Paraguayan football league system

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The Paraguayan football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for football clubs in Paraguay.



At the top is the Primera División or División de Honor (first division) with 12 clubs.

Below the 1st level is the Intermedia (second division).

In order to get promoted to the Intermedia there are two subdivisions at the 3rd level: the Primera División B Metropolitana, which comprises teams from the Gran Asunción area; and the Primera División B Nacional which contains the best teams from the different Departments of Paraguay.

The 4th level is similar, with the Primera División C containing only teams from the Gran Asunción area. The other subdivision is comprised by all 17 federations from each Paraguayan Department (governed by the UFI), which in turn, contain several regional leagues that cover the whole country. [1]





División de Honor/Primera División
12 clubs

↓↑ 2 clubs


División Intermedia
16 clubs

↓ 1-3 clubs↓ 1-3 clubs
↑ 1-2 clubs↑ 0-2 clubs↑ 0-1 club

Primera División B (metropolitan)
18 clubs

Primera División B Nacional
15 clubs

Campeonato Nacional de Interligas

?? local football teams (composed with players from the clubs of the respective regional leagues)

↓↑ 2 clubs

Primera División C
12 clubs

Regional leagues
Over 1,700 clubs in 163 leagues

↓ 1 club

Disaffiliation for one season

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The División Profesional de la Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol, also known as the Primera División, or due to sponsorship reasons Copa de Primera TIGO-Visión Banco, is the top-flight professional football league in Paraguay. Currently, there are 10 teams in the first division.

Club Atlético 3 de Febrero Paraguayan football club

Club Atlético 3 de Febrero is a professional Paraguayan football club from Ciudad del Este, the capital city of the department of Alto Paraná. The club was founded in 1970, and named after St. Blaise Day, a national holiday throughout many Hispanic countries. 3 de Febrero have played 9 seasons in the Primera División Paraguaya. At present plays in the Second Division of the Paraguayan league.

Club Presidente Hayes Paraguayan football club

Club Presidente Hayes is a Paraguayan football (soccer) club from Tacumbú, a section of Asunción, Paraguay. The club is also known colloquially by its nicknames The Yankees and The Little Star. They play regularly in Asuncion's Kiko Reyes Stadium as part of the Paraguayan Soccer League. The club was founded in 1907 and participated in their first international tournament in the 1953 Copa Montevideo. It is one of several entities in Paraguay that were named in honor of Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the United States of America. Hayes, who was required to arbitrate an Argentine-Paraguayan territorial dispute in the Gran Chaco after the War of the Triple Alliance, decided in favour of Paraguay. The club is the former home of Paraguayans Néstor Benítez, Teófilo Barrios, Tomás Guzmán, Julio Valentín González and José Ariel Núñez, and foreigners Riki Kitawaki, Bryan Lopez and Victor Cristaldo.

Luis Cubilla Uruguayan footballer and coach

Luis Alberto Cubilla Almeida was a Uruguayan football player and coach. He had a successful playing career winning 16 major titles. He then went on to become one of the most successful managers in South American football with 17 major titles.

The División Intermedia, also known as the Segunda División, is the second tier football league in Paraguay. It is organized by the Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol.

Club Cerro Porteño (Presidente Franco) Paraguayan football club

Club Cerro Porteño PF is a Paraguayan football club based in the city of Presidente Franco in the Alto Paraná Department. The club plays in the Primera B Nacional.

Club Choré Central Paraguayan football club

Club Choré Central, is a Paraguayan football club based in the city of Choré. The club was founded on 19 January 1965 and plays in the Primera B Nacional.

Football is by far the most popular sport in Paraguay to the point that it is part of the nation's culture.

The Unión del Fútbol del Interior or UFI is an association affiliated to the Paraguayan Football Association that was founded in 1927 to organize and govern football outside of Asunción, specifically on each of the different Departments of Paraguay.

Club General Díaz (Luque) Paraguayan football club

General Díaz Football Club is a Paraguayan football club from Luque that currently plays in the Primera División. Founded on September 22, 1917, it plays at the Estadio General Adrián Jara in Luque.

Tercera División de Paraguay, is the third division of Paraguayan football (soccer), and it is organized by the Paraguayan Football Association in the metropolitan area, and organized by the Unión del Fútbol del Interior, in the rest of the country, except Asunción and Central department.

Rugby union in Paraguay is a secondary sport. With 4,355 registered players and twenty clubs, the country currently ranks 37th worldwide and 4th in South America.

Rodrigo Roman Burgos is a Paraguayan football defensive midfielder who plays for Resistencia in the Paraguayan División Intermedia. At Talleres de Córdoba, Burgos first achieved ascension from Argentina's Torneo Federal A to the Primera B Nacional, and then to the Primera División Argentina. Burgos has amassed 17 Copa Libertadores appearances and 1 Copa Sudamericana appearance. He was runner-up with Paraguay at the 2009 South American Youth Championship.

Sport in Paraguay is an important part of national culture. Association football is the most popular sport, while basketball is also very popular. Other sports such as volleyball, futsal, swimming and tennis are popular as well. Other Paraguayan sports and pastimes are rugby union, chess, motorsport, golf and rowing.

Club Sportivo Carapeguá, is a Paraguayan football club based in the city of Carapeguá in the Paraguarí Department. The club was founded on 3 September 2010 and plays in the Primera B Nacional.

Also see Chilean Cuarta Division.

The Primera División B is the metropolitan tournament of the Paraguayan Tercera División. Only teams from the Gran Asunción metropolitan area and Central Department take part in this third division league. Teams from all other parts of Paraguay that are not part of the Gran Asunción area play the Primera División B Nacional tournament in order to get promoted to the Paraguayan Division Intermedia.

Guaireña F.C. Paraguayan professional football club

Guaireña Fútbol Club is a professional football club from Villarrica, Paraguay, currently playing in the Paraguayan Primera División after their promotion at the end of the 2019 season.

Elie Charbel Lelo Sejean Australian association football player and model

Elie Charbel Lelo Sejean commonly known as Lelo Sejean is an Australian professional footballer, athlete, model, actor and businessman, mostly of French-Lebanese origin. He plays as a midfielder for Tacuary in the Paraguay División Intermedia and competes for Sol de América in the javelin throw and long jump.


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