The Country Network

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The Country Network
Type Broadcast television network
AvailabilityNationwide on Roku (available on OTA digital television and LPTV in two markets)
(covering 25% of the U.S.) [1]
OwnerTCN Country, LLC
Key people
Tim Eaton, President-CEO, Gary Pfleiger, CFO
Launch date
January 7, 2009
Former names
Artists & Fans Network (2009)
American Music Video Network (2009–2010)
The Country Network (2010–2013), (2016–present)
ZUUS Country (2013–2016)
Official website

The Country Network is an American digital broadcast television network that specializes in broadcasting country music videos and original music-based content; its playlist of videos extends from the 1980s through the present day. The network also airs occasional infomercials and traditional advertising.

United States Federal republic in North America

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States or America, is a country comprising 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions. At 3.8 million sq mi (9.8 million km2), the United States is the world's third or fourth largest country by total area and is slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe's 3.93 million sq mi (10.2 million km2). With a population of more than 327 million people, the U.S. is the third most populous country. Most of the country is located contiguously in North America between Canada and Mexico. The extremely diverse geography, climate, and wildlife of the United States make it one of the world's 17 megadiverse countries.

Digital terrestrial television is a technology for broadcast television in which land-based (terrestrial) television stations broadcast television content by radio waves to televisions in consumers' residences in a digital format. DTTV is a major technological advance over the previous analog television, and has largely replaced analog which had been in common use since the middle of the 20th century. Test broadcasts began in 1998 with the changeover to DTTV beginning in 2006 and is now complete in many countries. The advantages of digital terrestrial television are similar to those obtained by digitising platforms such as cable TV, satellite, and telecommunications: more efficient use of limited radio spectrum bandwidth, provision of more television channels than analog, better quality images, and potentially lower operating costs for broadcasters.

A television network is a telecommunications network for distribution of television program content, whereby a central operation provides programming to many television stations or pay television providers. Until the mid-1980s, television programming in most countries of the world was dominated by a small number of terrestrial networks. Many early television networks evolved from earlier radio networks.


The network is headquartered in Haltom City, Texas, with offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and New York. (Address is: The Country Network, 6125 Airport Fwy Suite 100, Haltom City, TX 76117.)

Nashville, Tennessee State capital and consolidated city-county in Tennessee, United States

Nashville is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Tennessee. The city is the county seat of Davidson County and is located on the Cumberland River. The city's population ranks 24th in the U.S. According to 2018 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, the total consolidated city-county population stood at 692,587. The "balance" population, which excludes semi-independent municipalities within Davidson County, was 669,053 in 2018.


The network first launched on January 7, 2009, as the Artists & Fans Network; the music video that inaugurated the network was the Kid Rock video "All Summer Long". AFN was first carried on satellite through DirecTV on channel 236.

Kid Rock American musician and rapper

Robert James Ritchie, known professionally as Kid Rock, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, musician, record producer, and actor. In a career spanning over 20 years, Rock's musical style has alternated between rock, hip hop, and country. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist who can play every instrument in his backing band, Twisted Brown Trucker, he has overseen his own production on nine of his eleven studio albums.

All Summer Long (Kid Rock song) song by Kid Rock

"All Summer Long" is a song by American recording artist Kid Rock. It was released in 2008 as the third single from his seventh studio album Rock n Roll Jesus. The song samples two hit songs of the 1970s, Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama". The idea for the mashup was suggested by Mike E. Clark.

Satellite television is a service that delivers television programming to viewers by relaying it from a communications satellite orbiting the Earth directly to the viewer's location. The signals are received via an outdoor parabolic antenna commonly referred to as a satellite dish and a low-noise block downconverter.

In August 2009, after suffering from financial problems, Southern Venture Capital Group sold all the assets of the company to one of the founders, Warren Hansen, who then changed its name to the American Music Video Network, and rolled out the programming with a new look and feel. On February 15, 2010, the company was renamed The Country Network to represent its focus on country music. Around this time, The Country Network began to transition into a digital multicast network, carried over-the-air on broadcast television stations across the United States as well as the first broadcast network to simulcast to Roku, iPhone, iPad, web, and other OTT outlets.

