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Elephant Kraal at Kodanad
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Location in Kerala, India
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Kodanad (India)
Coordinates: 10°11′N76°31′E / 10.18°N 76.51°E / 10.18; 76.51 Coordinates: 10°11′N76°31′E / 10.18°N 76.51°E / 10.18; 76.51
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0484
Vehicle registration KL-40
2011 census code627941
Nearest cityCochin

Kodanad is a rural riverside village of Ernakulam district in Kerala, South India. It is 18 km from Angamaly. Kodanad is situated on the south bank of Periyar river, about 42 kilometers east of Kochi. The village is a major tourist destination because it houses an Elephant training center. [1]




Kodanad has got private bus services to places inside and outside Ernakulam District and run into several neighbouring towns. There are frequent bus services to Perumbavoor from here. AutoRickshaws are commonly used for small distances. The nearest railway stations are Angamaly and Aluva. The Cochin International Airport at Nedumbassery is only 16 km from the Kodanad Elephant training centre. KL-40 is the RTO code for Kunnathunad Taluk and Perumbavoor. Perumbavoor JRTO is at Pattal.

Kodanad is surrounded by many small but populous commuter villages, notably Koovappady, Thottuva, Alattuchira, Panamkuzhy, Cheranalloor, Kurichilakode, Kaprikad, etc. Vallam town, is one of the main interchange points for public transport.

The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is about 20 km (12 mi) by road.


In the 1950–60s, Kodanad used to be the largest of several elephant training centres for captured elephants from the adjoining forest regions. They were trained using Mahouts, specially skilled people also known as 'Paappaan' in Malayalam language. In the 1970s, there was a ban to elephant capture by Government of India and from then on, Kodanad was primarily used as a rescue training centre. As of 2017, all the animals have been shifted to nearby Abhayaranyam facility.[ citation needed ]


According to the 2011 census of India, Kodanad has 3502 households. The literacy rate of the village is 84.63%. [2]

Demographics (2011 Census) [2]
Children aged below 6 years1284655629
Scheduled caste 206610051061
Scheduled tribe 1065353
Workers (all)584240521790
Main workers (total)429732511046
Main workers: Cultivators39735245
Main workers: Agricultural labourers618403215
Main workers: Household industry workers927220
Main workers: Other31902424766
Marginal workers (total)1545801744
Marginal workers: Cultivators1167838
Marginal workers: Agricultural labourers484232252
Marginal workers: Household industry workers1144272
Marginal workers: Others831449382

Kaprikkad Ecotourism project

Kodanad is in the list of Ecotourism destination projects sponsored by the Government of India. As a part of this project, Kaprikkad, a village lying 3 km adjacent to Kodanad on the river bank has been set up in 2006 for entertaining visitors in the most natural and environmental friendly way.

Abhayaranyam Mini Zoo, Kaprikkad

Most of the animals from Kodanad elephant centre including the elephants have been recently rehabilitated to Kaprikkad, as the part of Ecotourism project named as Abhayaranyam, which is spread across 200 acres of natural forest. The project was inaugurated on 18 February 2011 by the Minister of Forestry and Housing, Shri. Binoy Vishwom. You can find Spotted deers, Sambar deers and young elephants here. [3] Abhayaranyam extends for an area of 2.5 acres on the bank river of river periyar . [4]


Baselius Augen Public School, Kodanad

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Kaprikad is a rural riverside village of Ernakulam district, Kerala, southern India. Kaprikad is situated on the south bank of Periyar river, about 42 kilometers east of Kochi. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is about 18 km (12 mi) by road. The village is a major tourist destination in the district because it houses the Kodanad Abhayaranyam animal shelter and elephant training centre.

Ernakulam district is blessed with all types of transport. It has the most number of Regional Transport Offices in the state.


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