National Institutes of Health Police

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Officers at work on the main campus

National Institutes of Health Police are responsible for security and law-enforcement functions at NIH facilities, including the National Institutes of Health main campus in Bethesda, Maryland and at the NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Montana. [1]

According to Fox News , the General Accounting Office reported, in January 2012, that officers in the National Institutes of Health Police had lower salaries than comparable Police Departments. [2] A new officer in the United States Capitol Police earned $61,000 a year, while a new officer in the National Institutes of Health Police started at just $39,000.

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The NIH Clinical Center is a hospital solely dedicated to clinical research at the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland. The Clinical Center, known as Building 10, consists of the original part of the hospital, the Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center, and the newest addition, the Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center. The two parts are connected to form one large building.

The All of Us Research Program is a research program created in 2015 during the tenure of Barack Obama with $130 million in funding that aims to make advances in tailoring medical care to the individual. The mission of AoU is to accelerate health and medical breakthroughs, enabling individualized prevention, treatment and care from all of us.

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The Butler Building was a mansion in Washington, D.C. constructed by Benjamin Franklin Butler. It served as the headquarters of the U.S. Marine Hospital Service, and its successor the Public Health Service, from 1891 until 1929. It also contained a purpose-built fire-proof unit to store archives of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. It was demolished in 1929 to construct the Longworth House Office Building.


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