Tongue Mountain

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Tongue Mountain
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Tongue Mountain
Location of Tongue Mountain within New York
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Tongue Mountain
Tongue Mountain (the United States)
Highest point
Elevation 3,159 feet (963 m)
Coordinates 43°54′41″N74°20′44″W / 43.91139°N 74.34556°W / 43.91139; -74.34556 Coordinates: 43°54′41″N74°20′44″W / 43.91139°N 74.34556°W / 43.91139; -74.34556 [1]
LocationENE of Blue Mountain Lake, New York, U.S.
Topo map USGS Dun Brook Mountain

Tongue Mountain is a mountain located in Adirondack Mountains of New York located in the Town of Indian Lake east-northeast of Blue Mountain Lake.

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Tirrell Mountain

Tirrell Mountain is a mountain located in Adirondack Mountains of New York located in the Town of Indian Lake east-northeast of Blue Mountain Lake. Tirrel Pond is located southeast, Dun Brook Mountain is located east, and Tongue Mountain is located northeast of Tirrell Mountain.


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