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General highways map of Western Australia
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South Western Australia roads in detail

Highways in Western Australia include both roads that are named as a highway, and roads that have been declared as a highway under the Main Roads Act 1930. The standard of highways range from two-lane roads, common in rural areas, to controlled access, grade separated freeways in Perth.


In legislation, a highway is a type of road controlled and maintained by the state road authority, Main Roads Western Australia. Any road or section of road may be proclaimed a highway by the Governor of Western Australia, on the recommendation of the Commissioner of Main Roads, under Section 13 of the Main Roads Act 1930. [1] Section 14 of the act allows for the creation of new highways. [1] Main Roads assigns each highway a name and number, which may vary from the common road names used on road signs and by the general public. [2] The highway number does not correspond to a road route that may be allocated to the highway, and some highways are not part of a numbered route. [2]

Proclaimed highways

NoHighwayComponent roadsFromToLength
(km) [3]
H1Albany Highway Perth Albany 403.71250.85
H2Melville Mandurah Highway Melville Mandurah 56.0434.82Formerly Perth–Bunbury Highway which extended down to Bunbury
H3Eyre Highway Eyre Highway Norseman WA/SA border720.71447.83
H4Brand Highway Brand Highway Muchea Geraldton 367.62228.43
H5Great Eastern Highway
Burswood Kalgoorlie 592.65368.26
H6Great Northern Highway Great Northern Highway Midland Wyndham 3,193.311,984.23
H7North West Coastal Highway North West Coastal Highway Geraldton Port Hedland 1,294.87804.59
H8South Coast Highway
Albany Esperance 474.38294.77
H9South Western Highway South Western Highway Armadale Walpole 513.57319.12
H10Coolgardie–Esperance Highway Coolgardie Esperance 370.74230.37
H11Victoria Highway Victoria Highway Lake Argyle WA/NT border87.5154.38
H12Leach Highway Leach Highway Palmyra Kewdale 22.3513.89
H13Canning Highway Canning Highway Fremantle Victoria Park 16.069.98
H14Stirling Highway Stirling Highway Crawley Fremantle 15.789.81
H15Kwinana Freeway Kwinana Freeway Perth Lake Clifton 71.5544.46
H16Mitchell Freeway Mitchell Freeway Perth Clarkson 36.0022.37
H17Tonkin Highway Tonkin Highway Muchea Oakford 80.7050.14
H18Roe Highway Roe Highway Middle Swan Bibra Lake 34.8821.67
H19Great Eastern Highway Bypass Great Eastern Highway Bypass South Guildford Hazelmere 5.583.47
H20Graham Farmer Freeway Graham Farmer Freeway West Perth Rivervale 6.844.25
H21Reid Highway Reid Highway North Beach Middle Swan 23.8214.80
H22Wimbledon–Rupert Street Link Kenwick Link Beckenham Kenwick 3.292.04
H23Armadale Road Armadale Road Armadale Cockburn Central 15.969.92
H24Brearley Avenue Brearley Avenue Redcliffe Perth Airport 0.850.53Closed in 2018 to allow construction of the new Airport Line.
H25Cockburn Road Cockburn Road Hamilton Hill Henderson 10.026.23
H26Guildford Road Guildford Road Mount Lawley Guildford 11.016.84
H27Rivervale–Wattle Grove Link Orrong Road, Welshpool Road East Rivervale Wattle Grove 10.166.31
H28Karrinyup–Morley Highway Karrinyup Road, Morley Drive Karrinyup Morley 15.139.40
H29Marmion Avenue Marmion Avenue Karrinyup Mullaloo 12.207.58
H30Port Beach Road
  • Port Beach Road
  • Walter Place
  • Curtin Avenue
North Fremantle 2.641.64
H31Queen Victoria Street Queen Victoria Street North Fremantle Fremantle 0.880.55
H32South Street South Street Canning Vale Fremantle 12.487.75
H33Toodyay Road Toodyay Road Middle Swan Toodyay 22.0713.71
H34Tydeman RoadTydeman Road North Fremantle 1.040.65
H35Wanneroo Road
West Perth Yanchep 46.9629.18
H36West Coast Highway
Cottesloe Trigg 13.478.37
H37Garratt Road BridgeGarratt Road Bayswater Ascot 0.240.15
H38Thomas Road Thomas Road Kwinana Beach Oakford 18.5011.50
H39Stephenson Highway Stephenson Avenue Osborne Park 0.620.39
H40Albany Port Road
  • Hanrahan Road
  • Princess Royal Drive
H41Anzac DriveAnzac Drive West Kalgoorlie South Boulder 7.044.37
H42Broome HighwayBroome Road Roebuck Broome 41.0325.49
H43Bussell Highway Bunbury Augusta 139.7186.81
H44Carnarvon RoadRobinson Street Kingsford Carnarvon 5.093.16
H45Coalfields Highway Coalfields Highway Roelands Arthur River 36.2222.51
H46Dampier Road
Stove Hill Dampier 25.8416.06
H47Derby Highway Derby Highway Willare Derby 42.8626.63
H48Minilya–Exmouth Road Minilya–Exmouth Road Minilya Exmouth 211.75131.58
H49Goldfields Highway Goldfields Highway Meekatharra Kambalda 788.13489.72
H50Geraldton–Mount Magnet Road Geraldton–Mount Magnet Road Geraldton Mount Magnet 335.34208.37
H51Port Hedland RoadWilson Street Port Hedland 10.386.45
H52Brookton Highway Armadale Ravensthorpe 501.07311.35
H53Williams–Narrogin Highway Williams–Kondinin Road Williams Narrogin 31.4519.54
H54Albany Ring RoadMenang Drive Willyung 6.664.14
H55Madigan Road Madigan Road Gap Ridge 5.783.59
H56Beach Street (Victoria Quay Access)Beach Street Fremantle 0.270.17 Queen Victoria Street to Victoria Quay access point
H57Forrest Highway Forrest Highway Ravenswood Bunbury 95.6759.45
H59Willinge Drive
  • Willinge Drive
  • Estuary Drive
Vittoria Picton 4.863.02
H61Australind–Roelands LinkRaymond Road Australind Roelands 6.704.16
H62John Willcock Link John Willcock Link Geraldton 4.202.61
H65Horrie Miller Drive Horrie Miller Drive Kewdale Perth Airport 0.220.14

