Canning Highway

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Canning Highway

Canning Highway, Applecross.jpg
Canning Highway running through Applecross
Canning Highway
General information
Type Highway
Length17 km (11 mi)
Route number(s)
Major junctions
Northeast endAustralian national highway 94.svgAustralian national route 1.svg Great Eastern Highway (National Highway 94 / National Route 1), Victoria Park
Southwest endAustralian state route 12.svg Queen Victoria Street (State Route 12), Fremantle
Major settlements South Perth, Kensington, Como, Applecross , East Fremantle
Highway system

Canning Highway is an arterial road in Perth, Western Australia, linking the inner Perth suburb of Victoria Park in the north-east, to the port city of Fremantle in the south-west.


The road is mostly a four-lane divided carriageway, with a general speed limit of 60 km/h (37 mph). It is located immediately south of the Swan River and runs between The Causeway in Victoria Park and Queen Victoria Street in Fremantle.


Canning Highway is named after the river which it crosses, [1] which was in turn named after George Canning (1770–1827), an eminent British statesman who for a brief period was Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The modern highway was formally commenced in the 1920s, with major work commencing in 1927 to upgrade an 8-mile (13 km) section between Suburban Street, South Perth (now Mill Point Road) and Petra Street, East Fremantle. The road initially had the following names: [2]

Canning Bridge Canning bridge wa gnangarra.jpg
Canning Bridge

The road was officially named Canning Highway on 23 November 1937. [2] In 1938, the present northern bridge over Canning River was opened. It was 32 feet (9.8 m) wide and constructed of timber, as was then common practice. The experience gained building this bridge was used to construct the Fremantle Traffic Bridge over the Swan River one year later. The Fremantle Traffic Bridge joined Canning Highway near Fremantle with North Fremantle, and this intersection forms the highway's present western terminus.

In 1958, the present southern bridge over Canning River was constructed which coincided with the opening of Kwinana Freeway between the Narrows Bridge and Canning Highway.

In 1974, the rotary (roundabout) at the southern end of the Causeway in Victoria Park was upgraded to a parclo interchange, which resulted in Canning Highway joining seamlessly with Great Eastern Highway. At the same time, Stirling Highway was extended from North Fremantle across the Swan River via the new Stirling bridge to join with Canning Highway.

In 1979, a new diamond interchange was built near Canning Bridge to route the Kwinana Freeway underneath Canning Highway and progress the freeway further southwards.

Apart from minor additional lanes and modifications, the highway has remained largely unchanged since.

Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel Raffles 003.jpg
The Raffles Hotel

One of the most enduring sights on Canning Highway has been the Raffles Hotel at night-time, with its ornamental lighting and an iconic animated rooftop neon beer sign (for many years advertising Swan Lager). It is situated in Applecross adjacent to Canning Bridge. The hotel has reopened with a pub and a bottle shop called Raffles Liquor Merchants. The Raffles later swapped to two beer advertising neon lights, one for Victoria bitter and one large one advertising Crown lager. Since at least 2015 however, the neon lights now advertise Asahi Super Dry.

Public transport

Canning Highway crosses the Kwinana Freeway at the Canning Bridge station on the Mandurah railway line. Buses also stop at this station and enter and exit the freeway via bus lanes. High frequency route 910 traverses the whole length of Canning Highway, and route 111 also runs along the section of the highway west of Canning Bridge. Special event route 659 runs a limited stop route along Canning Highway between Fremantle Station and Perth Stadium.

Major intersections & interchanges

The entire highway is located in the Perth Metropolitan Region. All intersections mentioned below are signalised unless otherwise mentioned.

