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The entrance of the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live
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Tenth Street School is located on Olympic Boulevard
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Olympic Boulevard (formerly 10th Street) is a major arterial road in Los Angeles, California. It stretches from Ocean Avenue on the western end of Santa Monica to East Los Angeles—farther than Wilshire Boulevard and most other streets.

Arterial road high-capacity urban road

An arterial road or arterial thoroughfare is a high-capacity urban road. The primary function of an arterial road is to deliver traffic from collector roads to freeways or expressways, and between urban centres at the highest level of service possible. As such, many arteries are limited-access roads, or feature restrictions on private access.

Santa Monica, California City in California

Santa Monica is a beachfront city in western Los Angeles County, California, United States. Situated on Santa Monica Bay, it is bordered on three sides by the city of Los Angeles – Pacific Palisades to the north, Brentwood on the northeast, West Los Angeles on the east, Mar Vista on the southeast, and Venice on the south. The Census Bureau population for Santa Monica in 2010 was 89,736.

East Los Angeles, California Unincorporated area in California, United States

East Los Angeles, or East L.A., is an unincorporated area in Los Angeles County, California. It is 96% Latino—the highest percentage of any neighborhood in Los Angeles County, and the highest of any census-designated place (CDP) in the country, with a population of more than 100,000.


Its path runs parallel to and north of Pico Boulevard from Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles, and parallel to and south of Santa Monica Boulevard on its western end and Wilshire Boulevard past Beverly Hills.

Pico Boulevard is a major Los Angeles street that runs from the Pacific Ocean at Appian Way in Santa Monica to Central Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. It is named after Pío Pico, the last Mexican governor of Alta California.

Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood of Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) is the central business district of Los Angeles, California, as well as a diverse residential neighborhood of some 58,000 people. A 2013 study found that the district is home to over 500,000 jobs. It is also part of Central Los Angeles.

Santa Monica Boulevard major west-east thoroughfare in Los Angeles County, California, USA

Santa Monica Boulevard is a major west-east thoroughfare in Los Angeles County. It runs from Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica near the Pacific Ocean to Sunset Boulevard at Sunset Junction in Los Angeles. It passes through Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. A portion of it is designated as California State Route 2.

Like other major Los Angeles streets, Olympic is at least four lanes in width. Unlike other east-west arterial roads such as Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Sunset Boulevard, it does not cross major attractions and sites and therefore contains far less traffic. While Wilshire crosses through the heart of Los Angeles, Olympic runs through the southern end of principal areas such as West Los Angeles, Westwood, Century City, Beverly Hills, Hancock Park, Koreatown, Westlake and Downtown Los Angeles. Little Ethiopia is east of Fairfax Avenue and Olympic. Proceeding east on Olympic, it breaks off in Downtown LA's Fashion District but continues on from there, passing the southern areas of Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles and Montebello with an eastern terminus in Montebello as a small neighborhood street.

Wilshire Boulevard thoroughfare in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, United States

Wilshire Boulevard is one of the principal east-west arterial roads in the Los Angeles area of Southern California, extending 15.83 miles (25.48 km) from Ocean Avenue in the city of Santa Monica east to Grand Avenue in the Financial District of downtown Los Angeles. It is also one of the major city streets though the city of Beverly Hills. Wilshire Boulevard runs roughly parallel with Santa Monica Boulevard from Santa Monica to the Miracle Mile district, after which it runs a block south of Sixth Street to its terminus.

Sunset Boulevard thoroughfare in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles, United States

Sunset Boulevard is a boulevard in the central and western part of Los Angeles County, California that stretches from the Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades east to Figueroa Street in Downtown Los Angeles. It is a major thoroughfare in the cities of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, as well as several districts in Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills, California City in California

Beverly Hills is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Located within 5.7 square miles and surrounded by the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, the City has an estimated population of 35,000.

Olympic Boulevard is primarily a commercial, urban street. There is a grass divider with trees in the Santa Monica portion. Around Carthay, Olympic passes through residential neighborhoods. A number of schools are located on Olympic as well. Crossroads School is located at Olympic and 20th in Santa Monica, New Roads Middle School is located at the Franklin/Berkeley St. area in Santa Monica. and Wildwood School is located in between Bundy and Barrington. Los Angeles High School is located slightly to the east of Olympic and Highland Avenue.

Crossroads School (Santa Monica, California) Private school in California, United States

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences is a private, K-12, independent, college preparatory school in Santa Monica, California, United States. The school is a former member of the prestigious G20 Schools Group.

Wildwood School is an independent progressive K–12 school located in Los Angeles. Wildwood was founded as an elementary school in 1971, by a group of parents led by a young lawyer named Belle Mason. The secondary campus opened in 2000. The elementary campus is located in Los Angeles and the middle and upper school campus is located in West Los Angeles. There are approximately 300 students in grades K-5, the elementary campus, and 400 in grades 6-12 at the middle and upper school campus.