Main roads with highway names

A "main road" is another type of road controlled by Main Roads Western Australia. [1]

M8 Vasse Highway Busselton Diamond Tree
M10Chidlow–York Road Chidlow York Local road name is Great Southern Highway
M24 Muirs Highway Manjimup Mount Barker
M27 Brockman Highway Karridale Bridgetown
M31Northam–Cranbrook Road Northam Cranbrook Local name is Great Southern Highway, from York to Cranbrook

Outback tracks with highway names

As the outback covers most of Western Australia, tracks provide vital links to remote communities and settlements. These tracks are unsealed, remote, and in many cases pass through restricted areas such as Aboriginal lands and Indigenous Protected Areas, which require transit permits. [4] [5] [6] [7]

Road routes with highway names

Highway 1 is a route that circumnavigates Australia, joining all mainland state capitals, via roads numbered 1, M1, A1, or B1, as some states use an alphanumeric route numbering system. In Western Australia, most of the highway is designated as National Route 1. However, the sections in the north-east and south-east of the state that are concurrent with the National Highway routes from Perth to Adelaide and from Perth to Darwin are designated as National Highway 1.

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Eyre Highway

Eyre Highway is a 1,660-kilometre (1,030 mi) highway linking Western Australia and South Australia via the Nullarbor Plain. Signed as National Highways 1 and A1, it forms part of Highway 1 and the Australian National Highway network linking Perth and Adelaide. It was named after explorer Edward John Eyre, who was the first European to cross the Nullarbor by land, in 1840–1841. Eyre Highway runs from Norseman in Western Australia, past Eucla, to the state border. Continuing to the South Australian town of Ceduna, it then crosses the top of the Eyre Peninsula before reaching Port Augusta.

Wheatbelt (Western Australia)

The Wheatbelt is one of nine regions of Western Australia defined as administrative areas for the state's regional development, and a vernacular term for the area converted to agriculture during colonisation. It partially surrounds the Perth metropolitan area, extending north from Perth to the Mid West region, and east to the Goldfields-Esperance region. It is bordered to the south by the South West and Great Southern regions, and to the west by the Indian Ocean, the Perth metropolitan area, and the Peel region. Altogether, it has an area of 154,862 square kilometres (59,793 sq mi).

