1994 J.League

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Champions Verdy Kawasaki
2nd J. League title
7th Japanese title
Asian Club Championship Verdy Kawasaki
Matches played264
Goals scored841 (3.19 per match)
Top goalscorer Frank Ordenewitz (30 goals)
Highest attendance55,125 - Urawa Reds vs. Verdy (September 17)
Lowest attendance7,854 - Urawa Reds vs. Sanfrecce (March 23)
Total attendance5,152,117
Average attendance19,516
Geographic location of twelve J.League clubs in 1994. J-league-94.png
Geographic location of twelve J.League clubs in 1994.

The J.League 1994 season was the second season of the J.League. The league fixture began on March 12, 1994, and ended on November 19, 1994. The Suntory Championship '94 took place on November 26 and December 2, 1994.



CompetitionChampionRunner-Up3rd Place
League Competition
J.League Suntory Series Sanfrecce Hiroshima Shimizu S-Pulse Kashima Antlers
J.League NICOS Series Verdy Kawasaki Bellmare Hiratsuka Yokohama Marinos
Suntory Championship Verdy Kawasaki Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Cup Tournaments
Emperor's Cup Bellmare Hiratsuka Cerezo Osaka Yokohama Marinos
Gamba Osaka
Nabisco Cup Verdy Kawasaki Júbilo Iwata Gamba Osaka
Yokohama Marinos
XEROX Super Cup Verdy Kawasaki Yokohama Flügels

1994 J.League clubs

The following 12 clubs participated in J.League during 1994 season. Of these clubs, Bellmare Hiratsuka, and Júblio Iwata were newly promoted from Japan Football League (former).

1994 J.League format

In the 1994 season, the league followed split-season format, and each halves (or stages) were known as Suntory Series and NICOS Series for sponsorship purposes. In each series, twelve clubs played in double round-robin format, a total of 22 games per club (per series). The games went to golden-goal extra time and penalties if needed after regulation. The clubs were ranked by number of wins, and tie breakers are, in the following order:

The club that finished at the top of the table is declared stage champion and qualifies for the Suntory Championship. The first stage winner, hosts the first leg in the championship series. If the same club win both stages, the runners-up of each stages plays against each other and the winners challenges the stage winner at the championship game.

Changes in Competition Format

1994 J.League final standings

Suntory Series (1st Stage) standings

1 Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg Sanfrecce Hiroshima 221754426+181994 Suntory Series Champions Qualified to Suntory Championship '94
2 Flag of Shizuoka Prefecture.svg Shimizu S-Pulse 221664125+16
3 Flag of Ibaraki.svg Kashima Antlers 221664532+13
4 Flag of Tokyo Prefecture.svg Verdy Kawasaki 221484321+22
5 Flag of Kanagawa.svg Yokohama Flügels 221393627+9
6 Flag of Chiba.svg JEF United Ichihara 22101234439
7 Flag of Shizuoka Prefecture.svg Júbilo Iwata 2291327325
8 Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg Nagoya Grampus Eight 2291323285
9 Flag of Kanagawa.svg Yokohama Marinos 2281429356
10 Flag of Osaka.svg Gamba Osaka 2271537469
11 Flag of Kanagawa.svg Bellmare Hiratsuka 22715275427
12 Flag of Saitama.svg Urawa Red Diamonds 22616264317
Source: [ citation needed ]

NICOS Series (2nd stage) standings

1 Verdy Kawasaki 221754826+221994 NICOS Series Champions Qualifies to Suntory Championship '94
2 Bellmare Hiratsuka 221664826+22
3 Yokohama Marinos 221484426+18
4 Sanfrecce Hiroshima 22121027314
5 Kashima Antlers 2211114436+8
6 Shimizu S-Pulse 22111128313
7 Júbilo Iwata 22111129378
8 Yokohama Flügels 2291331332
9 JEF United Ichihara 2291335427
10 Gamba Osaka 2281429367
11 Urawa Red Diamonds 22814335118
12 Nagoya Grampus Eight 22616335421
Source: [ citation needed ]

Suntory Championship '94

Sanfrecce Hiroshima0 – 1Verdy Kawasaki
Soccerball shade.svg 35' Kitazawa
Hiroshima Big Arch
Attendance: 42,316
Referee: Alberto Tejada

Verdy Kawasaki1 – 0Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Rui Ramos Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Tokyo National Stadium
Attendance: 50,512
Referee: Zoran Petrović
VERDY KAWASAKI won the series on 2-0 aggregate.

