1973 Japan Soccer League

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The 1973 season of Japanese football.

League tables

JSL First Division

Tanabe Pharmaceuticals was relegated, thereby becoming the first Japanese team to go straight back down one season after promotion.


1 Mitsubishi Motors 1814223512+2330Champions
2 Hitachi 1812153518+1725
3 Yanmar Diesel 1810354017+2323
4 Towa Real Estate 189362922+721
5 Furukawa Electric 189363127+421
6 Nippon Steel 187292526116
7 Toyota Motors 185582231915
8 Toyo Industries 1846816281214
9 Nippon Kokan 1844102432812To Promotion/Relegation Series
10 Tanabe Pharmaceutical 181116751443
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JSL 1/2 Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL Division 11st leg2nd legJSL Division 2
Nippon Kokan 2-12-2 Kofu SC
Tanabe Pharmaceutical 2-10-2 Eidai Industries

Eidai promoted, Tanabe relegated.

JSL Second Division

1 Eidai Industries 1811435124+2726To Promotion/Relegation Series with Division 1
2 Kofu SC 1812243925+1426
3 Yomiuri 1810444021+1924
4 Fujitsu 189453328+522
5 NTT Kinki 188553129+221
6 Dainichi Nippon Cable Industries 185673034416
7 Kyoto Shiko 185493135414
8 Teijin Matsuyama 1845921432213
9 Toyoda Automatic Loom Works 182511303449To Promotion/Relegation Series with Senior Cup Finalists
10 Hagoromo Club 1833122548239
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JSL Promotion/Relegation Series

Sumitomo, at the time based in Osaka, would move to Kashima, Ibaraki in 1975 and become today's Kashima Antlers .

JSL1st leg2nd legSenior Cup
Toyoda Automatic Loom Works 1-11-2 Hitachi Ibaraki (Cup runner-up)
Hagoromo Club 2-21-2 Sumitomo Metal (Cup winner)

Hitachi Ibaraki and Sumitomo promoted, Toyota Industries and Hagoromo Club relegated.

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