Albany Highway

Albany Highway links Western Australia's capital city Perth with its oldest settlement, Albany, on the state's south coast. The 405-kilometre-long (252 mi) highway travels through the southern Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions, and is designated State Route 30 for most of its length. Outside of Perth the highway is predominately a sealed, single carriageway with regular overtaking lanes in some undulating areas. Albany Highway commences at The Causeway, a river crossing that connects to Perth's central business district. The highway heads south-east through Perth's metropolitan region, bypassed in part by Shepperton Road and Kenwick Link, and continues south-eastwards through to Albany. It intersects several major roads in Perth, including the Leach, Tonkin, Brookton, and South Western highways. The rural section of Albany Highway connects to important regional roads at the few towns and roadhouses along the route, including Coalfields Highway at Arthur River, Great Southern Highway at Cranbrook, and Muirs Highway at Mount Barker.

Brand Highway

The Brand Highway is a 370-kilometre (230 mi) main highway linking the northern outskirts of Perth to Geraldton in Western Australia. Together with North West Coastal Highway, it forms part of the Western Australian coastal link to the Northern Territory. The highway is a part of Australia's Highway 1, and is for the most part a single carriageway with one lane in each direction.

Great Northern Highway highway in Western Australia

Great Northern Highway links Western Australia's capital city Perth with its northernmost port, Wyndham. With a length of almost 3,200 kilometres (2,000 mi), it is the longest highway in Australia, with the majority included as part of the Perth Darwin National Highway. The highway is constructed as a sealed, predominantly two-lane single carriageway, but with some single-lane bridges in the Kimberley. The Great Northern Highway travels through remote areas of the state, and is the only sealed road link between the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia. Economically, it provides vital access through the Wheatbelt and Mid West to the resource-rich regions of the Pilbara and Kimberley. In these areas, the key industries of mining, agriculture and pastoral stations, and tourism are all dependent on the highway.

Great Eastern Highway Highway in Western Australia

Great Eastern Highway is a 590-kilometre-long (370 mi) road that links the Western Australian capital of Perth with the city of Kalgoorlie. A key route for road vehicles accessing the eastern Wheatbelt and the Goldfields, it is the western portion of the main road link between Perth and the eastern states of Australia. The highway forms the majority of National Highway 94, although the alignment through the Perth suburbs of Guildford and Midland, and the eastern section between Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie are not included. Various segments form parts of other road routes, including National Route 1, Alternative National Route 94, and State Route 51.

The Kwinana Freeway is a 72-kilometre (45 mi) freeway in and beyond the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, linking central Perth with Mandurah to the south. It is the central section of State Route 2, which continues north as Mitchell Freeway to Clarkson, and south as Forrest Highway towards Bunbury. A 4-kilometre (2.5 mi) section between Canning and Leach highways is also part of National Route 1. Along its route are interchanges with several major roads, including Roe Highway and Mandjoogoordap Drive. The northern terminus of the Kwinana Freeway is at the Narrows Bridge, which crosses the Swan River, and the southern terminus is at Pinjarra Road, east of Mandurah.

Coolgardie–Esperance Highway

Coolgardie–Esperance Highway is a 370-kilometre (230 mi) Western Australian highway between Coolgardie and Esperance. It runs in a north–south direction linking the state's Eastern Goldfields to the coast.

Tonkin Highway

Tonkin Highway is an 81-kilometre-long (50 mi) north–south highway and partial freeway in Perth, Western Australia, linking Perth Airport and Kewdale with the city's north-eastern and south-eastern suburbs. As of April 2020, the northern terminus is at the interchange with Brand Highway and Great Northern Highway in Muchea, and the southern terminus is at Thomas Road in Oakford. It forms the entire length of State Route 4, and connects to several major roads. Besides Brand Highway and Great Northern Highway, it also connects to Reid Highway, Great Eastern Highway, Leach Highway, Roe Highway, and Albany Highway.

