Goulburn Valley Highway

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Goulburn Valley Highway

Location Goulburn Valley Hwy.svg
General information
Type Highway
Length271 km (168 mi)
Route number(s)
route number
  • Australian national highway A39.svg National Highway A39 (1998-2014)
  • Australian national highway M39.svg National Highway M39 (part, 2001-2014)
  • Australian national highway 39.svg National Highway 39 (?-1998)
  • NSW/Vic Border - Seymour
  • Australian state route 168.svg State Route 168 (1986-1998)
  • Seymour - Yea [1]
  • Australian state route 153.svgAustralian state route 168.svg State Route 153 & 168 (1986-1998) (duplex)
  • Yea - Cathkin
  • Australian state route 168.svg State Route 168 (1986-1998)
  • Cathkin- Eildon
Major junctions
NE end
SE end
Major settlements Strathmerton, Shepparton, Nagambie, Seymour, Yea, Alexandra
Highway system

The Goulburn Valley Highway [2] is a highway located in Victoria, Australia. The section north of the Hume Freeway is part of the Melbourne to Brisbane National Highway (together with Hume Freeway) and is the main link between these two cities as well as a major link between Victoria and inland New South Wales. It is also the most direct route between Melbourne and the major regional centre of Shepparton in Victoria (via the Hume Freeway).


Route description

The highway roughly follows the course of the Goulburn River, a tributary of the Murray River. The Highway serves the fruit and vegetable growing areas of the Goulburn Valley in Victoria, one of Australia's most productive agricultural regions.

The highway runs from Eildon to Seymour as a two lane single carriageway sealed road with shoulders. The section from the Hume Freeway to Arcadia via Nagambie has been fully converted into a dual carriageway and has been renamed as the Goulburn Valley Freeway. The freeway upgrade has made sections of the original Goulburn Valley Highway redundant, either incorporated into the new freeway or acting as local access roads. The freeway section is covered with a speed limit of 110 km/h, the standard speed limit for rural freeways in Australia. Between Arcadia and Tocumwal the highway is a two lane single carriageway but with tactile road lines, wide shoulders and small sections of 3 or 4 lane single carriageway road for overtaking. The Goulburn Valley Highway crosses the Murray River at Tocumwal to join the Newell Highway in New South Wales.

Freeway upgrade

The Goulburn Valley Highway exit to Seymour and Yea near the Hume Freeway GoulburnValleyFreeway1.jpg
The Goulburn Valley Highway exit to Seymour and Yea near the Hume Freeway

The Goulburn Valley Highway is defined as a National Highway which means the Australian Government fully funds improvements to it. It is progressively being upgraded to freeway standard with the goal to ultimately bypass all towns between the Hume Freeway and the Murray River at the New South Wales border.[ citation needed ]

Timeline of upgrade

Arcadia duplication

The duplication was a $40.55 million project funded by the Australian Government as part of its Auslink Program. The works involved duplication of 10 km of the existing Goulburn Valley Highway between the Murchison East deviation and the proposed Shepparton Bypass, just north of Ross Road. It incorporates four at-grade intersections, frontage access roads, a rest area with full facilities, and wire rope safety barriers.

The Arcadia section runs adjacent to the Calder Woodburn Memorial Avenue of Honour. A Conservation Management Plan was developed in consultation with Heritage Victoria to ensure that impact on the Avenue of Honour was minimised. The plans included measures to enhance and highlight the avenue of trees. The project was started in June 2006, open to traffic in February 2008, with final completion of all works in April 2008.

The highway carries an estimated 6,500 vehicles per day, including more than 2,000 commercial vehicles.[ when? ]

Nagambie bypass

The Nagambie Bypass, funded as part of the Auslink 2 (2009–2014) Federal Government infrastructure program, bypasses the town of Nagambie to the east. Funding was announced in May 2009, [7] and construction commenced in December 2009. The bypass opened to traffic in April 2013. [6]

Costed at $222 million, $177.6 million was contributed by the Australian Government, with the remaining $44.4 million from the State Government. [8] The project was made up of two sections: duplicating the existing highway north of Nagambie for 3.5 km between Kirwans Bridge-Longwood Road and Moss Road (completed in November 2011), and the 13.5 km bypass road from Mitchellstown Road to Kirwans Bridge-Longwood Road. [8]

Shepparton bypass

An alignment for the Shepparton bypass has been decided. The bypass will cross the Goulburn River at Toolamba and travel west of Mooroopna rejoining the existing highway north of Congupna. [9]

It was proposed that the Shepparton Bypass would be funded by Auslink 2 (2009–2014) [10] however as of the beginning of 2017 it had not been built yet.