Terrestrial television television content transmitted via signals in the air

Terrestrial television is a type of television broadcasting in which the television signal is transmitted by radio waves from the terrestrial (Earth-based) transmitter of a television station to a TV receiver having an antenna. The term terrestrial is more common in Europe and Latin America, while in the United States it is called broadcast or over-the-air television (OTA). The term "terrestrial" is used to distinguish this type from the newer technologies of satellite television, in which the television signal is transmitted to the receiver from an overhead satellite, and cable television, in which the signal is carried to the receiver through a cable.

On May 20, 2013, Zuus Media announced its acquisition of The Country Network. On June 1, 2013, Zuus Media announced the rebranding as Zuus Country. Zuus Country was to be the first of several music video networks of various formats. Only one of these other formats, Zuus Latino, ever made it to air. [2]

A radio format or programming format describes the overall content broadcast on a radio station. In countries where radio spectrum use is legally regulated, formats may have a legal status where stations are licensed to transmit only specific formats.

ZUUS Latino was an American digital broadcast television network that was owned by Zuus Media. The network specialized in broadcasting Spanish music videos; its playlist of videos extended from the 1990s through the present day. The network also aired occasional informercials in prime time and other high-dollar day parts. It operated from November 2013 to January 2016.

In January 2016, the network was purchased by a Texas-based company, TCNCountry LLC, with a 43,000-square-foot studio, production and broadcast facility. TCN Country change the brand back to The Country Network, reviving its original name and logo for the revival of the network. [3] [4]


As of 2013, Zuus Country has television stations in over 41 television markets in 26 states, covering approximately 34 million over the air households an 18 million cable subscribers. ZUUS Country (at the time, still named The Country Network) signed a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group in August 2010 to be carried on digital subchannels of Sinclair stations in most of its media markets; [5] the network began airing on Sinclair owned and/or operated stations on October 10, 2010. After Sinclair's original drop of several affiliates in late 2015, the network was down to 24 markets (The contract with Sinclair was expired in June 2017). When TCN Country LLC purchased the network, they immediately started growing the distribution and as of January 30, 2017 the network was up to 54 markets along with the launch of a Roku channel and a slot on smart TVs manufactured by Hitachi and Panasonic.

Current affiliates

TV [6] / RF


Bakersfield KCBT-LD 34.5 (34) Cocola Broadcasting
Fresno KMSG-LD 39.5 (29)Cocola Broadcasting
Los Angeles KFLA-LD 8.1 (8) Luken Communications
Monterey KYMB-LD 27.6 (27)Cocola Broadcasting
Sacramento KSAO-LD 49.7 (49)Cocola Broadcasting
San Francisco KCNZ-CD 28.15 (3)CNZ Communications


Orlando WRCF-CD 29.4 (35) Univision Communications


Atlanta WDWW-LD 28.1 (28) DTV America


Boise KZAK-LD 49.3 (35)Cocola Broadcasting


Des Moines KCYM-LD 45.2 (45)DTV America


Topeka KSQA 12.1 (12)Barbara Wade (51%)
Cooper-Fowler Media (49%)
Sublette, Kansas KDGL-LD 23.4 (23)High Plains Broadcasting, LLC.


Joplin KPJO-LP 49.5 (49)DTV America
Kansas City KAJF-LD 21.1 (16)DTV America

New York

New York City WDVB-CD 23.1 (23)LocusPoint Networks, LLC

North Carolina

Charlotte WVEB-LD 40.2 (14)DTV America


Oklahoma City KTOU-LD 21.5 (21) HC2 Holdings
Tulsa KZLL-LD 39.1 (39)DTV America Corporation

Puerto Rico

Ceiba W18DZ-D 18.2 (18)TV Red de Puerto Rico, Inc.


