2004 J.League Division 2

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J. League Division 2
Champions Kawasaki Frontale
2nd J2 title
3rd D2 title
Promoted Kawasaki Frontale
Omiya Ardija
Matches played264
Goals scored635 (2.41 per match)
Top goalscorer Juninho (33 goals total)
Highest attendance20,062 (Round 10,
Montedio vs. Vegalta)
Lowest attendance1,338 (Round 31,
HollyHock vs. Bellmare)
Average attendance7,213

The 2004 J. League Division 2 season is the 33rd season of the second-tier club football in Japan and the 6th season since the establishment of J2 League.


In this season, twelve clubs competed in the quadruple round-robin format. Starting this season, promotion slots increased to 2.5 slots. The top two received automatic promotion and the third-placed finisher advanced to the Pro/Rele Series for the promotion. There were no relegation to the third-tier Japan Football League.


Promotion and relegation

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Changes in competition formats

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Changes in clubs

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Following twelve clubs played in J. League Division 2 during 2004 season. Of these clubs, Vegalta Sendai and Kyoto Purple Sanga relegated from Division 1 last year.

League format

Twelve clubs will play in quadruple round-robin format, a total of 44 games each. A club receives 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. The clubs are ranked by points, and tie breakers are, in the following order:

A draw would be conducted, if necessary. However, if two clubs are tied at the first place, both clubs will be declared as the champions. The top two clubs will be promoted to J1, while the 3rd placed club plays a two-legged Promotion/Relegation series.

Changes from previous year

Final league table

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsPromotion or relegation
1 Kawasaki Frontale (C, P)44343710438+66105Promotion to 2005 J. League Division 1
2 Omiya Ardija (P)4426996338+2587
3 Avispa Fukuoka 44237145641+1576Promotion/Relegation Playoff
4 Montedio Yamagata 441914115851+771
5 Kyoto Purple Sanga 441912136553+1269
6 Vegalta Sendai 441514156266459
7 Ventforet Kofu 441513165146+558
8 Yokohama FC 441022124250852
9 Mito HollyHock 446191933602737
10 Shonan Bellmare 447152239642536
11 Sagan Tosu 448112532663435
12 Consadole Sapporo 445152430623230
Updated to match(es) played on November 27, 2004. Source: J. League Division 2
Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) goal difference; 3) number of goals scored.
(C) Champion; (P) Promoted.

Final results

Rounds 1 & 2
Kawasaki Frontale 1–01–02–01–04–12–02–05–25–03–26–0
Omiya Ardija 1–22–21–10–13–12–11–12–12–01–00–0
Avispa Fukuoka 0–12–11–10–02–31–10–01–03–13–20–1
Montedio Yamagata 2–11–30–21–30–01–01–12–22–11–22–1
Kyoto Purple Sanga 1–32–31–43–01–20–22–20–01–10–02–0
Vegalta Sendai 2–12–10–01–10–51–21–04–12–03–11–1
Ventforet Kofu 1–21–21–00–02–12–26–14–01–01–12–1
Yokohama FC 0–20–11–01–10–04–00–01–11–03–02–1
Mito HollyHock 0–12–00–01–20–10–00–02–20–00–12–1
Shonan Bellmare 0–11–01–31–42–23–21–21–10–12–21–1
Sagan Tosu 1–00–00–30–10–23–02–11–10–00–22–1
Consadole Sapporo 0–21–21–20–10–21–02–21–11–21–11–2
Updated to match(es) played on July 11, 2004. Source: J. League Division 2
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.
Rounds 3 & 4
Kawasaki Frontale 0–33–11–23–12–14–24–05–12–15–02–0
Omiya Ardija 2–12–01–12–02–21–01–13–11–01–01–0
Avispa Fukuoka 2–10–30–11–31–01–01–22–02–02–11–0
Montedio Yamagata 1–11–31–31–22–23–02–03–01–12–11–0
Kyoto Purple Sanga 2–62–12–10–12–11–01–10–01–23–14–2
Vegalta Sendai 2–20–11–22–04–33–11–11–14–12–11–1
Ventforet Kofu 0–03–01–22–31–12–10–11–11–01–00–0
Yokohama FC 2–50–10–10–01–10–00–10–13–23–21–1
Mito HollyHock 1–21–10–12–21–21–21–01–10–01–11–1
Shonan Bellmare 0–12–30–12–10–22–21–10–02–03–01–1
Sagan Tosu 0–30–11–00–20–21–20–00–20–00–00–1
Consadole Sapporo 1–30–10–21–20–01–00–20–02–10–01–1
Updated to match(es) played on November 27, 2004. Source: J. League Division 2
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

Promotion / Relegation Playoff

Avispa Fukuoka 0 - 2 Kashiwa Reysol
Official Report 47' Harutaka Ono
89' Tatsuya Yazawa
Hakata no Mori, Fukuoka
Attendance: 20,522
Referee: Toshimitsu Yoshida

Kashiwa Reysol 2 - 0 Avispa Fukuoka
Yuji Unozawa 57'
Yasuhiro Hato 61'
Official Report
Kashiwa Soccer Stadium, Kashiwa
Attendance: 13,149
Referee: Joji Kashihara

Kashiwa Reysol won on 4-0 on aggregate, and therefore both clubs remained in their respective leagues.

Top scorers

RankScorerClubGoals [1]
1 Flag of Brazil.svg Juninho Kawasaki Frontale
2 Flag of Japan.svg Kazuki Ganaha Kawasaki Frontale
Flag of Japan.svg Hideo Ōshima Montedio Yamagata
4 Flag of South Korea.svg Choi Yong-Soo Kyoto Purple Sanga
Flag of Japan.svg Hisato Satō Vegalta Sendai
6 Flag of Brazil.svg Marcus Kawasaki Frontale
7 Flag of Brazil.svg Baré Omiya Ardija
8 Flag of Brazil.svg Baron Ventforet Kofu
9 Flag of Japan.svg Michiaki Kakimoto Shonan Bellmare
Flag of Japan.svg Hiroshi Morita Omiya Ardija

Attendance figures

1 Vegalta Sendai 356,35918,75112,02316,198−25.4%
2 Consadole Sapporo 208,24119,8735,0619,466−12.1%
3 Kawasaki Frontale 201,26420,0434,4029,148+26.0%
4 Avispa Fukuoka 192,34915,4445,1308,743+17.9%
5 Kyoto Purple Sanga 171,76410,5793,1247,807−28.0%
6 Montedio Yamagata 141,24620,0622,9646,420+46.9%
7 Ventforet Kofu 140,14110,1212,4016,370+9.9%
8 Omiya Ardija 134,36512,0041,9016,108+20.8%
9 Shonan Bellmare 103,2089,8792,7114,691−0.8%
10 Yokohama FC 92,81812,1802,0114,219+12.7%
11 Mito HollyHock 83,0029,1551,3383,773+22.3%
12 Sagan Tosu 79,4159,5652,2693,610+13.8%
League total1,904,17220,0621,3387,213−8.6%

Updated to games played on November 27, 2004
Source: J. League Division 2
Team played previous season in J1.

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