Iritty taluk

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Iritty taluk
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Taluks of Kannur
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Iritty taluk
Location in Kerala, India
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Iritty taluk
Iritty taluk (India)
Coordinates: 11°58′55″N75°40′13″E / 11.9819°N 75.6703°E / 11.9819; 75.6703 Coordinates: 11°58′55″N75°40′13″E / 11.9819°N 75.6703°E / 11.9819; 75.6703
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Kannur
EstablishedMarch 2013
  Type Taluk
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0498,0490
Vehicle registration KL 78
Lok Sabha constituency Kannur
Vidhan Sabha constituency Peravoor, Irikkur, Mattanur

Iritty taluk is one of five taluks in Kannur district of Kerala, India. [1] Iritty was established as a taluk in March 2013 when UDF government declared new 12 taluks for the state. [2] [3] Iritty taluk borders with Taliparamba taluk in the north, Thalassery taluk in the west and Karnataka state towards the east. It comprises Iritty municipality, parts of Mattannur municipality and 11 surrounding panchayats.



Iritty taluk was established on 9th February 2014 by bifurcating Thalassery and Taliparamba taluks. Kerala ex Chief Minister Umman Chandy inaugurated Iritty taluk in 2014. Iritty was formed as a taluk along with other taluks in Kerala which was declared by UDF government. [4]

Constituent villages

Iritty taluk comprises 20 villages. [5]

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Iritty is a Municipality and a Taluk of Kannur district in Kerala State, India. The town is the main market place for the farmer communities in the surrounding regions. Iritty is known as The Coorg Valley in God's Own Country. Iritty is one of the fastest upcoming towns in Kerala with the distance of 19.5 km (12.1 mi) from Kannur International Airport and one among five taluks in Kannur district. Iritty is one of the major towns lies between Coorg and Kannur international airport -Mattanur.

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Peravoor is a small town and Grama Panchayat in Kannur district of Kerala state in India. It is east of Kannur (49 km) and Thalassery (42 km). And Iritty, the nearest municipality, is 15 km to the north of Peravoor. Peravoor is situated in the Western Ghats mountain range.

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Ulikkal is a growing town in Kannur District in Kerala. It is the HQ of Ulikkal Grama Panchayat in Iritty Taluk. Kerala State Hill highway SH 59 passes through Ulikkal Town.

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Kariyad is a small town in Talassery taluk of Kannur district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is part of Greater Mahé Region. It is 57.31 km.2 The total population according to the 1991 census is 123,628.

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The United Democratic Front government led by Oommen Chandy sworn in on 18 May 2011. Seven of the total 20 members of the Cabinet took office on 18 May and the rest sworn in on 23 May after completing discussion with member parties of the UDF.

Anthoor Municipality in Kerala, India

Anthoor is a municipality in the Kannur district of the North Malabar region in the Indian state of Kerala. Anthoor is located roughly 15 km from the Kannur City, and 7 km from Taliparamba town.

Political divisions of Kannur district

Kannur district is politically organized into a complex web of taluks, blocks, panchayaths and villages. In addition, there are also parliamentary divisions called Assembly constituencies and Lok Sabha constituencies.

Kannur taluk is an administrative division of Kannur district of Kerala, India. Kannur district is divided into five taluks, Thalassery, Kannur, Payyanur, Iritty and Taliparamba. Thalassery has 35 villages, Kannur has 28, Payyanur has 22, Taliparamba has 28 villages and Iritty has 20 villages.

Taliparamba taluk Taluka in Kerala, India

Taliparamba taluk is one of the five taluks in Kannur district in the state of Kerala, India. It borders Payyanur Taluk in the north, Kannur taluk and Thalassery taluk in the south and Iritty taluk in the east. It is a revenue division for the ease of administrative purposes, and is headquartered in Taliparamba. Most government offices are in the Mini Civil Station in Taliparamba. Taliparamba taluk consists of Taliparamba Municipality, Anthoor Municipality, Sreekandapuram Municipality and 15 surrounding panchayats.

Payyanur Taluk Tehsil in Kerala, India

Payyanur Taluk comes under Taliparamba revenue division in Kannur district of Kerala, India. Payyanur is one of the 5 taluks in Kannur district established on March 2018 carved out from Taliparamba and Kannur taluks. Payyanur taluk comprises 22 villages including 16 delinked from Taliparamba taluk and 6 from Kannur taluk. It borders Kasaragod district in the north, Taliparamba and Kannur taluk in the south and Karnataka state in the east. Most of the government offices are in Payyanur Mini Civil Station. Payyanur taluk consists of Payyanur Municipality and 11 Panchayats.


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