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Three Angels Broadcasting Network
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FoundedNovember 15, 1984;35 years ago (1984-11-15)
FounderDanny and Linda Shelton
Area served
United States, Canada, Caribbean, Philippines, Russia, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, India, Martinique, Australia, United Kingdom
Products Television, Radio

The Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN, is a Seventh-day Adventist television and radio network which broadcasts religious and health-oriented programming, based in West Frankfort, Illinois, United States. Although it is not formally tied to any particular church or denomination, much of its programming teaches Adventist doctrine and many of its personnel are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. [1]



Three Angels Broadcasting Network is located in West Frankfort, Illinois. [2] In July 2017, 3ABN announced the sale of 60 low-powered television (LPTV) stations and 10 LPTV construction permits to Edge Spectrum. [3] In October 2017, 3ABN announced the sale of 14 LPTV stations to HC2 Holdings. [4]


The stated goal of 3ABN's programming is a blend of family and social programs, health and lifestyle, gospel music, and a wide variety of Bible-based presentations.

3ABN maintains several distinct subchannels, separated by language and format.

As of early 2009, 3ABN's main TV channel had 69% original programming; 3ABN Latino had 67% original programming; and 3ABN Russia had 100% original programming. [5]

The 3ABN International network has the same/similar lineup of programs as 3ABN's flagship network. 3ABN International carries "3ABN Now", the flagship program and some other programming produced by 3ABN Australia.

Not only 3ABN produced their programming at their World Headquarters in West Frankfort, Illinois, 3ABN also produces and carries their programming in their world branches at Three Angels Russian Evangelism Centre in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia and 3ABN Australia Production Centre in Morisset, New South Wales in Australia.


3ABN television networks are available viewing through various ways and platforms like international satellites including DISH Network (United States), local downlink stations (United States), cable television, Internet, YouTube, Facebook, 3ABN mobile app with Apple and Android mobile devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, MySDATV, Apple TV (4th and 5th Generation and future), FaithStream (Australia), Verizon FiOS, Truli, Vision TV UK (United Kingdom), Transvision NetWork (France, Antilles-Guyana and Reunion), VAST Satellite (Australia), Click TV (Papua New Guinea), Sky Direct (Philippines). 3ABN radio networks are available listening through local radio stations, international satellites, 3ABN mobile app with Apple and Android mobile devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, MySDATV, Apple TV, FaithStream (Australia) FaithStream and the Internet.

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W07CL is a low-power television station in Auburn, Indiana, broadcasting locally on VHF channel 7 as a full-time affiliate of the Three Angels Broadcasting Network. The station is a full-time repeater of 3ABN programming, with local programming appearing only on rare occasions.

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K36NE-D is a low-power Class A television station in Las Vegas, Nevada, broadcasting locally in digital on UHF channel 43 as an affiliate of the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN). Founded on February 22, 1995, the station is owned by HC2 Holdings.

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K33LN-D Television station in Minneapolis, Minnesota

K33LN-D is a low-power Class A television station in Minneapolis, Minnesota, broadcasting locally in digital on UHF channel 33. The station is owned by HC2 Holdings. The station was owned by 3ABN until 2017, when it was included in a $9.6 million sale of 14 stations to HC2 Holdings.

K21DO-D is a low-power Class A television station in Palm Springs, California, broadcasting locally in digital on UHF channel 21 as an affiliate of 3ABN. Founded October 29, 1991, the station is owned by HC2 Holdings. The station was owned by 3ABN until 2017, when it was included in a $9.6 million sale of 14 stations to HC2 Holdings.

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