Strathmerton deviation

A realignment will bypass the small townships of Strathmerton and Yarroweyah and avoid dangerous bends south of the Murray River crossing at Tocumwal. The proposed new route will cross the Murray Valley Highway instead of follow it through those towns, and rejoin the current route just south of the Murray River. [11]

The proposed Strathmerton Deviation was also to be funded by Auslink 2 (2009–2014) [12] but had also not been constructed by the beginning of 2017.

Major intersections and towns

NSW/Vic Border - Seymour

LGALocationkm [13] miDestinationsNotes
New South Wales – Victoria state border270170New South Wales – Victoria state border
Moira Koonoomoo Continues as AUS Alphanumeric Route A39.svg Newell Highway (A39)
259161AUS Alphanumeric Route C367.svg Cobram-Koonoomoo Road (C367) – Cobram, Yarrawonga
Yarroweyah 255158AUS Alphanumeric Route B400.svg Murray Valley Highway (B400) – Benalla, Cobram, Yarrawonga Duplex with B400 Murray Valley Highway through Strathmerton until Strathmerton bypass is constructed
Strathmerton 241150AUS Alphanumeric Route B400.svg Murray Valley Highway (B400) – Nathalia, Echuca, Kerang, Swan Hill
Numurkah 223139AUS Alphanumeric Route C361.svg Katamite-Nathalia Road (C361) – Nathalia Concurrent with C361 through Numurkah
221137AUS Alphanumeric Route C361.svg Katamatite-Nathalia Road (C361) – Katamatite
Greater Shepparton Congupna 198.5123.3AUS Alphanumeric Route C363.svg Katamatite-Shepparton Road (C363) – Katamatite Northern extent of proposed Shepparton bypass
198.4123.3AUS Alphanumeric Route C391.svg Grahamvale Road (C391) – Euroa, Melbourne via town bypass
Shepparton North 194121AUS Alphanumeric Route C358.svg Barmah-Shepparton Road (C358) – Nathalia, Barmah
Shepparton 191119AUS Alphanumeric Route C364.svg Dookie-Shepparton Road (C364) – Dookie
189117AUS Alphanumeric Route A300.svg Midland Highway (A300) – Kyabram, Elmore, Bendigo, Benalla
Kialla 182113AUS Alphanumeric Route C391.svg River Road (C391) – Euroa, Benalla, Tocumwal
Arcadia 173107Ross Road / Karramomus Roadcontinues as AUS Alphanumeric Route A39.svg Goulburn Valley Highway north; AUS Alphanumeric Route M39.svg Goulburn Valley Freeway south. Proposed southern end of Shepparton bypass
171106Doyles Road
169105Arcadia Road – Arcadia, Tamleugh West
Strathbogie Arcadia South 168104Arcadia Two Chain Road – Euroa
167.5104.1Zocks Road
166103Noonans Road – Arcadia
164102Baliffs Road
Moorilim 162101AUS Alphanumeric Route C345.svg Murchison-Violet Town Road (C345) – Murchison, Violet Town
15898Douglas Road / Burkes Road
Wahring 15395Dargalong Road – Murchison East, Monea
15093AUS Alphanumeric Route C357.svg Wahring-Murchison East Road – Murchison, Rushworth, Tatura
14791Wahring-Euroa Road – Euroa Caltex Service Centre
Kirwans Bridge 14389AUS Alphanumeric Route C392.svg Kirwans Bridge-Longwood Road – Nagambie, Longwood
Tabilk 13081AUS Alphanumeric Route C346.svgAUS Alphanumeric Route C392.svg Mitchellstown Road (C346/C392) – Nagambie, Heathcote, Avenel
Mangalore 12477Aerodrome Road – Mangalore Airport, Avanel
12175Gerrards Road – Mangalore
11672Selectors Road / Nalinga Road
Mitchell Seymour 11471AUS Alphanumeric Route M31.svg Hume FreewayMelbourne, Wodonga Sydney continues as AUS Alphanumeric Route B340.svg Goulburn Valley Highway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Hume Freeway (Seymour) - Eildon

