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Tito Karnavian
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Official portrait, 2019
29th Minister of Home Affairs
Assumed office
23 October 2019
Alma mater
Police career
Allegiance Indonesia
Department Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim)
Branch Indonesian National Police
Service years1987–2019
Rank Police-General

Muhammad Tito Karnavian [1] (born 26 October 1964) is an Indonesian retired police officer who is currently serving as Minister of Home Affairs since 2019. [2] [3] Previously, he served as chief of the Indonesian National Police from 2016 to 2019 and chief of the National Counter Terrorism Agency in 2016. [4] [5]


Early life and education


Tito got his first formal education at SMA Negeri 2 Palembang and continued at the Indonesian Military Academy in 1987 because it was funded by the government. In 1993, Tito completed his education at the University of Exeter in England and earned an MA in Police Studies, and completed his education at the College of Police Science (STIK) in Jakarta in 1996and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Police Studies.

Elementary school and junior high school are taken at Xaverius School, where his senior high school was at SMA Negeri 2 Palembang. When he was in grade 3, Tito started taking some undergraduate exams. He passed all tests, which included the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy, Medicine at Sriwijaya University, International Relations at Gadjah Mada University, and the State College of Accountancy. Eventually, he opted the Indonesian Military Academy, particularly the Police Academy.


As Minister of Home Affairs

Split of Papua and West Papua Provinces

Shortly after his inauguration as Home Affairs Minister in October 2019, Tito confirmed that there would be a formation of a South Papua province, which was to be split from Papua. [7]

Later on, in April 2021, Tito proposed on splitting Western New Guinea into six provinces; Southwest Papua, West Papua, Central Papua, Central Mountains, South Papua, and Papua Tabi Saireri. [8] [9]

Covid-19 Mitigation Efforts

Tito also involved in national Covid-19 mitigation efforts during 2020 world pandemics. In his involvement, he issued instructions to all local governments on health restrictions policies, including the 2022 year end holidays restrictions. [10]

At the end of the year, he also issued the abolishment of health restrictions policies, as instructed by President Joko Widodo, considering that the national situation on pandemic is under control and the immune system of wider people have been better after several stages of vaccinations. [11]

2020 Local Leaders Election

On 2020 elections, Tito played an important role in succeeding 270 local elections with some 140 millions voters across the country. He applied specific policies to prevent the surge of Covid-19 cases, which resulted the democratic elections run smoothly without any increase in Covid-19 cases. [12]


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