Nashville WJDE-LD 31.2 (31)Word Broadcasting Network


Amarillo KAUO-LD 15.1 (14)DTV America
Tyler KDKJ-LD 27.4 (27)DTV America
Waco KZCZ-LD 34.1 (34)DTV America
Houston KBPX-LD 46.6 (46)pending move to (27)Word Broadcasting Network
Dallas KJJM-LD 34.7 (34) HC2 Holdings


Milwaukee WTSJ-LP 38.7 (38)DTV America

Former affiliates

Albany, New York WXXA 23.2 (7)Replaced with off-track betting
Albuquerque, New Mexico KRQE 13.2 (16)Replaced with GetTV.
Augusta, Georgia WRDW-TV 12.3 / (12)Replaced by Antenna TV.
Baton Rouge WLFT-CA 30.3Was replaced by TV Scout, then replaced by GetTV.
Baltimore, Maryland WBFF 45.3Was replaced by This TV, which was displaced from 45.2 by WeatherNation TV.
Belmont-Charlotte WJZY 46.4 / (47)Contract was terminated with purchase by Fox Television Stations and station's conversion to Fox; subchannel removed July 1, 2013.
Bessemer (Birmingham) WDBB 17.2 (18)Replaced with full-power simulcast of WBMA-LD for central part of Birmingham market after Sinclair's acquisition of that station's ABC affiliation.
Bloomington (Peoria) WYZZ-TV 43.3 (28)Replaced by GetTV
Buffalo, New York WUTV 29.2 (14)Replaced with TBD
Canton/Cleveland WEKA-LD 41.6 (27)Replaced by Jewelry Television
Cambridge (Boston) WLVI 56.2 (41)Replaced by BUZZR
Cedar Rapids KFXA 28.3 (27)Replaced with TBD
Champaign-Springfield WICS 20.2 (42)Replaced with Comet TV
Charleston WGWG 4.3 (34)Subchannel is now permanently blank.
Charleston, West Virginia WVAH-TV 11.2 (19)Replaced with American Sports Network
Detroit WUDL-LD 19.1 (19)Replaced by Quest
Flint WSMH 66.3Replaced with Comet TV
Fresno KGPE 47.2Replaced with duplicate SD signal of 47.1; affiliation moved to KMSG-LD.
Greensboro-Winston-Salem-High Point WXLV-TV 45.2 (29)Replaced by American Sports Network
Homewood (Birmingham) WTTO 21.2 (28)Replaced by GetTV
Hutchinson (Wichita) KMTW 36.2 (35)Replaced by GetTV, which was moved from the station's third subchannel.
Indianapolis WUDZ-LD 28.2 (28)Replaced by Heroes & Icons
Jacksonville WTLV 12.2 (13)Replaced by Soul of the South Network, then Antenna TV
Las Vegas, Nevada KVCW 33.3 (29)Was replaced by This TV, which was displaced from 33.2 by MyNetworkTV.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin WCGV-TV 24.2 (25)Replaced with Comet TV
Mobile-Pensacola, Florida WEAR-TV 3.2 (17)Replaced with TBD
Nashville WNAB 58.2 (23)Replaced by American Sports Network; affiliation later moved to WKUW-LD.
Nashville, Tennessee|Nashville WKUW-LD 40.4 (40)Replaced by Quest
Ogden-Salt Lake City KUCW 30.3 (48)Replaced by BUZZR
Paragould, AR/Memphis, TN KPMF-LD 26.4 (26)Replaced by BUZZR
Phoenix K38IZ-D 38.4 (38)Replaced with Evine
Paducah, Kentucky WDKA 49.3 (49)Replaced with TBD
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WPGH-TV 53.2 (43)Replaced by GetTV
Raleigh, North Carolina WLFL 22.2 (27)Replaced by American Sports Network
San Antonio, Texas KABB 29.2 (30)Replaced with Comet TV
St. Louis, Missouri KDNL-TV 30.3 (31)Removed for GetTV on 30.2.
Syracuse, New York WSYT 68.2 (19)Replaced with Cozi TV
Troy-Montgomery WIYC 48.1 (48)Replaced with WeatherNation TV, then Cozi TV.
Wichita KCTU-LD 43.6 (43)Now broadcasting localized classic TV programming.

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Comet (TV network) American television network of the Sinclair Television Group

Comet is an American digital broadcast television network that is owned by the Sinclair Television Group subsidiary of the Sinclair Broadcast Group and operated by the MGM Television division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The network focuses on science fiction with some supernatural, horror, adventure and fantasy series and films, sourced mainly from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film and television library. Sinclair also owns Charge! (action), Stadium and TBD broadcast networks. Comet is also available via streaming services, Apple TV, Sony's PlayStation Vue, Roku, Sling TV and Sinclair's Stirr.


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