Los Angeles High School public magnet secondary school in the Los Angeles Unified School District, in Los Angeles, California, U.S., founded in 1873

Los Angeles High School is the oldest public high school in the Southern California Region and in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Its colors are royal blue and white and the teams are called the Romans.

Olympic expands to six lanes starting east of Santa Monica and generally maintains a speed limit of 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). Even so, due to Los Angeles traffic, Olympic often becomes congested.

It was originally named 10th Street, but was renamed Olympic Boulevard for the 1932 Summer Olympics, as that was the occasion of the tenth modern event. Tenth Street School, at Olympic and Grattan, was founded in 1888 and has kept the original name. Parts of the old 10th Street exist as smaller streets near Hancock Park, in Westlake, and in the Central City East area southeast of Downtown.

1932 Summer Olympics games of the X Olympiad, celebrated in Los Angeles in 1932

The 1932 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the X Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event that was held from July 30 to August 14, 1932, in Los Angeles, California, United States.


Bus service throughout Olympic Boulevard is served between Santa Monica and Century City by Santa Monica Transit line 5, between Century City and Downtown LA by Metro Local line 28 and Metro Rapid line 728, and from The Fashion District east by Metro Local lines 62 and 66. [1]

Metro Local Bus system in Los Angeles County, California

Metro Local is a bus service type in Los Angeles County operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). This retronym designation was placed to differentiate it from the Metro Rapid service. Metro Local buses cover both local, limited-stop, and shuttle bus services.

Metro Rapid

Metro Rapid is a local express bus service in Los Angeles County, California with bus rapid transit characteristics. It operates in mixed traffic environments and has fewer stops than the Metro Local service. The system is mainly operated by Metro. Two routes are operated by Big Blue Bus, one by Culver CityBus and one by Torrance Transit. The Rapid program speeds up travel time for passengers, complementing the Metro Local bus network operated by the Metro as well as other bus routes operated by smaller agencies.

There are two rail stations on the Metro Expo Line that stop on or near Olympic Boulevard: one on 26th Street in Santa Monica outside the Bergamot Station and another slightly south of Olympic Boulevard at Bundy Drive.

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Sawtelle is a district in the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California, partially within the West Los Angeles subregion, that may refer to (1) a larger district that is part of the city of Los Angeles, (2) a smaller unincorporated area of the County of Los Angeles that by definition is not part of the municipality of Los Angeles, or (3) a combination of these, sometimes known as the Sawtelle area. The name "Sawtelle" has also been used to refer only to the Veterans Administration complex, including the modern hospital and north of Wilshire Boulevard, the former site of the historical Sawtelle Veterans Home and outbuildings. This area is on unincorporated land west of the Interstate 405 freeway. The entire Sawtelle area includes portions of zip codes 90049, 90064, and 90025 and all of zip code 90073. The community was initially established in 1899 and named after a manager of the Pacific Land Company who initially was responsible for its development and promotion.

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Highland Avenue is a north/south road in Los Angeles. It is a major thoroughfare that runs from Cahuenga Boulevard and the US 101 Freeway in Hollywood from the north end to Olympic Boulevard in Mid-City Los Angeles on the south end. Highland then is a small residential street from Olympic Boulevard south to Adams Boulevard. For through access, Highland swerves west into Edgewood Place which accesses La Brea Avenue.

Washington Boulevard (Los Angeles) road in Los Angeles

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3rd Street, Los Angeles

3rd Street in Los Angeles is a major east–west thoroughfare. The west end is in downtown Beverly Hills by Santa Monica Boulevard, and the east is at Alameda Street in downtown Los Angeles, where it shares a one-way couplet with 4th Street. East of Alameda it becomes 4th Street, where it heads to East Los Angeles, where it turns back into 3rd Street upon crossing Indiana Street. 3rd Street eventually becomes Pomona Boulevard in Monterey Park, where it then turns into Potrero Grande Drive and finally turns into Rush Street in Rosemead and ends in El Monte.

Centinela Avenue is a major street in the Westside region of Los Angeles County, California.

Vermont Avenue road in Los Angeles County, California

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The western border of Santa Monica, California is the 3-mile (4.8 km) stretch of Santa Monica Bay. On its other sides, the city is bordered by various districts of Los Angeles: the northwestern border is Pacific Palisades, the eastern border is Brentwood north of Wilshire Boulevard and West Los Angeles south of Wilshire, the northeastern border is generally San Vicente Boulevard up to the Riviera Country Club, the southwestern border is Venice Beach and the southern border is with West Los Angeles and Mar Vista.

Purple Line (Los Angeles Metro) subway line in Los Angeles, operated by LACMTA

The Purple Line is a heavy rail subway line operating in Los Angeles, running between downtown and the Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown districts. It is one of six lines on the Metro Rail System, operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Mid-City West is a subregion in the western part of the Central Los Angeles region, served by the Mid City West Community Council.

Beverly Drive major north-south roadway in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

Beverly Drive is a major north-south roadway in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.


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