Mitchell Seymour 00.0AUS Alphanumeric Route M31.svg Hume Freeway – Melbourne, Wodonga, Sydney B340 Continues as AUS Alphanumeric Route M39.svg Goulburn Valley Freeway (M39) to Shepparton
53.1AUS Alphanumeric Route C384.svg Seymour-Tooborac Road (C384) – Puckapunyal, Tooborac, Melbourne
Whiteheads Creek 159.3 Goulburn River
169.9AUS Alphanumeric Route C383.svg Upper Goulburn Road (C383) – Tallarook, Melbourne
Murrindindi Kerrisdale 2516 King Parrot Creek
Yea 4327AUS Alphanumeric Route C725.svg Whittlesea-Yea Road (C725) – Flowerdale, Whittlesea
4427AUS Alphanumeric Route B300.svg Melba Highway (B300) – Yarra Glen, Lilydale B300 duplexes with B340
4528 Yea River
Molesworth 5735 Goulburn River
Cathkin 6239AUS Alphanumeric Route B300.svg Maroondah Link Highway (B300) – Bonnie Doon, Mansfield, Benalla Goulburn Highway continues as B340 only
Koriella 6842AUS Alphanumeric Route C516.svg Maroondah Highway (C516) – Bonnie Doon, Mansfield, Benalla
Alexandra 7547AUS Alphanumeric Route B360.svg Maroondah Highway (B360) – Marysville, Healesville, Lilydale, Melbourne
Thornton 8452 Goulburn River
8754AUS Alphanumeric Route C515.svg Taggerty-Thornton Road (C515) – Taggerty, Melbourne
Eildon 10062 Goulburn River
Continues as Eildon Road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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Murchison, Victoria Town in Victoria, Australia

Murchison is a small riverside rural village located on the Goulburn River in Victoria, Australia. Murchison is located 167 kilometres from Melbourne and is just to the west of the Goulburn Valley Highway between Shepparton and Nagambie. The surrounding countryside contains orchards, vineyards and dairy farms and also HM Prison Dhurringile. At the 2016 census, Murchison had a population of 925.

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Strathmerton Town in Victoria, Australia

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Goulburn Valley

The Goulburn Valley is a sub-region, part of the Hume region of the Australian state of Victoria. The sub-region consists of those areas in the catchment of the Goulburn River and other nearby streams, and is part of the Murray-Darling Basin. The Goulburn Valley is bordered on the south by the Great Dividing Range and to the north by the Murray River, the state border with New South Wales. The sub-region is one of Australia's most productive and intensively farmed areas and is predominantly irrigated.

Nagambie Town in Victoria, Australia

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Murchison East railway station

Murchison East railway station is located on the Shepparton railway line in Victoria, Australia. It serves the town of Murchison, and opened on 13 January 1880.

This is a list of freeways or freeway grade roads in Australia, sorted by states and territories and their corresponding routes. This list includes tollways / toll roads such as the CityLink freeway system in Melbourne. This list has over 120 entries. The jurisdiction in Australia without freeways is the Northern Territory and Jervis Bay Territory. New South Wales has the largest and densest freeway network in Australia followed by Victoria and then Queensland

Strathmerton railway station

Strathmerton is a closed railway station on the Goulburn Valley railway in the town of Strathmerton, Victoria, Australia. The station opened at the same time as the railway from Shepparton to Cobram on 1 October 1888, with the line to Tocumwal not opening until 28 February 1905, ending at a temporary terminus on the south side of the Murray River, the line not completed into Tocumwal until July 1908. The junction between the lines was to the north of the station, facing down trains.

The M80 Ring Road, more formally known as the Western Ring Road and Metropolitan Ring Road, is an urban freeway corridor in Melbourne, Australia. It connects the northern suburbs and western suburbs to other Victorian urban and rural freeways:


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