Saint Paul's Outreach

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Saint Paul's Outreach
Established1985;38 years ago (1985) [1]
FoundersGordy DeMarais, Christina Smith, Fr. Kevin Finnegan [2]
FocusCampus ministry and young adult outreach
Headquarters Mendota Heights, Minnesota
United States
David Fischer

Saint Paul's Outreach (SPO) is a Catholic missionary organization in the United States which serves college students and young adults. [3] It is a private association of the faithful established in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. SPO describes its mission as follows: "to build transformational communities that form missionary disciples for life." [4]


SPO sees itself as a movement of the "new evangelization" popularized by Pope John Paul II. [5] [1] Its ministry model is "reach, call, form, send." [2]

Saint Paul's Outreach is part of the global network of Kairos, which is the youth outreach division of the Sword of the Spirit. [6]


SPO was founded in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where it reached students at the University of St. Thomas. [2] [1] By 2016 it had mission centers in seven different parts of the country. [2]

The Kansas City mission center expanded to include the University of Missouri–Kansas City in 2016. [3] SPO's Florida region expanded to the University of South Florida in 2021. [7]

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