Karrinyup Road Road in Perth, Western Australia

Karrinyup Road is a major east-west road in the inner northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, connecting the City of Stirling council offices, Osborne Park Hospital and Karrinyup Shopping Centre with residential estates in Innaloo, Stirling and Balcatta. The road, especially the portion between the Freeway and Main Street, was one of the first roads in the area, known as Balcatta Beach Road and later as North Beach Road. Until the 1990s, most of this stretch of the road was still fledged by functioning market gardens.

Cockburn Road

Cockburn Road is a major road in the southern suburbs of Perth, which connects Fremantle and Kwinana. While it is for the most part a coastal road, much of its length travels through heavy industrial areas. However, a number of other facilities can be found on the road—the Woodman Point Recreation Reserve which includes camping and accommodation facilities, the Beeliar Regional Park and the Cockburn International Raceway.

Forrest Highway Highway in Western Australia

Forrest Highway is a 95-kilometre-long (59 mi) highway in Western Australia's Peel and South West regions, extending Perth's Kwinana Freeway from east of Mandurah down to Bunbury. Old Coast Road was the original Mandurah–Bunbury route, dating back to the 1840s. Part of that road, and the Australind Bypass around Australind and Eaton, were subsumed by Forrest Highway. The highway begins at Kwinana Freeway's southern terminus in Ravenswood, continues around the Peel Inlet to Lake Clifton, and heads south to finish at Bunbury's Eelup Roundabout. There are a number of at-grade intersections with minor roads in the shires of Murray, Waroona, and Harvey including Greenlands Road and Old Bunbury Road, both of which connect to South Western Highway near Pinjarra.

Main Roads Western Australia controls the major roads in the state's Mid West region. There are four main highways through the Mid West: The north-south coastal route of Brand Highway and North West Coastal Highway, the inland alternative Great Northern Highway, and the northern section of Goldfields Highway, which links Meekatharra with Kalgoorlie. A network of main roads connects towns within the Mid West to each other, the highways, and neighbouring regions, with local roads providing additional links and access to smaller townsites. Roads are often named after the towns they connect.

Main Roads Western Australia controls the major roads in the state's Gascoyne region. North West Coastal Highway, a north-south route near the coastline, is the main highway the region. A series of main roads connect coastal towns to the highway, and local roads provide additional links and access to the inland portion of the region. Roads are often named after the towns or areas they connect.

Main Roads Western Australia controls the major roads in the state's Pilbara region. There are two main highways in the region: Great Northern Highway, which travels north through the region to Port Hedland and then north-west along the coast, as well as North West Coastal Highway, which heads south-west from Port Hedland. A series of main roads connects towns to the highways, and local roads provide additional links. The majority of these roads service the western half of the region, with few located in the various deserts east of the Oakover River. Roads are often named after the towns or areas they connect.

Main Roads Western Australia controls the major roads in the state's Kimberley region. Great Northern Highway is the major road connection through the region, with sealed roads spurring off it to connect to population centres, and unsealed roads offering an alternative route between Derby and Wyndham.

Kenwick Link is a major road in Perth, Western Australia that bypasses Albany Highway in Beckenham and Kenwick. It is part of State Route 30, while the bypassed section of Albany Highway is allocated Alternate State Route 30. The road also provides access to Roe Highway, which does not connect to Albany Highway. It is a controlled-access road for its entire length, with a grade-separated interchange at Roe Highway, and at-grade intersections elsewhere, including traffic lights at Royal Street and both Albany Highway junctions. Main Roads Western Australia maintains and controls all of Kenwick Link, and uses the internal designation Highway H22 Wimbledon–Rupert Street Link.

Main Roads Western Australia controls the major roads in the state's Goldfields-Esperance region. While the region is the state's largest, the major roads are restricted to the region's western and southern edges. From the major population centres of Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie, Great Eastern Highway heads west towards Perth via the Wheatbelt ; Coolgardie–Esperance Highway leads south to the port of Esperance via Norseman; and Goldfields Highway proceeds north to Wiluna and then on to the Mid West Region. From Norseman, Eyre Highway takes interstate traffic east across the Nullarbor Plain and into South Australia.

Orrong Road is a major arterial road servicing the metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia as well as the south-eastern continuation of the Graham Farmer Freeway. It is a dual carriageway for its entire length, with multiple sets of traffic lights.