Nigerian football league system

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The Nigerian football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for association football clubs in Nigeria. [1] It is made up of the top-most league, the Nigeria Premier League, then the Nigeria National League which is divided into two groups, followed by the Nigeria Nationwide League, divided into the Nigeria Nationwide League Division One and the Nigeria Nationwide League Division Two.


1 Nigeria Premier League
20 clubs
relegate 4 teams
2 Nigeria National League
32 clubs
↑↓promote 4 teams, relegate 6 teams
3 Nigeria Nationwide League
40 clubs
↑↓promote 8 teams, relegate 8 teams

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Southern Football League English football league

The Southern League is a men's football competition featuring semi-professional clubs from the South and Midlands of England. Together with the Isthmian League and the Northern Premier League it forms levels seven and eight of the English football league system.

The English football league system, also known as the football pyramid, is a series of interconnected leagues for men's association football clubs in England, with five teams from Wales, one from Guernsey, one from Jersey and one from the Isle of Man also competing. The system has a hierarchical format with promotion and relegation between leagues at different levels, allowing even the smallest club the theoretical possibility of ultimately rising to the very top of the system. There are more than 140 individual leagues, containing more than 480 divisions.

The National League North, formerly Conference North, is a division of the National League in England, taking its place immediately below the top division National League. Along with the National League South, it is at Step 2 of the National League System and the sixth overall tier of the English football league system. It consists of teams located in Northern England, Norfolk and the English Midlands. Since the start of the 2015–16 season, the league has been known as the National League North. As part of a sponsorship deal with Vanarama, the National League North was renamed the Vanarama National League North.

The Swedish football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for club football in Sweden which is controlled by the Swedish Football Association and consists of 288 teams in 22 leagues divided into five levels. Below those five levels, additional regional levels numbered six to ten exist but these lower leagues are controlled by the regional associations and not by the nationwide association. There is, however, promotion and relegation to and from all levels. As of 2013, there were a total of 2510 teams in the Swedish league system of which 299 of them were reserve teams.

Enyimba F.C. Association football club in Nigeria

Enyimba Football Club or simply known as Enyimba, is a Nigerian football (soccer) club based in the city of Aba which plays in the Nigerian Professional Football League. Their name means People's Elephant in Igbo language and is also the nickname used for the city of Aba. Founded in 1976, the club rose to prominence in the 2000s and is considered the most successful Nigerian football club as they won two African Champions League titles, eight Nigerian championships and four Federation Cups since 2001.

Nigerian Professional Football League Association Football League

The Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) is the highest level of the Nigerian football league system, for the Nigerian Club-football Championships. The Nigerian top-division has experienced dwindling fortunes since the late 2000s. It is fed into by the Nigeria National League (NNL). It is organised by the League Management Company (LMC).

John Fashanu is a British television presenter and former professional footballer. In his former career, he was a powerful centre-forward from 1978 until 1995, most notably in an eight-year spell at Wimbledon F.C. in which he won the FA Cup in 1988 and scored over 100 goals in all competitions. He was also capped twice at senior level by England.

FC Ebedei is a Nigerian football club based in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State after moving from Lagos in 2001. They currently play in Nigeria Nationwide League, the third tier of Nigerian football.

Abuja FC is a Nigerian football club in the Nigeria National League. The club was founded in Kano, and moved to the Nigerian capital of Abuja. It plays its home matches at the Old Parade Ground, Abuja.

Nigeria National League Nigerian football national league

The Nigeria National League is the second tier of club football in Nigeria.

Nigeria Nationwide League

National Nationwide League Division One is the third level of club football in Nigeria. Every year, up to eight teams are promoted to the Professional Division One.

The following article is a summary of the 2009 football season in Kenya, the 46th competitive season in its history.

The Nigerian Nationwide League Division Two (2) is the fourth level of club football in Nigeria, and the middle of the three Nationwide league divisions. It is divided into eight groups by geography with five to eight teams each. Every year, up to eight teams are promoted to the Nationwide Division One.

NWFL Premiership Top flight womens football / soccer league in Nigeria.

The NWFL Premiership is the top-level league for women's association football in Nigeria. It is the women's equivalent of the men's league, the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL). The Nigeria Women Football League(NWFL) organizes the Nigeria Women Premier League and the Nigeria Women Pro-league. In November 2017, Aisha Falode was elected chairperson of the league board, and was officially designated in January 2017.

Rising Stars F.C. is a Nigerian football club based in Ondo City. They play in the third division in Nigerian football, the Nigeria Nationwide League. Their home stadium is Ondo City Stadium, but for some of the 2012 season they played games at Kayode Stadium in Ado-Ekiti.

The Kenyan Nationwide League was the second-division football league in Kenya, until it was replaced by FKF Division One. There is promotion and relegation with the Kenyan Premier League and the Kenyan Provincial League.

FKF Division One is the third tier in the Kenyan football league system. It has a promotion and relegation system with the Kenyan National Super League and the Kenyan Provincial League. It is controlled by the Football Kenya Federation. Most member clubs are semi-professional, while others are either fully professional or amateur.

Gamma Ethniki

The Gamma Ethniki is the fourth highest football league in Greece.

Sunday Ingbede

Sunday Umaru Ngbede is a professional footballer who plays left wing for the Armenian Premier League side Alashkert, on loan from Lori. Ngbede won the Nigeria Professional Football League title with Plateau United during the 2016–17 season.


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