1976 Japan Soccer League

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Statistics of Japan Soccer League for the 1976 season.


League tables

First Division

1 Furukawa Electric 1811433715+2226Champions
2 Mitsubishi Motors 189452816+1222
3 Fujita 189452820+822
4 Yanmar Diesel 189363420+1421
5 Hitachi 187742214+821
6 Nippon Kokan 186842221+120
7 Eidai 187471824618Folded
8 Toyo Industries 185581620415
9 Nippon Steel 1852112330712To Promotion/Relegation Series
10 Toyota Motors 1811161058483
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Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL Division 11st leg2nd legJSL Division 2
Nippon Steel 2-13-2 Yomiuri
Toyota Motors 2-22-1 Fujitsu

Since Eidai dropped out of the league and folded in March 1977, Fujitsu was promoted, meaning no team was relegated.

Second Division

1 Fujitsu 181332326+2629To Promotion/Relegation Series with Division 1
2 Yomiuri 1811345128+2325
3 Tanabe Pharmaceutical 1810532818+1025
4 Honda 186932517+821
5 Teijin Matsuyama 189183228+419
6 Yanmar Club 186572323017
7 Sumitomo Metal 1853102734713
8 Kofu SC 18441014301612
9 Kyoto Shiko 18351011251411To Promotion/Relegation Series with Senior Cup finalists
10 Furukawa Electric Chiba 1832131751348
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JSL Promotion/Relegation Series

Nissan Motors, future Yokohama Marinos, currently Yokohama F. Marinos , joined the league for the first time.

JSL1st leg2nd legSenior Cup
Kyoto Shiko 2-12-1 Dainichi Nippon Cable Industries (Cup runner-up)
Furukawa Electric Chiba 0-00-1 Nissan Motors (Cup winner)

Nissan promoted. Furukawa Chiba was not relegated due to Eidai's withdrawal.

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