Victoria Park Burswood Victoria Park boundary0.000.00Australian national route 1.svgAustralian national highway 94.svgAustralian state route 5.svgAustralian state route 30.svg Great Eastern Highway north-east (National Route 1 / (National Highway 94) / The Causeway north-west (State Route 5) / Shepperton Road south-east (State Route 30) / Albany Highway south-east  Midland, Perth, Armadale Partially grade separated with no access into Albany Highway. Causeway to Canning Highway southbound is looped. Canning Highway north-east bound to Shepperton Road is at-grade; State Route 6 eastern terminus; National Route 1 continues south-west and north-east
Victoria Park 0.80.50Berwick Street   Bentley, St. James
South Perth South Perth 1.20.75Way RoadWay Road connects Canning Highway to Mill Point Road
2.01.2Douglas Avenue   Kensington, Bentley , Curtin University
South Perth   Como boundary2.81.7South Terrace
Como 3.92.4Thelma Street (west)   South Perth / Barker Avenue (southeast)Thelma Street connects Canning Highway to Labouchere Road
5.03.1Henley Street   Manning, Karawara
5.53.4Australian national route 1.svgAustralian state route 2.svg Kwinana Freeway (State Route 2) southbound ramps   Rockingham / Australian state route 26.svg Manning Road (State Route 26) (east)   Manning, Salter Point Modified diamond interchange (Kwinana Freeway free flowing). National Route 1 western concurrency terminus; additional "bus-only" ramps to/from Perth; southbound entrance and Manning Road exit ramps merge, requiring weaving.
5.73.5Australian state route 2.svg Kwinana Freeway (State Route 2) northbound ramps   Perth, Joondalup / Australian state route 26.svg Manning Road (State Route 26) northbound rampSimilar to above, however there is no right turn availability from Canning Highway westbound to Kwinana Freeway northbound.
Canning River 5.8–
Canning Bridge
Melville Applecross   Mount Pleasant boundary6.13.8Canning Beach Road (north) / Kintail Road (west)No right turn access from Canning Beach/Kintail Road southbound onto Canning Highway westbound
6.64.1Sleat Road
Applecross 7.04.3Reynolds Road
Applecross - Ardross boundary7.44.6Ardross Street
8.05.0Riseley Street   Booragoon
Alfred Cove - Attadale boundary10.26.3North Lake Road   Myaree, Kardinya, Cockburn Central
Attadale - Bicton - Melville - Palmyra quadripoint 12.37.6 Stock Road   O'Connor, Rockingham
Bicton - Palmyra boundary13.78.5Carrington Street   Hamilton Hill
Melville-East Fremantle Boundary Bicton - East Fremantle - Palmyra tripoint 14.08.7Petra Street
East Fremantle East Fremantle 15.29.4Preston Point Road
15.49.6Australian state route 5.svgAustralian Tourist Drive 204.svg Stirling Highway (State Route 5,Tourist Drive 204)  Mosman Park, Claremont, Perth
Fremantle Fremantle 16.110.0Australian state route 12.svg Queen Victoria Street (State Route 12)   North Fremantle, Cottesloe Highway terminus: continues west as Queen Victoria Street (State Route 12) to Fremantle CBD
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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Canning Bridge

Canning Bridge is a traffic bridge which is the most downstream crossing of the Canning River in the city of Perth, Western Australia. The bridge is a part of Canning Highway, and it connects the suburbs of Como and Applecross. The Canning River is approximately 100 metres (328 ft) wide at the crossing, the narrowest point of the river along its downstream stretch. It is located near the Canning Bridge railway station.

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Transport in Perth, Western Australia, is served by various means, among them an extensive highway / freeway network and a substantial system of commuter rail lines and bus routes. Public transport is managed by the Transperth agency.

Armadale Road is a major road in the south and south east of the Perth Metropolitan Area. It serves three purposes: firstly, providing a main route from Armadale to Fremantle; secondly, connecting Armadale to the Kwinana Freeway; and thirdly, since 2005, connecting it to the Tonkin Highway which ferries traffic to the eastern suburbs, Perth Airport and the Forrestfield and Kewdale industrial areas.

Mounts Bay Road Road in Perth, Western Australia

Mounts Bay Road is a major road in Perth, Western Australia, extending southwest from the central business district along the north bank of the Swan River, at the base of Kings Park.

Riverside Drive, Perth Road in Perth, Western Australia

Riverside Drive in Perth, Western Australia, is a road on the northern side of Perth Water. It was built on reclaimed land in the 1930s, and links The Causeway to the Narrows Bridge.

South Street is an east-west arterial highway in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. It runs from Canning Vale to Fremantle, and is part of State Route 13.

The Perth Freight Link was a proposed $1.9 billion project in Perth, Western Australia to improve the road freight link between Kewdale and Fremantle Harbour. The project was announced by the state government in May 2014, but was cancelled following a change of government at the March 2017 state election.

Beeliar Drive is a major arterial road in the southwestern part of the Perth Metropolitan Area. It provides an important and unbroken east-west link between Kwinana Freeway and Stock Road providing access to residential developments in Beeliar, Yangebup and Lake Coogee in the west to commerical and industrial development in Cockburn Central, Jandakot and Success in the east. It is one of Perth's more recent arterial road constructions with development of the road occurring between the early 1990s and early 2020s.


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