1971 Japan Soccer League

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Japan Soccer League

1 Yanmar Diesel 149413213+1922Champions
2 Mitsubishi Motors 147433212+2018
3 Nippon Steel 148243423+1118
4 Hitachi 147431817+118
5 Furukawa Electric 145542424015
6 Toyo Industries 143471117610
7 Nippon Kokan 142481123128To Promotion/Relegation Series
8 Nagoya Mutual Bank 1403111043333
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Promotion/Relegation Series

Nagoya Mutual Bank lost its place in the League for a second time, this time to Towa Real Estate, which would become one of the biggest names in Japanese football as Fujita Engineering and Bellmare Hiratsuka, currently known as Shonan Bellmare .

Shonan Bellmare Japanese professional football (soccer) club

Shonan Bellmare is a Japanese professional association football club currently playing in the J1 League. The team is located in Hiratsuka, in the west of Kanagawa Prefecture; their home stadium is Hiratsuka Athletics Stadium. Shonan refers to a coastal area along Sagami Bay that includes Hiratsuka. Bellmare is a portmanteau of the Italian words bello and mare, meaning "beautiful sea".


JSL1st leg2nd legSenior Cup
Nippon Kokan 2-20-0 Tanabe Pharmaceutical (Cup runner-up)
Nagoya Mutual Bank 0-00-1 Towa Real Estate (Cup winner)

Towa RE promoted, Nagoya Mutual Bank relegated; NMB resigned from JSL instead of forming Second Division.

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The 1965 season in Japanese football saw the formation of the Japan Soccer League, the first national league in Japan for football clubs. Eight teams took part in the championship, playing on a home and away basis. Toyo Industries were crowned the first ever champions, whilst Nagoya Mutual Bank came bottom and entered and end of season promotion/relegation match to stay in the top flight. They won this, 6:3 on aggregate against Nippon Kokan.

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