Brockman Highway

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Brockman Highway

Brockman Highway
General information
Type Highway
Length123 km (76 mi)
Route number(s) Australian state route 10.svg State Route 10 (Karridale – Nannup)
Major junctions
West endAustralian state route 10.svg Bussell Highway (State Route 10), Karridale
 Australian state route 10.svgAustralian state route 104.svg Vasse Highway (State Route 10 / State Route 104)
East endAustralian national route 1.svg South Western Highway (National Route 1), Bridgetown
Major settlements Nannup
Highway system

Brockman Highway is a highway in Western Australia. A few hours south of Perth, it runs west from Bridgetown via Nannup to Karridale.

Nannup is situated at the junction of the Vasse Highway and the Brockman Highway. [1]

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    Nannup is a town in the South West region of Western Australia, approximately 280 kilometres (174 mi) south of Perth on the Blackwood River at the crossroads of Vasse Highway and Brockman Highway; the highways link Nannup to most of the lower South West's regional centres. At the 2011 census, Nannup had a population of 587.

    Brookton Highway

    Brookton Highway is a 112 kilometres (70 mi) long undivided single carriageway highway in Western Australia, running from the southern Perth suburb of Kelmscott, through Westdale, to the southern Wheatbelt town of Brookton. It is signposted as State Route 40; however, the route and highway continue on far past Brookton, passing through Corrigin, Kondinin, Hyden, Lake King, and finishing at South Coast Highway, just west of Ravensthorpe.

    Donnelly River, Western Australia Town in Western Australia

    Donnelly River Village is a former timber mill town and present-day holiday village in the Shire of Nannup, in the South West region of Western Australia. The Village is located at a point between Nannup, Bridgetown and Manjimup on the Donnelly River, a small, seasonal river at this point, which flows into the Southern Ocean at 34°29'02.4"S 115°40'27.8"E. The name also applies to a winery downstream on the Vasse Highway and the township's cottages are sometimes confused with cottages built on the lower reaches of the Donnelly River at 34.482273S 115.683438E.

    Vasse Highway Highway in the South West region of Western Australia

    Vasse Highway is a Western Australian highway connecting Busselton and the South Western Highway 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south of Manjimup. It is 151 kilometres (94 mi) long and travels through jarrah and karri hardwood forests for most of its length, with some small agricultural areas and wineries nearby, and forms the main street of the towns of Nannup and Pemberton.

    Shire of Nannup Local government area in Western Australia

    The Shire of Nannup is a local government area in the South West region of Western Australia, approximately 280 kilometres (174 mi) south of the state capital, Perth and 60 kilometres (37 mi) southeast of the coastal resort town of Busselton. Its seat of government is the town of Nannup, where about half of the Shire's population reside.

    The 2008 Australian Rally Championship Rally of WA was held in, around and near the town of Nannup, Western Australia. Once again, 20 stages were featured in the Rally and it was won for the 6th time by Toyota Team Racing driver, Neal Bates.

    Jarrahwood, Western Australia Town in Western Australia

    Jarrahwood is a small town located in the South West region of Western Australia, near the Vasse Highway between the towns of Busselton and Nannup. The population in 2016 was 20.

    The Minilya River is a river in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia.

    The Brockman River is a perennial river located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.

    2011–12 Australian bushfire season

    Bushfires were mostly active between September 2011 to March 2012 and caused most damage in the state of Western Australia, particularly in the South West. The state had been prepared and had expected an increased risk of bushfire following heavy spring rains as a result of a La Nina weather pattern.

    Tourist Drives in Western Australia are routes through areas of scenic or historic significance, designated by route markers with white numbers on a brown shield. Tourist Drives were introduced into Western Australia while Eric Charlton was the state government Minister for Transport in the 1990s. The 28 numbered routes collectively traverse more than 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) across the state. In addition to the Tourist Drives, there are unnumbered routes such as the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, and local governments may designate and maintain local scenic drives, generally unnamed and unnumbered.

    Nannup Branch Railway

    The Nannup Branch Railway, also known as the Wonnerup to Nannup Railway, was a branch line of the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) between Wonnerup and Nannup.

    Francis Drake "Frank" Willmott was an Australian politician who was a Liberal Party member of the Legislative Council of Western Australia from 1955 to 1974. He is the only member of the Parliament of Western Australia known to have lived past the age of 100.

    Edmund Vernon Brockman was an Australian politician who was a Nationalist Party member of the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia from 1933 until his death, representing the seat of Sussex.


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