Overall standings

1 Verdy Kawasaki 4431139147+441994 J.League Champions Qualifies to 1995/96 ACC, 1995 Super Cup, and 1995 Sanwa Bank Cup
2 Sanfrecce Hiroshima 4429157157+14
3 Kashima Antlers 4427178968+21
4 Shimizu S-Pulse 4427176956+13
5 Bellmare Hiratsuka 44232175805
6 Yokohama Marinos 4422227361+12
7 Yokohama Flügels 4422226760+7
8 Júbilo Iwata 442024566913
9 JEF United Ichihara 441925698516
10 Gamba Osaka 441529668216
11 Nagoya Grampus Eight 441529568226
12 Urawa Red Diamonds 441430599435
Source: [ citation needed ]

Golden Boots ranking

1 Flag of Germany.svg Frank Ordenewitz JEF United Ichihara 30
2 Flag of Brazil.svg Alcindo Sartori Kashima Antlers 28
3 Flag of Brazil.svg Betinho Bellmare Hiratsuka 24
4 Flag of Japan.svg Nobuhiro Takeda Verdy Kawasaki 23
Flag of Argentina.svg Ramon Diaz Yokohama Marinos 23
6 Flag of Brazil.svg Toninho Shimizu S-Pulse 22
7 Flag of Japan.svg Yoshiyuki Hasegawa Kashima Antlers 21
8 Flag of Japan.svg Koji Noguchi Bellmare Hiratsuka 19
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Ivan Hašek Sanfrecce Hiroshima 19
10 Flag of Japan.svg Kazuyoshi Miura Verdy Kawasaki 16
Flag of Japan.svg Toshihiro Yamaguchi Gamba Osaka 16
12 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Pavel Černý Sanfrecce Hiroshima 15
Flag of Argentina.svg Ramón Medina Bello Yokohama Marinos 15
14 Flag of Japan.svg Takuya Takagi Sanfrecce Hiroshima 14
Flag of Brazil.svg Bismarck Verdy Kawasaki 14


Individual Awards

Most Valuable Player Flag of Brazil.svg Luiz Carlos Pereira Verdy Kawasaki
Rookie of the Year Flag of Japan.svg Kazuaki Tasaka Bellmare Hiratsuka
Manager of the Year Flag of Japan.svg Yasutaro Matsuki Verdy Kawasaki
Top Scorer Flag of Germany.svg Frank Ordenewitz JEF United Chiba 30 goals.

Best Eleven

GK Shinkichi Kikuchi Verdy Kawasaki Flag of Japan.svg  Japan
DF Pereira Verdy Kawasaki Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil
DF Masami Ihara Yokohama Marinos Flag of Japan.svg  Japan
DF Yoshihiro Natsuka Bellmare Hiratsuka Flag of Japan.svg  Japan
MF Tetsuji Hashiratani Verdy Kawasaki Flag of Japan.svg  Japan
MF Tsuyoshi Kitazawa Verdy Kawasaki Flag of Japan.svg  Japan
MF Ruy Ramos Verdy Kawasaki Flag of Japan.svg  Japan
MF Bismarck Verdy Kawasaki Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil
MF Betinho Bellmare Hiratsuka Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil
FW Nobuhiro Takeda Verdy Kawasaki Flag of Japan.svg  Japan
FW Takuya Takagi Sanfrecce Hiroshima Flag of Japan.svg  Japan

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