
Naistenlahti Power Station Tampere 61°30′35″N23°46′36″E / 61.5098°N 23.7768°E / 61.5098; 23.7768 (Naistenlahti Power Station) Natural gas, Peat, Wood and Fuel Oil 189
Pursiala Power Station Mikkeli 61°40′31″N27°17′24″E / 61.6753°N 27.2901°E / 61.6753; 27.2901 (Pursiala Power Station) Wood and Peat 62
Rauhalahti Power Station Jyväskylä 62°14′08″N25°48′50″E / 62.235556°N 25.813889°E / 62.235556; 25.813889 (Rauhalahti Power Station) Peat and Wood 87
Seinäjoki Power Station Seinäjoki 62°44′30″N22°48′56″E / 62.7418°N 22.8156°E / 62.7418; 22.8156 (Seinäjoki Power Station) Peat and Wood 120
Tihisenniemi Power Station Kajaani 64°14′00″N27°41′21″E / 64.233333°N 27.689167°E / 64.233333; 27.689167 (Tihisenniemi Power Station) Peat 88
Toppila Power Station Oulu 60°09′53″N25°29′17″E / 60.164722°N 25.488056°E / 60.164722; 25.488056 (Toppila Power Station) Peat 190
Vanaja Power Station Hämeenlinna 60°58′29″N20°30′19″E / 60.9748°N 20.5053°E / 60.9748; 20.5053 (Vanaja Power Station) Biomass, Peat and Natural gas 54


StationLocationCoordinatesCapacity (MW)
Imatra Dam Imatra 61°10′00″N28°46′29″E / 61.1667966°N 28.7746954°E / 61.1667966; 28.7746954 (Imatra Dam) 178
Petäjäskoski Dam Rovaniemi 66°16′18″N25°20′23″E / 66.27164°N 25.339816°E / 66.27164; 25.339816 (Petäjäskoski Dam) 154
Taivalkoski Dam Keminmaa 65°55′58″N24°42′22″E / 65.932788°N 24.70600°E / 65.932788; 24.70600 (Taivalkoski Dam) 133

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Vattenfall is a Swedish multinational power company owned by the Government of Sweden. Beyond Sweden, the company generates power in Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Fortum Oyj is a Finnish state-owned energy company focusing on the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Russia and India. Fortum operates power plants, including co-generation plants, and generates and sells electricity and heat. The company also sells waste services such as recycling, reutilisation, final disposal solutions and soil remediation and environmental constructions services, and other energy-related services and products e.g. consultancy services for power plants and electric vehicle charging. Fortum is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange.

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Pangani Falls Dam Dam in Muheza District, Tanga, Tanzania

Pangani Falls Dam is a dam in Tanzania, which is part of the Pangani Hydro Systems. The dam is located at Koani in the Muheza District of the Tanga Region, about 8 km south of another power station at Hale. The Pangani falls power station has two turbines and has an installed capacity of 68 megawatts (91,000 hp).

Glanford Brigg Power Station

Glanford Brigg Power Station is a gas-fired power station in North Lincolnshire, England. It is capable of firing diesel as a substitute of natural gas. It is situated on the River Ancholme, beside the Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg Line, outside the town of Brigg, with its name coming from the former name for the town. It has a generating capacity of 240 megawatts (MW).

The Paatsjoki River hydroelectric power plants are a series of hydroelectric installations on the Paatsjoki River.

Rauhalahti Power Station

Rauhalahti power station is a combined heat and power station built in 1986 in Jyväskylä, Finland. It is the main provider of district heat in Jyväskylä and it produced the steam used by Kangas Paper Mill until the mill was shut down in 2009. The construction cost of the plant was 84 million euros.

Hanasaari Power Plant

Hanasaari Power Plant is a coal-fired cogeneration power plant in Sörnäinen, Helsinki, Finland. Its chimney has a height of 150 metres (490 ft).

Alholmens Kraft Power Station

The Alholmens Kraft Power Station is a biomass power station in Alholmen, Jakobstad in Ostrobothnia region, Finland. It is the largest biomass cogeneration power station in the world.

Toppila Power Station

The Toppila Power Station is a power station in the Toppila district in Oulu, Finland. It is one of the largest peat-fired power stations in the world, with an installed capacity of 210 MW of electric power and 340 MW of thermal power. The facility operates two units of 75 MWe and 145 MWe. The boiler was supplied by Tampella and Ahlstrom, and the turbines were supplied by Zamech, LMZ and Ganz. The power station is operated by Oulun Energia.

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Primary energy use in Slovakia was 194 TWh and 36 TWh per million inhabitants in 2009.

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Wasa Research Station Antarctic base

The Wasa Research Station is a Swedish research facility in Antarctica, established in 1988/1989. It is situated next to the Finnish Aboa Research Station on the Basen nunatak in the Kraul Mountains in Queen Maud Land. The two stations cooperate, and are jointly referred to as the Nordenskiöld Base Camp.


Uniper SE [ˈjuːnipɚ] is an energy company based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The name of the company is a portmanteau of "unique" and "performance" given by long term employee Gregor Recke. Uniper was formed by the separation of E.ON's fossil fuel assets into a separate company that began operating on 1 January 2016. The company employs about 11,000 employees in over 40 countries. Around one third of the employees are based in Germany. It owns a subsidiary company in Russia called Unipro. Uniper is listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Its largest shareholder is the Finnish energy company Fortum with a 75.01% stake. The company has faced criticism for opening new coal fueled power plants in Germany as recently as May 2020.

Masku railway station Former railway station in Masku, Finland

The Masku railway station is a closed station located in the municipality of Masku, Finland. It is located along the Turku–Uusikaupunki railway; the nearest station with passenger services is Turku in the southwest.


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