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Location in Kerala, India
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Mulavoor (India)
Coordinates: 10°0′40″N76°36′20″E / 10.01111°N 76.60556°E / 10.01111; 76.60556 Coordinates: 10°0′40″N76°36′20″E / 10.01111°N 76.60556°E / 10.01111; 76.60556
indiaFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
Founded byBabu Paul MLA
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
<686673 PIN -->
2011 census code628021

Mulavoor is a panchayath in Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is a semi urban area in Muvattupuzha town. Mulavoor panchayath has many educational institutions like Ilahia engineering college, Ilahiya College of Management Studies, Govt U.P. School Mulavoor, MSM U.P School etc. The panchayath have many business organisation like KNS Timbers Mulavoor, marangattu cashews, mulattu cashews etc. Mulavoor chandanakkudam, Ulsavam of Arecadu Bhagavathi temple are the festivals of Mulavoor.


According to the 2011 census of India, the Mulavoor village has 7915 households. The literacy rate of the village is 82.94%. [1]

Demographics (2011 Census) [1]
Children aged below 6 years382219481874
Scheduled caste 19789581020
Scheduled tribe 995643
Workers (all)1212295632559
Main workers (total)1052487641760
Main workers: Cultivators63659640
Main workers: Agricultural labourers804633171
Main workers: Household industry workers23518253
Main workers: Other884973531496
Marginal workers (total)1598799799
Marginal workers: Cultivators674027
Marginal workers: Agricultural labourers28019288
Marginal workers: Household industry workers14423121
Marginal workers: Others1107544563

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Ernakulam is a district of Kerala, India, that takes its name from the eponymous city division in Kochi. It is situated in the central part of the state, spans an area of about 3,000 square kilometres (1,200 sq mi), and is home to over 9% of Kerala's population. Its headquarters are located at Kakkanad. The district includes Kochi, also known as the IT and commercial capital of Kerala, which is famous for its ancient Hindu temples, churches, and mosques. The district includes the largest metropolitan region of the state: Greater Cochin. Ernakulam is the district that yields the most revenue and the largest number of industries in the state. It contributes to around 60% of the annual state revenue, and is the third most populous district in Kerala, after Malappuram and Thiruvananthapuram. The district also hosts the highest number of international and domestic tourists in Kerala state.

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Piravom is a municipality in Ernakulam district and a suburb of Kochi in the state of Kerala, India. It is situated around 30 km South East of the Kochi city center and around 40 km north of Kottayam. Piravom is famous for historic Hindu temples and Syrian Christian churches and is believed as the birthplace of Adi Shankara. The town lies 20 km from Muvattupuzha. Piravom is located at the boundary between two districts, Ernakulam and Kottayam. Eliyamma Philip is the municipal chairperson & K.P Salim is the vice Chairman of Piravom Municipality.

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Karunagappalli, also written as Karunagappally, is a municipality in Kollam district of Kerala, India. Karunagappalli is situated .24 km north of Kollam and 60 km (37 mi) south of Alappuzha. Karunagappalli taluk consists of Alappad, Ochira, Adinad, Karunagappally, Thazhava, Pavumba, Thodiyoor, Kallalibhagom, Thevalakkara, Chavara, Neendakara, Clappana, Kulasekharapuram, Thekkumbhagam, Ayanivelikulangara, Panmana, Ponmana and Vadakumthala. The taluk is bound on the north by Kayamkulam, on the east by Kunnathur taluk, on the south by Kollam and on the west by the Arabian Sea. It is one of the fastest developing towns in Kerala and is part of Kollam metropolitan area.

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Mulakulam is a village spread over the Kottayam and Ernakulam districts of Kerala, India, and is situated on the banks of the River Muvattupuzha. Mulakulam lies in one municipality viz Piravom municipality and Mulakulam grama panchayath. While Mulakulam North falls under the purview of Piravom municipality in Ernakulam District, Mulakulam South is governed by the Mulakulam panchayat of Kottayam district. The village is located about 38 kilometers from both Kottayam town and Kochi city. Piravom is the nearest town. The population of this village is about 22360 people.

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Thrikkalathoor is a village in Ernakulam district of Kerala state (India), located near to the towns of Perumbavoor, Muvattupuza and Kothamangalam.

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Elanji is a village in Ernakulam district, Muvattupuzha Taluk in the Indian state of Kerala.

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Kallorkkad is a village in Ernakulam district in Kerala, India. Most of its people are either farmers or engaged in small-scale business.

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Marady is a village in Ernakulam district in the Indian state of Kerala.

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Puthenkurish is a town in Ernakulam district in the Indian state of Kerala near Kolenchery town en route to Muvattupuzha. It is a part of the Greater Cochin area. Puthencruz is one of the fastest developing villages in Ernakulam district. Puthencruz plays a pivotal role in connecting different smaller villages and other surrounding towns to Ernakulam as it lies in the outer ring of Ernakulam City. Puthencruz is rapidly developing into a city and will be at the pivot of expansion of the Ernakulam municipal area.

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Varappetty is a village in Ernakulam district in the Indian state of Kerala. Varappetty is 7 km from Kothamangalam along Kothamangalam-Vazhakulam Road, 6 km from Muvattupuzha along Puthuppady-Oonnukal Road and 12 km from Vazhakulam in Eranakulam District.

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Mutholapuram is a village in Ernakulam district Muvattupuzha Taluk in the Indian state of Kerala.Mutholapuram is a small Village/hamlet in Muvattupuzha Taluk in Ernakulam District of Kerala State, India. It comes under Elanji Panchayath. It belongs to Central Kerala Division. It is located 42 km towards East from District headquarters Kakkanad. 8 km from Pampakuda. 182 km from State capital Thiruvananthapuram .Mutholapuram has its own name originated from three gods.Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma who are together known as mudhevar give this name. From mudhevar it turned to muthalapuram and fram that to mutholapuram. Information given by Vigo Creation YouTube group.

Pezhakkappilly town in Kerala, India

Pezhakkappilly is a suburb in Kerala, India, to the northwest of the town of Muvattupuzha. Its main junctions are Paipra Kavala, Sabine Junction, Pallichirangara, Pallipady, and Trikalathoor.

Muvattupuzha taluk is part of the Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala, India. This taluk was formed during the period of Marthanda Varma. It is a revenue division for ease of administration purposes, and is headquartered in Muvattupuzha. Most government offices are in the Mini Civil Station at Vazhappilly. Muvattupuzha taluk consists of

Valakam, Ernakulam district village in Kerala, India

Valakam, also known as Valakom is a village in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, India. It is located in the Muvattupuzha taluk, 8 kilometres (5 mi) west of the Muvattupuzha town. The [[National Highway 85 {BJ construction}(India)|National Highway 85]] passes through Valakom.

Kakkoor Village in Kerala, India

Kakkoor is a village situated in the eastern part of Ernakulam district in Kerala, south of India. Kakkoor is famously known for Kakkoor Kalavayal the agricultural fest conducted every year in the month of Kumbham in the Malayalam calendar.

Avoly Village in Kerala, India

Avoly is a panchayath located in Ernakulam district of the Indian state of Kerala. The panchayath is a part of Muvattupuzha taluk and consists of 14 wards which include Anikkad, Kavana, Kizhakkekara, Kottapuram, Nadukkara, and Pareeka Peedika.


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